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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa and his fans (or not) throughout the years

The girls have had quite an adventure with the man in red over the years. They haven't always loved him, but they have always had strong feelings about him. Heh. We've got all of these pictures hanging in a row on the fireplace, and it is without a doubt my favorite Christmas decoration. Lots of memories in these little mall snapshots. Mouseover any photo to see who's who.
2006 ~ 1 year old
The first year. We had been home from China for about two months, and my dad and I decided on a complete whim to take the girls to see Santa. They were only on that lap for about three seconds, but it was enough time to make their feelings perfectly clear. Ree considers hanging in there for a millisecond... Ree left, Ro right
...but sister crying just pushes her over the edge. Best picture ever. At the time, my dad and I were traumatized, and couldn't get them off that lap fast enough. But now, well you know we just die laughing at this shot. Ree left, Ro right
2007 ~ 2 years old
Sorry Santa, the girls still aren't feeling the love. Pretty much a repeat of the first year. Except this year my mom and I brought lollipop bribes for afterwards, and then I dropped Ree's on the floor and it broke. Trauma on top of trauma. The girls still tell that story. Seriously. Ree left, Ro right
2008 ~ 3 years old
This was the year the girls finally decided that they loved Santa Claus. They were so infatuated that we had to visit Santa at every opportunity. I think the word "stalking" was bandied about. Ro left, Ree right Ro left, Ree right Ree left, Ro right Both girls were wearing their favorite shoes of the year in this one: Ree left, Ro right Ree left, Ro right Ree left, Ro right
2009 ~ 4 years old
Santa's the man. After two visits, Ro and Ree are satisfied to just wave to Santa as we walk by. They brought their stuffed animals on the last visit, because each girl wanted Santa to bring her a copy of her sister's toy, and they figured he needed a visual. santa_25nov09LR santa_27nov09LR So there you have it. A pictorial history of Ro and Ree's feelings toward the man in red. How are your Santa encounters going?


  1. I have identical twin boys and we took the exact same photo as Ro and Ree at 13 months:

  2. Anonymous12/20/2009

    Found myself thinking of you and those precious angels! I haven't been around the blogsphere as much lately. I miss you, sweet friend. Are you on Facebook? If so, add me!

  3. That was a fun walk through santa memories! It's amazing how fast and much the girls have changed in 3 short years.

  4. Elizabeth12/20/2009

    Amazing how much they've grown. I mean, I know that's what kids do, but seeing it right there... time flies. (I've followed since before referral... commented a few times)

    Regis and Kelly or Ellen was doing a Bad Santa Photo contest. The double crying pic is most definitely a big winner!!!! :)

    Elizabeth in Sunny (i.e. HOT!) Florida

  5. Donna did the BEST THING EVER for our 17 month olds - photoshopped them onto a Santa! Now we have the photo without the trauma.

  6. what a differance a year(or2)makes

  7. Cute piccie this year but my all time fave is the first year crying pic, classic! Thanks for the lovely Christmas card. The holiday cards are the only thing I've pulled out of the giant stack of mail which greeted me when we returned, all the other stuff, not as much fun and can wait. Wishing all of you a fabu Christmas and New Year.

  8. I love them all!

    Thanks for the incentive...I need to get ours all organized. It would be my fave Christmas decoration if I had them all together, organized, and in frames. That's a big goal for next year!!


  9. Great, great walk down memory lane. Classic pictures...

    Carley (at almost 3) just prefers to view him from far away.

    Merry Christmas to you all ~

  10. Love the walk down memory lane!! Those first two years were funny.....and oh my, how little they were. It's hard to believe how fast they have grown up!!

    Hope y'all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!



  11. I can't believe how fast they have grown! They are just so darn cute!!!

    I love the first one...too cute! I have one with LiLi like that but instead there is just a single tear running down her cheek. It was so sad to watch.

    Merry Christmas! I can't wait to see all of your Christmas pics.


  12. The one of them both crying is priceless! :)

  13. How they've grown. Such beautiful girls they are!

  14. Tate's official first visit with Santa will be on Tuesday.... I think she will do okay with the man in red!

  15. Wonderful pictorial. The first two are a riot and pretty much what we had for the first 2 years too. Now we're starting it again and the little one is staying true to form. Some things don't change.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  16. We have adopted our two girls and realized last year their first year home that 7 yr old (at the time) did not like santa or seeing santa in person (okay with him coming down the chimney). We were on a Christmas train where they have a santa that comes and visits and 7 yr old did not want to go see him. She made me hold her hand the whole time he had his arm around her. 4 yr old decided she liked him and got excited to see him.

    This year we happened to be eating at a Spaghetti Factory last night and saw one of Santa's helper Santa's eating dinner. He had the hair, beard, cap and glasses (but was in 'street clothes'). 5 yr old went over and talked to him and asked to bring a candy cane over to her sister, who observed from our table. When we got back to the table 8 yr old said she might try and see santa but in the end did not want to do it. However, lots of questions on whether or not Santa's reindeer might be on the roof of the restaurant, etc.

    Still not sure if I should bring them to Santa to have a pic taken this year or not. Last year was our first xmas with them and based on my older daughter's reaction to him I am not sure I'm up for it.....

    Love your pics!

  17. This is crazy! I've been reading your blog for over four years then? How did the time go by so quickly?!

    I love the photos where they both burst into tears! And they look SO grown up now, its crazy.

  18. Darling trip down memory lane. The first couple take the cake (we have a few similar, I had to be in reaching distance the first few years, so my knee got to be in the pictures)
    It's great to see how much they've grown!

  19. Anonymous12/21/2009

    “I dropped Ree's on the floor and it broke. ”....
    my gdness, ur sense of humor just kill me

  20. Love it! I just posted a retrospective of our "4 years with Santa" too. It's amazing to see how the kiddos grow. I do love the first year's pic of Ro and Ree with Santa. B was immediately enamored with Santa, so no crying pic of her. My E would not go NEAR Santa the first year so no dice there!

  21. so cute!
    our son has loved Santa from day 1 (first pic he was a couple of months old and grinning from ear to ear!) due to the swine flu scare, we decided not to take our daughter (2 months old) to visit Santa this year... but the 4 year old LOVED chatting up the man in red :)

  22. What a fun walk down memory lane!! Still remember vividly laughing out loud at my desk the day I saw the pic of both girlies crying on Santa's knee. Too cute! My how they've matured and are now happy with a couple of visits and a wave. Any Tuba Gum this year??

    Our trips to see Santa have not been successful yet. First time he had a late start and wasn't there yet and the second time my sweetie fell asleep in the car on the way to the mall. Wasn't about to wake her up and plop her on the Jolly old man's lap, especially since only a handful of people have held her. We're just starting to branch out on that one and I'm thinking waking her up to place her on Santa's knee would not be her idea of fun!! :o)

  23. Loved your card this year! The girls are growing up fast and you all look great! Happy holidays.