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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Christmas wrap-up (yes I know that this post is 11 days late...)

We always light paper-bag luminaries on Christmas Eve all the way up and down my parents' street. We have since, oh gosh I don't even know how long, let's just call it a really long time. Anyhow, we were all set to head over there on Christmas Eve when the girls found a box of styrofoam peanuts that had come in the mail. We humored them for a few seconds, then tried (in vain) to hustle them along and hurry them up, then realized that being late and having to clean up a huge mess were totally worth the joy they were having. So we sat back down and told them to dive in.

Oh man, they had so much fun we're thinking of just getting them a huge box of peanuts for Christmas next year. (Oh, and they chose their Christmas outfits, by the way. Ro, at left, went for a red and white striped dress/top, accented with some HoHoHo ribbon tied as a belt and a santa scarf flipped to the back, a lime-green ruffle skirt and lime green socks, and some red Christmassy pants from last year. Ree chose kind of a classic look, pairing a black and red fleece shirt with her santa scarf and a red velvet skirt. Remind me to tell you the story of the black and red fleeces some time.)


Well we finally did make it to my folks' house for the annual cioppino and luminary lighting with family and friends. The top right picture cracks me up, how many people does it take to get gloves on a four-year-old? Hee.


When we got home that night, the girls were very busy cleaning up the styrofoam (their idea, not ours) and preparing some cookies, milk, and carrots for Santa. They left two carrots for Rudolph and two for Santa, because "he should eat some bejtubbles too." The bottom right picture shows that Santa did come after Ro and Ree went to bed, but he overbought stocking stuffers this year and had to make kind of a creative stocking pile. Oops.


And last, but not least, we had a nice low-key Christmas morning at home. We opened a few presents, TubaDad baked an awesome ham, and we relaxed. Ahhhhh. The girls always want to play with each present after opening it, so it literally takes them four or five days to get through a tiny pile of presents. Fine with us...


Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday break. We sure did.


  1. Great photos (as always). Looks like you had a wonderful holiday.

    At our house, we haven't used real stockings in years -- we use large gift bags, or even grocery sacks! Once my sisters and I were old enough to be "over" Santa, we started fixing stockings for our parents and grandparents, too -- that way we got to keep ours. Now we all contribute to each other's, including all the grandkids and grandmas, and it's gotten a bit out of hand! But it's one of our favorite parts of Christmas morning -- Santa leaves a stocking sack for everyone and we all take our time opening them first thing.

  2. Wonderful post, M3! I always check your blog very shortly after getting in from work. It cheers me up to no end, no matter what. Your Christmas post was so much fun to read.

    Now, I will stop over at Catherine's and see what she and Hannah have been up to.

  3. Well worth the wait! I can't believe the girls take that much time and care to open each package. That's so unusual (and wonderful). Shows they appreciate everything. So important.

    The thrill here is how can we rip though this pile as quickly as possible. And no amount of pleading to slow down works. Oh well........

    I enjoyed all your Christmas cheer!

  4. Too cute!! You are a braver woman than I!! LOL! How long did it take the girls to clean up? LOVE the outfits!!

  5. Happy New Year my friend!! Looks like you had a fantastic holiday!! I have enjoyed catching up with you and looking at all the fun pics:)

    OH, and I LOVE the new header.....that is AWESOME!!! One of my very favorites....great perspective:)

    Hope 2010 is a great year for the Salsa Family!



  6. Anonymous1/05/2010

    As always, fun, fun, and more fun. I am like all the other bloggers, cant wait to get to your blog and check in on Ro and Ree. Stay as you are M3, being the wonderful Mother you are. What wonderful memories are being made for these 2 little sweethearts to remember ,and talk about later in life. I always love your pics too.

  7. It took us days to get through Matt's presents too! But I think that is part of the fun.
    Matt's birthday is this weekend and he is getting a lot more presents.. i wonder how long it will take him to open those.

  8. Happiness just pours out of this post! I love that they thought of Santa's eating habits! Too funny. And they must have been really trying to be good to want to clean up the styrophome on their own. That stuff is a pain especially since our weather is so dry....it is a static magnet.

  9. Love seeing your merry times. Huge sheets of bubble wrap and packing peanuts are big hits here too but I give you huge kudos for allowing the girls to do the peanuts in the house. If you ever want to do that one again, get the peanuts that are dissolvable, made out of I think corn starch. We let Maisie play with them in the yard then just turn on the hose and they all disappear!

  10. Oh to be in the West and have luminaries! We always had them when we lived in AZ. I think my Midwest neighbors might think I'd lost my mind if I put them out here.

    And I have to say that Ro and Ree's choice of Christmas attire has to be one of their most creative attempts yet! :)

  11. Lovin' your collages, but lovin' your beautiful girls even more! :)

  12. First, LOVE the luminary tradition! It's wonderful that they have been in that home for such a long time, and the neighborhood has such a beautiful "celebration" of sorts together. Gorgeous. My parent's moved from the home we grew up in and I still haven't forgiven them for it. ;)

    And second, I'm jealous that your kids take the time to play with each present after they open it! Ours tear through all of them like a tornado, hardly stopping to really look at what they've just opened or enjoy it. Drives me crazy, especially because it makes me feel like they're not really appreciating what has been given to them ... they're just moving on to the next "thing". I hope that they grow out of that soon!

  13. Joelle1/06/2010

    Just thought I'd let you know that you got in this post on the 12th day of Christmas! You weren't late, just on the end of Christmas :)

    Loved all the pics - thanks!

  14. Thanks, guys!

    For the questions:

    Susan: Hmmmmm, a stocking sack -- I'm seeing that in our future!

    Annie: They didn't finish the job (we were strongly encouraging them to go to bed so that we could finish up our Santa duties and hit the sack too, haha). TubaDad finished up the next morning, and cleanup was a bear!

    Lisa: No way!! I'd never heard of dissolvable peanuts. The girls are going to want to kiss you for that suggestion, because now they'll get peanuts all the time!

    Joelle: Awesome, thanks! So I wasn't late, just honoring the twelfth day of Christmas. I like that.

  15. My friend used to gather bubble wrap all year and then his girls would stomp all over them on the 4th of July. Sounded just like firecrackers and they had a blast.

    Caroline told me after opening gifts on Christmas Day that all she needed now was a horse and bubble wrap and her Christmas would be complete! HA!

  16. M - love all the pics of our kids and your mom looks too cute with our little Santa! You'll have to send them to me, please!

    I think we have been doing candles at least for the last 30+ years, since I think we've been doing them since I was say 7/8 (yikes I'm old!)? remember your mom came up with the idea to keep us kids out of trouble and from opening gifts!


  17. Great photos of your Christmas. I can almost feel the styrofoam peanuts sticking to my pajama pants as I sit here and type. I bet that was FUN for the girls to clean up. lol. They look so cute!