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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TubaDad's on a biz trip, the girls are napping, and I'm supposed to be packing

So of course I'm on the computer instead... These funny, beautiful girls are just so fun to be around lately. Ro and Ree have such strong, quirky personalities and are learning new things every day (most of which are a surprise to me—I'm constantly scrambling to recover saying "Wait! Where did you learn that?!") A few memorable moments that I don't want to forget, interspersed with some pics from this morn (they chose the outfits): 1. This week, after I parked the car in the garage and yanked out the keys, they both popped their carseats open and jumped out of the car. Yipes. DSC_3466_1s 2. At Gilroy Gardens, Ree was furiously pumping the steering wheel of the miniature car back and forth when she grinned, cockily looked back at us over her shoulder, and tossed out: "I guess I'm ready to drive a real car now!" DSC_3468_2s 3. Today at the mall the three of us were grabbing a quick bite. In between chomps, the girls looked around and Ree said "When will we be old enough to come to the mall by ourselves?" I nearly spit out my diet coke. I think I sputtered something incoherent about not for a loooooooooong time, and needing to be able to drive first, and gee, uhhhhhhh. Meanwhile Ro calmly took another bite and told me she had it all figured out already: "Dat alright mama, you can drop us off and drive home and den daddy can pick us up." When I called my mom to report this latest conversation, the only thing she could say was "Oh Lord." DSC_3491_4s 4. Last night while I was reading them bedtime stories, they both (at separate times and for different reasons) said "Mama, will you pause the book for one mitten?" (one minute) Heh. Guess they've gotten a smidge used to using remotes. DSC_3498_5s 5. They both love to help out. And the more important the perceived job, the better. Unfortunately, this lately translates to wanting to "make breakfast" for TubaDad and me. Which means they get out some bowls, pour cereal, pour the milk, and in the process dump a massive quantity of something on the floor. Seriously. Every single time. I don't even know how many boxes of Special K we've gone through this month—maybe 10?—but I'm betting that we've only consumed about one box. DSC_3503_6s 6. They've learned the whole chorus to the Doobie Brothers "Give Me the Beat Boys" and dance around while belting it out (that's what they're doing in the last three pics). DSC_3504_7s Sweet girls. Dang they've changed a lot this year... Alrighty, off to tackle those suitcases.


  1. Anonymous8/25/2009

    Where are you off to on this trip?

  2. I have three words for you...


    Oh, they are so funny!! I love these posts, someday you will be so thankful that you noted all the little things they said and did!!

    I hope you are headed somewhere fun:)

  3. Oh baby! You'd better start making plans for when they're teens now!! Love all the pics but what they're saying...priceless!!! 3 going on 13 I'd say!

  4. Yes, hide your keys!

    About the book thingy..Caroline was chatting to herself rather loudly one day in the car and Rick said, "Caroline, keep the volume down." She said, "I can't. I don't have the remote."

    Yeah, time to monitor TV time, I guess.....

  5. Your girls are too cute! And I love their sense of style! It's so awesome! I nanny for a 4 year old girl, and when she picks out clothes, they just clash and look bad. (Yeah, I still let her wear them out lol), but you're girls always pull it off!

  6. Your girls always crack me up! I can imagine them (MANY years from now), strolling through the mall, concocting impossibly trendy outfits. They really ought to share their fashion sense with the rest of us - I can't put together an outfit for the life of me! Hopefully my girls will follow after your girls. :)

  7. I LOVE IT!

    (This is what I have to look forward to since mine is 8 months behind yours!)


  8. I love your blog, but I just thought you should know... under the "Mommas I've Met" section you put my aunt's blog as Loving Lauren instead of Life happens between the pages (lifehappensbetweenthepages.blogspot.com)
    By the way, I'm Donna's niece.

  9. Hey guys, we're heading to Pennsyvania to visit with family. The girls are so excited.

    And hi Emily! Give Donna and Lauren huge hugs from me the next time you see them. I've fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know.

  10. Dang those cuties are too cute! I want to hear them sing the Boogie Brothers song and do their dance....just saying. :) Have a safe and fun trip.

  11. M3-

    Great to see you at the Aquarium!!!
    To bad it was a short day for us! :(

    The girls are getting so BIG!!!

  12. Totally unrelated to this cute post...

    My daughters just got the biggest laugh out of watching your G-Force teeter totter test video.

    Have you thought of sending that to America's Funniest Home Videos? I bet you'd have a great chance of winning!

  13. OMG, that is hilarious about the mall!

  14. That is so funny! What part did I find funny? The whole thing. I just got to say, watch out when they know how to get out of the car seats and mention they want to drive a car, you could be in trouble. I have a "friend", whose child did that and locked themselves in the car before the mom could get around to get them out. THey started the car too. The cops had to come to jimmy the lock......My "friend" will never forget that.

  15. My dotter does the "pause" thing, too, in place of what we oldsters would have said: "Time out!"

  16. I can see them now at the mall, trying different lotions and lip glosses at Bath & Body Works...

    Oh wait, mine are already doing that ;-)

    I agree with the others: Hide your keys!

  17. Is Ree the one in polka dots and sandals? Just guessing because Ree is my favourite fashion style designer :D

    Have a nice trip!

  18. Anonymous8/26/2009

    Ok, now I have that song in my head!! Too cute.

    If your friend Catherine doesn't update her blog soon, I'm gonna lose it! Can't wait to read the details!

  19. Hey there! How are you all? I haven't been in blog world in months and am amazed at how much your beautiful girls have grown!

  20. It cracks me up that she's been wearing your "favorite" sandals in every pic since she sneakily convinced Tubadad to get them. LOL!!