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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It was chaotic and there was a complete lack of quality control

We spent the day baking with the cousins, and I am excited to report that we now have homemade cookies to leave out for Santa on Christmas eve. (Don't judge, but I've been known to leave out a plate of Oreos in the past, and I even forgot the cookies completely the first year we were home with the girls. Shhhh...)

The girls wore their festive Christmas outfits and sparkliest Christmas grins. They won't usually smile like this for me, but TubaDad was standing behind me and doing something that was apparently hilarious and top secret. None of them will admit what it was. (Ro in the red bow, Ree in the ponytails and green bow):

DSC_9288LR4 DSC_9305LR4 DSC_9312LR4

They were so excited to get together with their cousins for the baking day: IMG_4754LR4

The cutting and decorating was kind of a wild free-for-all, if you ask me: IMG_4741LR4

And I think we can gather from this pan that the kiddos placed more stock in heavy coverage than in quality control:

When the sprinkles stopped flying, the girls picked out their "bestest" cookies and had me set them aside for Santa with a stern (and admittedly justified) warning that TubaDad and I were NOT to eat these two cookies:

They baked so hard that we didn't even drive one block before we saw (and heard) this: IMG_4758LR4

Fun stuff. Thanks Auntie Lon for holding the extreme bakefest in your house, and I hope you don't find sprinkles stuck to the ceiling. Tomorrow's the school Christmas program, and we are all giddy about it. Which reminds me, I'd better go charge up the video camera! Wheeeeeeee.  

PS: The Hershey's $100 giveaway ends in a few days, so you've still got time to enter.


  1. JUDGE? I thought Oreo's were Santa's favorites! That's what I tell my kids ;)
    Great looking cookies! I'm one for heavy coverage myself, tho :)
    Merry Christmas, Salsa family!

  2. Unbelievable! My hat is definitely off to Auntie Lon. What a woman!

  3. oh my goodness so much fun

  4. Did Wela make those wonderful outfits??? They are too precious. You are showing the rest of us moms up....we have told our kids Oreos are his fave too. tee hee

  5. That was a serious crew of bakers in the kitchen:) Quite a creative little bunch.... I bet Auntie Lon will be picking up sprinkles clear through Valentine's Day!!

    LOVE the pants!! Were they made by the same gal who made the Halloween pants??? ADORABLE and perfect with their GB aprons!!

    Can't wait for the video tomorrow.....I am sure the girls will do GREAT!

  6. Anonymous12/22/2009

    Those are almost the most beautiful-est cookies i have ever seen (my little china dolls are too). Ladies this is what it is all about..fun..fun..fun..memories. Merry Christmas Salsa Family.

  7. Tess will seriously want those pants. They look just like her Taggie!

  8. Thanks guys!!! The blinged-out reindeer shirts and cutiecute Christmas pants were made by the one and only Dawn -- our friend who made the girls' Halloween outfits and birthday outfits. She is so creative it's crazy.

    And yes, Auntie Lon is definitely a mad woman (and she makes incredible homemade potstickers too, mmmmmm).

  9. I have it on good authority that Santa is partial to Mallowmars. And the reindeer wouldn't mind an Oreo or two amongst the carrots.

    Fluctuations in the quality control department makes for a fun day.

  10. Awesome cookies and oh my, those toes are adorable!

  11. Anonymous12/23/2009

    Merry Christmas to the funnest family in blogland. Give our love to Wella and Bobbob too. Such supportive cast members they are!
    The treats for Santa look great.
    Thank you for making every day of the year merry and bright. Bless you and your sweet bunch!


  12. Anonymous12/23/2009

    Those little shiny christmassy toesies just made my day...

  13. Mmmmm....those DO look like the bestest cookies in the whole wide world! I think Santa will be tuckin' into those until there are only crumbs and a dribble of milk left!

  14. He he! Ubber cute outfits and very yummy looking cookies. I'd pay for treats like those.

  15. What a seriously beautiful family! Those girls are just so precious! Look at those little feet! Squeal! Love them.

    I know....dorky comment, but it's true. I'm glad you got your cookies all baked and I hope you all had a great Christmas. I'm just clicking off the BlogHer feed right now, so I will check your updated posts!