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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 4 of the vacay, and TubaDad just disparaged our ride strategy for the day (Sunday recap)

He says we didn't do enough today. What he really means is that we didn't go on any blow-your-head-off rides (like that insane robotic arm ride* he went on yesterday at LegoLand), which is just fine by me. The girls and I think we did plenty today, and my throbbing feet are proof that we covered some serious territory. Highlight of the day for Ro and Ree: Hands down it was the cotton candy. They've been wanting it for days, and we just didn't get around to it, for, um, one reason or another (! cough cough freaking sticky and messy cough cough !). Anyhow, sorry Minnie and Mickey, running into you was fun, but it just didn't hold a candle to the delightful sugary pink puffs of air. Ro is in the first pic, Ree in the second: DSC_1024LR DSC_1036LR It was cool to run into a few characters, though. We were cruising through Toon Town and saw a massive line for Minnie's house, which there was No Way we were waiting in. So we told the girls to just wave to Minnie and got ready to walk on by, when suddenly she walked out of her gate and right into the girls' arms. Bathroom break maybe? DSC_1006LR Then we moseyed through Mickey's house, and checked out his stuff. I made TubaDad pose with Mickey's tuba, and he was a good guy and humored me (that last phrase probably sums up our entire relationship, heh heh): DSC_1009LR Then we went to the back of the house, and there was Mickey, with no wait at all (yessss!!). The girls danced with him a little and then squeezed his nose. (They do that to every character for some reason. They are just obsessed with those hard bulby noses.) DSC_1014LR A sweet lady in Toon Town offered to take our picture so we actually got one with all four of us! Oh, and in case anyone's wondering about the outfits the girls have worn on this trip, I chose the shirts and they picked the rest—pants, skirts, leggings, socks, hair accessories, jewelry, shoes, whatever. DSC_1020LR We snuck onto a deserted It's a Small World ride during the parade, only to have Ro nod off in mid-ride. It's pretty loud in there, so this is a serious testament to how tired the little party girl was: DSC_1042LR We had dinner with the Family H, and the sea of red Disney attire amused me, so I had to take a pic: DSC_1046LR Then we ran back over to California Adventure with the intention of riding Soarin' (which the girls rode on Friday with Tim and TubaDad and LOVED; Ree's quote was "That was cooler than cool!"). Anyhow, the line was too long, so we distracted the girls with a blinky seizure-inducing souvenir and headed back to the hotel. DSC_1051LR Ahhhhhh. My feet are up as I'm typing, and I'm actually going to get this post up in time to hit the sack at a reasonable hour tonight. * You might wonder why I'm linking to a video of some random woman riding that thing instead of TubaDad. Well it's because I completely screwed up on the video record and it was off when I thought it was on. Arghhhhhhhhh!


  1. I'm not going to make more fun of the video malfunction. Am not. Am not.

    But at least I have some pictures of him in that CRAZY ride :-)

  2. It looks like you are having an amazing trip!! I am lovin all the pictures of the girls.........their outfits are SOOO CUTE!!! Love the tutus paired with the princess shirts!

    How lucky that you got that shot with Minnie and never had to wait in the BIG LONG LINE:)

    Cannot believe that Ro feel asleep on that ride.....it is SO LOUD in there....she must have been REALLY tired:)

    Hope your feet are well rested and ready for another day!



  3. Anonymous2/01/2010

    What luck you had running into Minney on her bathroom break! SCORE!

    Looks like a fantastic time had by all (even if you had to cave on the cotton candy...).

  4. Anonymous2/01/2010

    They look like they are loving every minute there. Can't wait to sit down and hear their stories.

  5. LOVE the picture of them passed out with Tuba Dad!!!!!!!!!! and cotton candy---- my sentiments exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! family vacations are so precious-- we go to myrtle beach in SC this august after we bring our new little guy homein may-- can't wait!

  6. I am exerting much self-control as to not make at least one small joke about the video malfunction.

    And I can tell that Ro has highly discriminating taste by the level of drool shown during your It's a Small World ride. I mean, really, it IS a snooze-fest... only they don't typically figure it out until the teen years.

    (So glad y'all are having such a wonderful time.)

  7. Looks like fun! More fun than we are having in the freaking COLD! Can't believe, okay I really can based on their no-fear attitudes, that they went on that ride at Cal. Adventure. I will admit, I am afraid of that one.

    Keep having fun for all of us stuck in the winter tundra.

  8. Here's what I've been waiting for-- the story of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! That one is great! (Space Mountain and Indiana Jones are my personal favourites too... I would say they might be too scary, but your girls do appear to be dare-devils!)

    Looks like everyone has been having a wonderful time :)

  9. Yes, yes, the video operator malfunction was maddening!!

    Blythe, the girls are dying to try Pirates. It was closed yesterday--but we are heading straight there this morn. It was the scene of the loudest screaming and crying Disneyland has ever heard two years ago, but they think they are ready now. Hmm. We'll see. I've got earplugs in my pocket and will stuff them in (the girls' ears not mine) right before the ride. Hopefully that will help.

    Cross your fingers for us!

  10. I've so enjoyed every single pic. and update from your trip to D-Land! The girls look soooo cute! :)

  11. Why didn't you get the girls a stroller? I'm sure they would have taken more naps if they had a chance to rest those little legs.
    I really love the "sleepy" photo, it is so cute.

  12. kristina2/03/2010

    Too much fun! I should have told you to get the cotton candy in the tub! Next time! We buy one and it usually lasts the whole trip. Savannah eats a little and then puts the lid on. No balled up mess! I'm not sure you would have had any left though!!!

  13. Loved the new updates!!!! So fun. ALso, you asked for rainy day ideas a while back....I got one. Check out my new post. They are called nuudles. I have pictures, etc there. I think your girls will love them!

  14. So the really funny thing for me here is that we were AT DISNEYLAND on Sun the 31st (with another family from our adoption group no less), and I saw a little girl and thought "she looks like a Salsa Twin", but didn't think it could actually be Ro or Ree because we thought you had already gone home! Dang. One time we'll actually have to meet up!