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Saturday, January 30, 2010

LegoLand. Wow. (Saturday recap)

On Saturday, we all drove down to San Diego to visit LegoLand at the Family H's suggestion. I was a little dubious about making the long drive. I mean, really, we were just minutes from Disneyland, why should we hop in the car and drive an hour to get to another amusement park? Oh man, I was so wrong. LegoLand was awesome! There were no crowds, and we could actually park in the parking lot and walk the teeny, short distance to the entrance (if you've endured the garage maze, escalators, and tram into Disneyland, you understand why I'm raving about this). The whole park was done in bright, happy primary colors, they served vegetables and rice in the restaurant, and the rides were so dang clever that we just grinned the whole time. DSC_0659LR (Ro left, Ree right) First stop: the cars the kids could drive by themselves. They were presented with mini driver's licenses afterwards. In this pic, Ro was passing a boy who was apparently going way too slow. Little lead foot takes after her mama... DSC_0686LR H2 (left) and S2 (right) were quite serious about their racing: DSC_0697LR This life-sized car was made of Legos!! DSC_0711LR Little cutie (Ree) waiting for her helicopter ride: DSC_0718LR This face is quintessential Ro. If you've spent any time around her, you've seen this smirk: DSC_0644LR Crazy cool helicopter rides. Riders controlled the up/down and right/left: DSC_0727LR DSC_0733LR Ro quickly figured out she could reach the controls better with her feet: DSC_0728LR The fact that D2 (far right) is unintentionally mirroring the Lego dude with the camera just kills me: DSC_0749LR It's a darn shame these four didn't have any fun together. Hee! DSC_0759LR If they had let adults ride this one, those kids would have had to fight me for a place in line. The horses bobbed back and forth and moved along a huge track: DSC_0775LR TubaDad went on the insane robotic arm ride, the one that violently flipped him around and upside down (yes the one I screwed up the video on), and the crowd was awed and then full of joy that he actually lived through it: DSC_0792LR DSC_0795LR I don't know what they were talking about during this popcorn-sharing break, but I bet it was funny: DSC_0813LR DSC_0820LR We went on a bunch more cool rides and stuff: DSC_0842LR DSC_0858LR DSC_0874LR And then had a quick stroll through MiniLand, where they have entire cities meticulously replicated in Legos. It was getting cold and they were closing, so we walked briskly through here, or at least we tried to: DSC_0921LR Alright, that was Saturday, Day 3 of the vacay. I wrote about Saturday evening in the post "It was total twinsanity," in case you missed that one.


  1. We were there on Friday with our triplets + 1 and we had a blast. After taking turns going on all the "little" rides with the kids, my husband insisted that he take on the robotic arm ride, set at FIVE (5!).

    Four days later and he can hardly move his neck. At 43, the old gray stallion ain't what he used to be...!

  2. love the shoes, they have so much 'tude!

  3. legoland rocks!!! i would love to go back there now that our kids are older and can do more rides

  4. Kristina2/03/2010

    Looks like you had so much fun!! Savannah and Kyle went with my parents last year and she has had a blast telling me about the rides in the pics and which ones she went on!