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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Well, a couple of us puked, and then we left Tahoe rather abruptly

Ugh. No pretty pictures today, but we're home safe and sound, which counts for something! TubaDad and Ree got a nasty stomach bug last night and no one got any sleep. They were feeling better (although exhausted) by this morning, and we figured we had a really short window of time to get home before anyone else came down with this. The thought of getting it while en route was kind of horrifying to contemplate. So those of us who were still standing raced around like crazy this morning packing and cleaning, put chains on the van and popped the Bronco into 4-wheel drive (it was still snowing), then crossed our fingers and raced home. Well we all made it, so now we're just taking it easy and hoping and praying we've seen the last of this. I guess we'll know by tomorrow. Wish our Tahoe trip had a better ending, but at least the first three days were awesome. PS: Ree surprised us all (and herself) by suddenly keeping her nighttime puII-ups dry on this trip. The first morning was so cute -- when it was time to get dressed and we realized she was dry, she raised the puII-up triumphantly in the air and slowly rotated in a circle, making sure everyone saw. She looked just like a mini prizefighter, holding her championship belt aloft. She was so pumped!


  1. Annie D12/30/2009

    I only recently discovered you - and I want you to know you didn't make my Christmas, but you made it just that much better. Thank you for sharing. I wish you and your family all the very best in 2010.

  2. Oh, not good. Hope the bug stayed up with the snow and your New Year's celebration is 'uneventful'....but loads of fun!

  3. Ugh! What a yucky way to end the trip but so happy for you that you're home without any further incidents and hopefully it stays that way!

    Way to go Ree!!! Hannah and I are still here if you need homes to call for dry pull-up celebrations!!

  4. Glad you made it home safely. Loved the pictures of the girls in the snow! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  5. So sorry to hear of your misfortunes. Most of the time, this is food poisoning. Is there something Ree ate that Ro didn't?

    I am glad you all made it home safely. We were up in your area and went to Gilroy Gardens last night for the light show. It was very nice!

  6. Did you sing the Rocky theme? That's what she was hearing in her little head, I'll bet.

    Yay, Reeeee....


  7. Eek! I hope everyone stays well now. Congrats on the Pull-Ups!

  8. Hope you are all feeling better and getting ready to ring in 2010.
    Loved your snow pictures :)
    Fun stuff ....

  9. Bleh to the stomach stuff but HOOORAY to Ree! What a great image of her holding up her "trophy." Too fun!

  10. I hope that everyone is over their tummy bugs!

    And CONGRATS REE on the dry pull-up!!!