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Friday, September 25, 2009

Gratuitous cute kid pics (like that's something new around here, haha!)

It was oddly foggy this morning. We couldn't even see the neighbor's house across the street. So we took advantage of the coolness to don some jeans (oh man I love jeans) and romp in the yard before preschool. DSC_4518LRs It was finally cool enough to wear the new vests with HOODS (oh man Ro and Ree love hoods). Ro is in the black tee and Ree is in the army green one. DSC_4520LRs It felt like we could gather the fog up in our arms it was so thick: DSC_4524LRs DSC_4528LRs DSC_4529LRs DSC_4534LRs DSC_4550LRs Ok, this was cool. I had actually put the camera away at this point and the girls insisted I get it back out to "take a peeshur of dat spidough, mama!" DSC_4558LRs DSC_4565LRs Later in the day, it was time for some creative trains and interesting cycling: DSC_4589LRs DSC_4601LRs DSC_4617LRs DSC_4619LRs And then some chalk painting with "rat-colored chalk" — seriously, it was the exact color of a rat. Our Halloween decoration just happened to be nearby and could demonstrate the similarity. Where did they even get this color? I sure as heck didn't buy it. DSC_4639LRs


  1. Nice rubber rat....

    But what I want to know is.... WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THEIR LEGS? One minute, they're padding around on those little bitty tree-trunky toddler legs, and the next thing we know, they're all long and spinkly-like? How could you let this happen? I thought we discussed this when they were babies.... (sigh)... I turn my back for a few months and you let them sprout like little bean poles.

    Oh, well... nothing to be done, I guess. But this is going in my report. Rest assured.

    (And we can never have too many photos -- you know that.)

  2. I am a big fan of jeans myself.....one of my favorite things about fall...time to pull out jeans and the sweaters:)

    Their little hooded vests are so cute....perfect for a foggy morning!

    Ewwww...that rubber rat looks to real for me.

    Happy Weekend.


  3. I love their hooded vests...where did you get those? Kim

  4. love the spider web picture!!! it almost looked fake it was so detailed!!!

    and i can't believe they are almost 4-- it seems like yesterday you and tubadad were celebrating their 1st b-day and getting ready to go!

  5. Welcome to my world! It has been SO foggy here and yesterday was so very thick! Today though.....nothing but blue sky! Gotta get out and take advantage of it!

  6. You guys should come to England if you want to celebrate and enjoy foggy weather! Hahah! No seriously... it's beautiful here in London at the moment! We're having a bit of an Indian Summer!!

    What I love so much about these pics ( and yes Catharine is right.. never have too many) is how the girls are holding hands. It's so touching.

    They will love looking back on all these in years to come. xxx

  7. Foggy here this morning too!!! Love the pics, not the rat!!! Hehe!!

  8. Anonymous9/27/2009

    Cute blog! I have twin boys (biological), but I write home studies for adoptive families. I'll put your link on my page so I can follow your story!

  9. Iris: The hooded vests are from Nordstrom, we got them at the big sale they just had.

  10. Noticing the same thing that Catharine is noticing. Your toddlers have gone missing. :-(