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Thursday, January 7, 2010

That snow video I mentioned back in Tahoe

Well here it is... Ro and Ree in their first-ever Tahoe experience. Not sure who had more fun, the littles or the bigs. Big props to BobBob and TubaDad for acting as human tow-ropes up the hill. And, for the record, I was on the non-steerable sled when we wiped out that first time. We quickly learned that the Flexible Flyer was the way to go. No children, adults, or dogs were harmed in the making of this video. And yes, thank goodness, my mom did have some Peanut Blossom cookies for us when we got back into the cabin.


  1. Love the video. The girls did amazing on the skis, I am sure everyone slept well those nights.
    Looks like alot of fun.

  2. Anonymous1/07/2010

    Oh to be four and fearless!

    I heard you mutter peanut blossoms :).

  3. Anonymous1/07/2010

    Just read K2's blog: Oh no, you have the stomach flu...from the Tahoe stomach flu episodes?

  4. How awesome is that? I wonder if your dad had flashbacks to when you and your bro were little and he was pushing you both up and down the hill/ GOOD TIMES

  5. Kathy: Thanks! I think my dad slept best of all after the skiing. Hee.

    Anon #1: Yep, the peanut blossoms are so dang good, I think I even dream about those things.

    Anon #2: Yes... bleh... Ro's the only one who hasn't gotten it now. Does that cursed virus ever hit some members of a family and skip others? I'm sure hoping so, for Ro's sake.

  6. Shelley: That reminds me, I was going to try to find a picture of our family at the cabin back a few decades ago. Off to go search!

  7. Too darned cute. Ree's confidence just bloomed before our eyes. Wow.

    (Can't believe you have the original record player.)


  8. Anonymous1/07/2010

    CPS will be knocking at your door soon..........Gyll ( gramma to ryleigh)

  9. I love the A-Frame! Brings back so many memories of our family's cabin in the Los Padres mtns. And I know we had the same decorator too!

    Tahoe is on our short list of places to go this year. Looks like you guys had SO MUCH FUN!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  10. Oh shoot, Gyll, that's nothing. I'll email you a picture of what they were doing today. It was shocking, even to me, and I've gotten pretty immune to their shenanigans.

  11. It looks like you had a great fun filled trip!! I am totally impressed with the girls on their skis.

    Hope you are all feeling better:)


  12. What a great video from start to end!! Heh...your brave little girls have no fear of heights that's for sure! Yikes!!

    What an amazing hill for tobogganing and skiing! Absolutely perfect! It was fun to watch them progress and their confidence grow.

    Thanks for sharing the fun!

    Ummmm...what are peanut blossoms? Sounds like something I might need to find next time I'm visiting you and bring them home!

  13. Anonymous1/08/2010

    I love it, especially in the cabin on the wrong side of the railing. My daughter does that at our house all the time. Absolutly no fear whatsoever!

    Lisa Vander Kloet

  14. They're super on their little skis! What a couple of little daredevils!

  15. Leahjj1/08/2010

    I really love this video. They both did a very good job.




  16. M - I've got pics of us at the cabin that I can dig out and scan. Let me go to the archives...


  17. Anonymous1/09/2010

    Oh M3... think of all the great things we did when we were kids... and our parents weren't there to catch us... much less video tape it for our amusement (or theirs) HAHA!