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Monday, December 7, 2009

4-year-old checkup in freezing cold weather

We woke up to snow on the nearby mountains, but had a doctor's appointment this morning, so we couldn't just head for the hills. We kept an anxious eye on the thermometer, crossed our fingers that it wouldn't melt before we could get up there, and ran to the girls' four-year checkups. Turned out to be the most thorough appointment we've ever been to, we were there for well over an hour. The girls were weighed (Ro 36.6 lbs, Ree 36.4 lbs), measured (Ro 40", Ree 40.25"), had their hearing checked with some spiffy headphones and beeps, had eyesight tests, then also got all the standard checkup stuff. They also got two shots each for kindergarten readiness (they don't need any until next year, but I'm paranoid and like to space out vaccinations, so we got a couple early). I had talked to Ro and Ree ahead of time and asked if they were willing to get any shots if I offered lollipop bribes, and they weighed their options and said they were ok with two shots each. So I stuffed some mini tootsie pops in my purse, and everyone was happy. Ro was actually yelling "Are we done yet? I want my shots!!" by the end of the appointment. The girls LOVE their doctor. He is the sweetest, happiest guy and they always think it's a good day when they get to visit him. Ree had an important question for him that I thought was so cute. She screwed up her courage and blurted out "Do we need to take naps anymore now that we're four?!" and, to her supreme pleasure, Dr L consulted his little sleep chart and said that as long as the girls are getting about 11 1/2 hours of sleep at night (which they are) they don't need to take naps unless they're sleepy. They've been trying to kick the naps for about a month now, with varying degrees of success. When they do nap, they stay up wayyyyy too late at night, but when they don't nap they're extra emotional in the evening and sometimes just fall asleep standing up. Also, when they don't nap, we put them to bed an hour earlier, which is hard because TubaDad gets home minutes before bedtime and doesn't get to spend much time with his sweeties. No big deal, I know things will all smooth out soon. After the doctor's appointment, I was really tired (it's been a long week) and tried to convince the girls that we didn't need to go see the snow and I didn't want to drive all the way up there all by myself. Ro started sobbing that we just HAD to go play in the snow because we never get snow, and Ree said "But you wouldn't be alone, mama, WE'D be there!!" Oh man... So I called Maggie and she agreed to go with us. Yay, Maggie to the rescue! We drove up up up up and found a beautiful snow-covered meadow. I should come clean and say that we had to hop a little fence to get in there—I know, I know, I'm usually such a rule follower. But hey it wouldn't be a Salsa Family snow trip if we didn't break a law or two, right? (Ro is in the white jacket, and Ree is in the black one.) SnowDec2009-000001LR (We had already taken 4 or 5 rides on the sled and I was tired of walking up and down the hill pulling the sled, so I thought I'd stand at the top and catch a little video. They did great!) Do I even need to say that they had a ball?


  1. Anonymous12/07/2009

    Yea, snow in CA, who would have thought? Sweet little girls to ask their doctor if they still needed to take a nap since they were 4.


  2. Anonymous12/08/2009

    Wow, they sure had fun in the snow. I remember my gd stopped taking anps too.....wow...she would get soooooo tired. She is ready for bed at 7:30. Works well in the winter !!

    Snow in CA - YES !! Saw it on Mt Tam on my way down to SF this morning. To my delight, it was still there on the way home last night.

    I feel Rosie's chill when she got snow in her mittens. Looked about the time the snow fun was coming to a close (old nap time creeping up).


  3. Of course they had a blast. They are the twinado dare devils.

  4. Cute!

    We had the first snowfall of the season yesterday and the girls were thrilled. Unfortunately it didn't stick, but I am sure we'll have plenty of it in the next couple of months.

    Love their snow suits, by the way!

  5. Anonymous12/08/2009

    Are you coming to Canada in the winter? The girls will love it! Your friend Cathereine doesn't happen to live in Muskoka does she?

    Lisa V

  6. Melissa12/08/2009

    We are getting almost 20 cm of snow here in Waterloo today and tomorrow. Not sure how much Catherine will get as they are closer to the lake, but suffice to say there should be ample amounts of snow in the near proximity when you come to Canada. Girls will love it!!

  7. Our little one is fighting her nap now, she is not even 3 yet.....
    I like your Dr, he sounds perfect. The girls looked like they had fun in the snow.

  8. Oh gosh! i know you take all the pictures and recordings but i hope they actually REMEMBER all this!

  9. Oh, the best. First snow fun. (Love their snowsuits too.)

  10. I saw the snow yesterday and thought of you. Figured that's where you guys probably were!

    Gwen and Maddy stopped taking naps just a few weeks ago. Now we have "quiet time" for an hour each day. They get in their bed and play with their Leapster or read a book. About 1/3 of the time, they fall asleep.

    Mommy likes that hour too. :)

    Our blog: Double Happiness!

  11. They're now tall enough to ride splash mountain (if they have that at DisneyLand). Our DD was just about in tears at Disney World when they told her she was still slightly too short. But she grows everynight - she told the lady.

  12. fun!

    was -33° (yes, that's minus 33)here today... way too cold to go out sledding (perfect baking day) but we have feet of the good stuff waiting on the Rocky Mountain Front (our backyard) for when it warms up! :-)

  13. It's like a little winter wonderland out in the hills!! Love it!! Glad all is good with you guys.

  14. I would love to be your kid. You are a wonderfully fun mom who, as our minister advised, spends time playing with her children, making beautiful memories. He could have used your video as an example for the congregation.

  15. No words necessary!! It is obvious that they had a ball!!

  16. A friend of mine had the same problems when her son was stopping naps. They switched to a nap every other day for a while that that really helped. Two days was too much for no naps but every other day made everyone pretty happy.

  17. I think you have done very well to still get a nap out of them at 4! My DD stopping napping about 2 1/2 unless we were in the car when she might drop off.

    I used to wish she would nap so I could have a break but it never happened.