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Monday, August 17, 2009

Our house is too quiet now

You wouldn't think I'd ever say that, what with the twinados in residence, but our awesome houseguests left today, and we're all kind of subdued. We did manage to fit in a tiny bit more fun in the last couple of days, and (shocker, heh heh) I have a few pics. TubaDad and D2 were heroes and stayed in the pool for hours yesterday so the girls could get their fill of swimming. The guys' fingers were still pruney five hours later at dinner. Wow.


The girls periodically jumped out of the pool when they got too chilly—we called these their special warming beds. Any guesses on who's who? IMG_2936

I'd be hard-pressed to come up with something cuter than two sets of twins holding hands. Oh wait, maybe it's two sets of twins holding hands, swapping shoes, and matching up their clothes. S2 (left) and H2 (back) had a ball going through Ro and Ree's shoe basket and finding ones that would fit them if they squeezed just right, and Ro and Ree just had to wear blue bathing suits so they would match S2 and H2.


After naps, we had dinner at my parents' house, and the girls all got antique car rides on the back driveway.
IMG_2974 IMG_2986m

In the morning, the big girls helped the little girls with their clothing selection. It was quite a serious matter that required much discussion. Oh so much discussion. I just sat in the corner and tried not to giggle.

I think they did a bang-up job with the outfits (Ro left, Ree right). DSC_3180_s

This pic that D2 snapped kind of summarizes the activity level in our house this week. It was one big blur of happy, playing, smiling kiddos. DSC_3186

Yep, a whole lotta smiles, from kids and grownups alike. And there's one other thing that flits into the back of my mind every once in a while and I can't capture in a picture. Sometimes, when I'm watching the four girls play together, I imagine them as friends in five or ten years and think how incredibly valuable it will be to have friends who are also identical twins adopted from China. Sisters who can identify with two of the biggest things in Ro and Ree's lives.


  1. Anonymous8/17/2009

    You all had such an incredible visit. The pictures tell it all.

  2. As always, the pictures are AWESOME. As always I am STUNNED that Wela has already commented.

    And man, we miss being there. You guys are awesome. Make sure you book those tickets for your visit here... please :-)

  3. As a Mama of an adopted little girl (from Japan), I too was thinking of how wonderful it is that they are friends with little girls "just like them."

  4. Aussie Jo8/17/2009

    They are great pics.. ( again) and yes I agree the girls will have amazing friends for life.. who are just like them...

    thank you for sharing their lives with us


  5. What a special friendship your families have. I'm curious, do the girls have any trouble telling each other apart? I mean, can S2 and H2 tell Ro and Ree apart? And vice versa.

  6. me yiikes the gwasses in that dwessup peechure. :)

  7. It is always sad when the fun level goes way down. Glad you had such a great visit as always. The pictures are precious.

  8. I'm sending you a picture of something that might possibly be cuter than two sets of twins holding hands (but I only say that cuz my daughter is in the photo). It's two sets of twins with a Tongginator in the middle. We call it a twin sandwich. Heh.

  9. Anonymous8/18/2009


    I loved your beautiful thought
    at the end of this post.

  10. Ro has quite the fashion sense with her snazzy belt and chic glasses. What a treasure to have such great friends. We try to get together with our China families and although it's different because there isn't the twin connection, we still have the connection of our girls being adopted from the same SWI at the same time. Kind of a sister thing.

  11. Since M3 hasn't responded, yet.

    Yes, the girls can tell each other apart. Even if H2 isn't wearing her glasses Ro and Ree have no trouble telling who is who. And vice versa.

  12. Hi SI: I just asked Ro and Ree and they said that most of the time they can tell S2 and H2 apart, but Ree said "Sometimes I get confused and fink der are two S2s, haha" and Ro said "I can tell dem apart, dey don't yook ayike, but sometimes it's hard when dey have on da same dresses." Funny! And as far as I could tell, H2 and S2 didn't have any trouble telling Ro and Ree apart.

  13. We have good friends who have identical twins adopted at the same time as our girls from VietNam. She is one of the most important people I have and we try to get together often. (they are 10 hours away).

    I wish they were closer just as you said, it is a huge asset they have two another.

  14. Anonymous8/18/2009

    It's interesting. There is such a difference between a 3 year old's body and a 4 year old's body. by 4 they have the shape of what they will become. At 3, they are still outgrowing a toddler body.

  15. I know the blog is about Ree and Ro and all the fun...but seriously about the antique truck...what year is that? My grandfather and uncle 'collect' antique cars. they have an early 1900 Ford Truck that looks similar...it 'migh' be ther first year Ford made a truck...I forget. But it has kerosene headlamps.

    The coolest car is the 1942 Ford Convertible my grandpa had. He restored it and we all fell in love with it.

  16. Adorable! How wonderful for the girls to have other "twinado" friends. :)

  17. Anonymous8/18/2009

    Hi Michelle,

    Our little Ford is a 1919 Model T with kerosene lamps. It was used to deliver mail in Ohio until the