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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No wonder we were tired

Just a few pics from Sunday. We were going to have a low-key day, since TubaDad was heading out on his biz trip in a few hours, but ended up packing quite a bit into our lazy little Sunday. We hit the road as early as possible (which always seems to be around 9am, no matter how frantically we run around in the morning) bound for the Monterey Aquarium. Along the way I had to make a restroom pit-stop (as usual, sigh...), so we pulled into a fine burger establishment, heh, and the girls got crowns and apple slices.

The girls visited "their" octopus (Ro is still fascinated with the creature), then hopped into the big shell so I could get one wee little picture (because obviously I never get any pictures of the poor dears).

We spent a lot of time at the waterplay area. There were a few incidents.

Then we walked out to the deck area because it looked like they were going to put on a cute kiddie show with fun costumed characters. Turns out it wasn't cute, and it really wasn't for little kids. In trying to teach about not wasting energy, they went on and on and on about scary monsters who show up in the dark and live in your closet (!) and other things we just don't want to be teaching the girls about. When the freaky "wasted energy" guy came out and started trying to scare the little kids, we bailed (along with about 50 other families). Hey Monterey Aquarium: we love everything about your aquarium, but your "little kid" energy show stinks! Here's a quick smiley pic of the family before the show started (Ro left, Ree right):

A little restorative chocolate at the Ghirardelli store and everyone forgot all about the dumb show. These chocolate bars are for me, by the way.

Then we had planned to head home and relax for the rest of the day. But... the girls fell asleep in the car just as we drove past the Gilroy Outlets, and I really, really needed some new white tees. So... Anyhow, the girls took short naps then woke up just as I was paying, so we asked if they'd rather go home or go to Gilroy Gardens, which was just a few minutes down the road. You know what they picked, right?
IMG_3252_6s IMG_3254 IMG_3262m_7s

We closed out the park then went home. And everyone slept very well that night.


  1. What a great fun filled day and love all the adorable piccies.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day!

  3. Wow! What a fun busy day! It makes me laugh to see another family do 'our' traditional Monterey day. We do the aquarium and eat our packed lunch on the deck area. (have you noticed how crazy the sea gulls are!?) Heading to Ghirardelli is a must....but we almost always get sundaes....Which usually turns into sundaes for dinner (our kids just LOVE when we do that!) because dragging 5 kids (chasing 5 kids?) around the aquarium never gets us out of there before mid-afternoon at earliest.
    Haven't been to Gilroy Gardens in years....too bad they don't have a great family pass like the zoo and aquarium do!
    Anyway, I blather....sounds like a super fun day!

  4. A scary kids show at the aquarium? Really? That is so strange to me. What were they thinking?

    Sounds like you had a fun day anyway. I'm jonesing to get back up your way. Maybe we can get together. I'll e-mail you.

  5. Where did you find those adorable sweatshirts for the girls? They're fantastic!

  6. Anonymous8/26/2009

    Mighty serious drivers there.

  7. Thanks! We got the tie-dyed sweatshirts from a street vendor in San Francisco.

  8. Anonymous8/26/2009

    I LOVE the sweatshirts the girls are wearing,so neat.


  9. M3, the last time we went to the aquarium, we watched the coast guard pull a dead body out of the ocean off of the little deck...we thoght they were doing some sort of practice, but ummmmm, no....had a lot of things to talk to Austin and Ryleigh about water safety about...yikes.

  10. Your girls really are energizer bunnies, aren't they! And I love their intent expressions while driving - yet another indication that you're going to need to lock up the car keys! :)

  11. Love it! What a fun summer day. :) One of my dearest friends lived in your area and I know it well ... well, as well as one who spends a week out there can, and I just loved the idea of parks and aquariums and little amusement parks. Living in the heart of Disney and Universal Studios and Sea World...sigh... you just can't go out for a fun day without it becoming an expedition! :)

  12. What a busy...and fun day!

  13. Sounds like a great day!!! You know it's good when you wear them out:)

  14. So I'm guessing that you have lifetime memberships to Gilroy Gardens by now.

  15. Do they really think that making kids scared of the dark is going to get them to turn out the lights more? I mean, if you're going to scare the kids, scare them into turning off the lights in the daytime!

  16. Do they really think that making kids scared of the dark is going to get them to turn out the lights more? I mean, if you're going to scare the kids, scare them into turning off the lights in the daytime!

  17. Wow! 'Quiet' days at your house rock!!! The aquarium, outlets and GG? Wheee!!!

    Heh...love the serious drivers in the car pic.

    How do 'kids' shows like that ever get past review before being presented to the public? Glad you helped them recover with chocolate. They're being trained at a young age and it's a very, very good thing!

    Super fun day had by all!!