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Friday, December 18, 2009

Fashion Friday (holiday edition)

The girls are revving up for Christmas and you can practically feel the jollies in the air. The holiday cards have been sent (I need to post those pictures, we set up the Salsa Garage Studio again and got some really neat photos), most of the presents have been bought (hm, I also meant to do a post on what we're getting the girls), and we've wrapped about 75% of the things (Ro has been a big help, Ree would really prefer to wrap just one present and say she's done). Anyhow, it's Fashion Friday, so instead of working on that big holiday To Do list, I'm going to play with pictures and share the fun outfits the girls have put together this week and last week.  

1. I thought these outfits were funny because the girls purposely tried to coordinate with each other. They've got on the same shirt (in different colors), the same tights, and matching shoes. Oh, and they both chose headbands, with bow clips to hold them in place (I never would have thought to do that, but it's actually really cute!). Ro has a green corduroy skirt around her neck for a little extra decoration. I haven't seen this particular style anywhere before, so I'm calling it her own personal style.

2. The girls were really in the Christmas spirit when they chose these outfits. Ro wanted to wear her Christmas dress to preschool with a pair of last-summer's khaki capris (thank goodness for boots, they cover a multitude of fashion mishaps, heh heh). Ree chose her Christmas pants from last year and a hand-me-down top from her friends H2 and S2. Cute little elves. DSC_9136LR  

3. These outfits... ahhhh, what to say? They're "interesting." Ro went for all polka dots, every place it was possible to add a dot, and apparently thought the Disney Princess knee pads really jazzed up that otherwise plain look. Ree ran upstairs when no one was looking and apparently found where I have hidden the summer clothes. She came down grinning cockily and wearing her favorite yellow biking shorts and another hand-me-down top from her buddies. Sigh... By the way, they're dancing in front of a slideshow put on by our new Apple TV. If you need a last-minute Christmas gift for your spouse, this little baby is one SLICK toy. It's only about $225. It's that tiny little box on the top (maybe 1.5"x6"), stores all of your DVDs and CDs so you can get to anything with one click on your remote, accesses all of your IPOD music and playlists, syncs up with your pictures on your computer to play a custom slideshow while your music is playing, and more. Eight thumbs up from our family. DSC_9171LR  

4. These outfits cracked me up. So bright, so cheery, there is no way to look at these and be in a bad mood. Ree left, Ro right. They started with the matching "Let it Snow" shirts they picked from Target, then did their thing to make the outfits uniquely Ree and Ro. Love! DSC_9182LR

 5. And this last set is today. Ree went for the "naybee" (navy) blue and yellow daisy outfit, but couldn't find the navy socks, so settled for hunter green ones and then hid them with her boots. She also couldn't find the daisy hair clip that matches that shirt—do you lose hair accessories at your house? We lose so many that it makes me crazy!! Ro went for a cute, sporty pink and jeans look, then added an old pink tie-dye t-shirt around her neck "like the wreath that you put on your door, mama!" Oh man, that just killed me.

By the way, it's funny that I ended up with so many pictures for Fashion Friday. I don't intend to get this many, actually I take one and then think I'm done for the week. But every single time the girls come downstairs I just laugh over their outfits and think "Oh man, THESE are the best outfits ever, I just have to snap one quick pic today to remember these." Oh well. Cheers, and happy Friday! Now I guess I'd better get to that To Do list...


  1. Someday my minivan will die and when I take it to the shop, the repairman will say, "Why goodness gracious! This minivan is held together by nothing other than ponytails and fancy barrettes! Were you aware that your entire engine block was covered in non-ouch ponytail holders?!"

    Either that, or somewhere in this house there is a hair gadget black hole. The girls know where it is, but they aren't talking.

    Merry Christmas!

    Indiana Lori

  2. I love that her shirt says Smile! and she clearly is not down with that!

  3. Love it! Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face when I come here!

  4. Love it! Your girls have more style than most grown women I know. :)

  5. Anonymous12/18/2009

    I love Ro's use of clothing as scarves and ponchos. Very cute!

  6. My 3 yo loves looking at your blog so much that she can actually tell the girls apart. Out of the blue, she picked a photo and said "This one is ___ree and this one is...what her name again?...oh yeah, ro___." Cracked me up. I guess I check your blog too much ;)


  7. these fashions are the best, I look forward to one day shopping at the Ro & Ree Funky Fashion House....

  8. Anonymous12/18/2009

    Ro is sooo creative=]

  9. Super cute! I always love stopping by your blog and seeing your awesome pictures! Your girls are so beautiful and sweet!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  10. Anonymous12/18/2009

    And.......there are 10 nutcrackers?

  11. The nutcracker comment cracked me up! There were actually 11 in that picture (the 4th of July one holding the flag is partially hidden behind the bear nutcracker), which means one was still missing somewhere in the house. Since that picture, apparently one more has jumped ship, because there are only 10 nutcrackers on the fireplace right now. Weird! They must be hiding with all those missing hair clips. Heh.


    This post just helped me figure out what to get my boyfriend for Christmas. Apple TV.

    I was stumped for a man who has practically everything.


  13. Oh man! I love Fashion Friday's....and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday too! Your girlies are a hoot and am sure they bring many a smile when people see them out and about in these fun, fun clothes! Watch out runway shows...Ro and Ree are hot on your tail!

  14. Love the outfits, and that nutcracker with the sombrero! Hilarious!