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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

There will be a Christmas program, I would stake Rudolph's life on it

Ro and Ree have been humming, singing, and doing the moves to some new Christmas tunes that they didn't learn at our house. I am fairly vibrating with excitement -- because this is hard evidence that the preschool is going to put on a bonafide Christmas program. (squeal!) All information has been kept top-secret, TubaDad was actually shooed out of the classroom this morning after dropoff, and we've only been told what day and time to show up. Dare I hope there will be some kind of hats involved, or maybe even (gasp) a costume or two? Oh my oh my! I'll do my best to remain calm and not float up to the ceiling with joy when they sing. Promise. PS: TubaDad still hasn't gone back to work, but he did schedule a round of followup tests since he's still in so much pain. The xrays yesterday showed that he has two fractured ribs (yikes, no wonder), and he's scheduled for a CT Scan tomorrow morning to more thoroughly check out his hard head.


  1. Oh they are so cute! They are definitely planning something. Casey started singing a Christmas song tonight and Eric joined in and she said, "No Daddy, you have to do like dis!" and did a little arm flourish that I can't describe without showing you but it was too funny.

  2. You just made my day! I love reading your blog, but don't comment often. Today is a hard day for me and was not sure I would beable to find a smile in me, however, your video just did it.


  3. They are so darn cute. Thanks for the smile ;-)

  4. Shannon (CA)12/09/2009

    There better be video documentation of this (to be determined) Christmas program! Yay!

  5. Hannah and I just enjoyed your adorable video together, She went from chatting to listening so carefully. 'Away in a Manger' is one of her favourite songs so I'm guessing we'll be enjoying the video again! SO CUTE that thay're doing a Christmas program!! Do you det to video and share.

    Still praying for TD and for hus tests today. Gentle, gentle hugs.

    We got a boatload of snow last night and it still coming down so Hannah is excited to make another video for Ro and Ree today to share her first real Canadian snow with them. Mommy's learning curve is to figure out how to shovel it with a 9 month old. Think i'll dress her in her snowsuit and put her in the garage doorway to watch. Snow much fun!!

  6. Squeee!! A christmas program!! YAY!! You know your girls will steal the show!

    And poor Tuba dad. I hope everything checks out ok. That doesn't sound like much fun.

  7. Hope the appointments go well for TubaDad, a friend of mine has a fractured rib at the moment and she has been in so much pain.

    We are just as excited about a Christmas program, we cant wait to see the pics and the video:)

  8. Anonymous12/09/2009

    Here is for a speedier recovery for Tuba Dad. Rib fractures can be so painful. Just breathing hurts and I imagine the deep wound on his head only compounds the pain. I am thinking positive thoughts that he will feel better soon. Please keep us all posted.

  9. Anonymous12/09/2009

    awwwee!!! love it!

    did you try the arnica montana for TD? I promise it will help!

  10. Anonymous12/09/2009

    wow i will come to check daily to see the pic and vedio...they are tooo cute!


  11. Oh my goodness! So sweet. I especially love the part about "Jesus Chwist was born." Enjoy this age! My twins are 12 already and I'm not sure how they got half-grown so quickly.

  12. Oh girl....I know you are soooo excited but let me warn you - the tears will fall!!! Make sure you bring some tissue. When I saw my oldest in his very first program? oh my...I cried like a baby.

    We expect to see a video of it too!


  13. That's the same way I learned they were putting a holiday program up at my kid's preschool... All of a sudden he was singing songs I had NEVER heard of (and it was hard to figure them out with his 4 year old singing!)
    Ours is on the 16th, can't wait :)

  14. You'll do well to brace yourself for massive cuteness. I remember Dahlia's first pre-school Christmas concert (with HATS!!!) and my cheeks still hurt from the beaming. You'd have thought I was the only mother there!

    Have fun!

  15. You are in for some major cuteness I am sure!!! Take your camera.....I am sure there will be many memorable moments:)

    Sorry to hear about Tuba Dad....broken ribs are not pleasant. I hope the CAT scan doesn't uncover anymore surprises.

    Happy Holidays!!


  16. Ro and Ree always put a smile on my face. They're just so--joyous. The adorability quotient is truly through the roof in this vid.

    I am wondering something: I know you and TubaDad have supported Half the Sky Foundation and China Care in the past. Right now there is a challenge for charitable organizations going on at Facebook, sponsored by Chase Bank, where people are asked to vote online for 20 charitable organizations. The top 100 vote-getters will be awarded 25,000 dollars each by Chase. The competition ends on December 11th (only 36 hours away). Both Half the Sky and China Care are in the competition, but are still pretty far away from the top. I am wondering if you'd consider supporting them? It doesn't ask for any donations; all the money will come from Chase.

    If you have Facebook account, just log in and go
    to vote for Half the Sky. Go
    to vote for China Care. If you don't have a Facebook account, it only takes a minute to register one.

    You might also be interested in Angel Heart, which helps Chinese kids with congenital heart disease:
    page for Angel Heart
    and Overseas Save Chinese Children Foundation:
    page for OSCCF
    which helps disadvantaged Chinese children with serious medical needs. (Each person has 20 votes, and the votes will just go to waste if one doesn't use them.)

    Thanks so much! I am sorry that after lurking for quite a while at your blog, the first time I delurk is to ask for help. I'll pipe up more in the future, I promise. ;)

    I hope that TubaDad's ribs are feeling better now!

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  18. Please, please post the video of their concert!