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Friday, February 12, 2010

Fashion Friday (some hits and some misses this week)

It's Fashion Friday, time to peek at the outfits those crazy kids have assembled this week. This first set of outfits might be one of my favorites. It was raining outside (my camera wasn't too happy with the dark conditions, hence the somewhat fuzzy pic) and we were headed to the bookstore to pick up some Lee Childs books for TubaDad's birthday. I thought the girls would grab umbrellas, but they thought hats were much more fun (and actually they were right). Ro is on the left, wearing Ree's old "dancing hat", her new Minnie Mouse fleece from Disneyland, a soft pink tutu skirt that I just found at Old Navy (seriously, this thing feels like an old nightie it is so soft), and ski boots. Ree, right, found her first Mickey Mouse ears somewhere, and is wearing her Minnie fleece (she went shopping at Disney while Ro slept and picked them out), and her new Target Hello Kitty rainboots. DSC_1372LR In this next set, Ree (left) is all fancied up in pink and black (and I'm just noticing that apparently she pulled Ro's pink tutu skirt out of the hamper to wear it again). Ro is wearing one of my fave red jackets from last year (she's really into doing the buttons herself right now, so it almost always looks like this). DSC_1399LR In this next set of outfits, both girls went for yellow for some reason. They were so bright and cheery that people stopped us and smiled, laughed, and chatted everywhere we went that day (seriously, we were stopped about 20 times). Ro (left) grabbed a cool yellow tee I got at Goodwill and some fun yellow shoes that I bought on our last trip to Texas (they were too big then and finally fit). Ree went for a yellow sweatshirt cardigan that her BFF's grandma made for her, frilly yellow tutu skirt from Gymboree, and every other yellow layering thing you could think of. DSC_1480LR Hm, this one isn't really a Fashion Friday pic, but they did pick the PJs, hats, animal props, and pose, so maybe it counts? TubaDad took this pic after they strongly requested that he get the camera. Ree left, Ro right: DSC_1516LR This one's a hit (Ree, red) and a miss (Ro, multiwhatever). I actually love Ree's outfit and never would have thought to combine this velour top from Old Navy, red velour skirt from Hanna Andersson, and red polka-dot sweats that have been turned into capris since the waist still fits but the length doesn't. It's hard to tell from the pic, but Ro had on gray/pink top, navy blue flowered pants, and dark green socks. She said she was going for real multicolor. Yikes. Oh, and Ree is drinking some Benadryl because they both have colds. DSC_1546LR Well that does it for our week. If you have any crazy kid fashions to share, please post a link in the comments section. And if you've got any commentary on the outfits above (yeesh), let us know!


  1. Ava is not quite 3 but she put on her first fashion show for me in December.


    I hope her taste improves a bit before we actually have to take her out in public wearing her designs.

  2. Love their style, as always. I had to post because Alayna has on her Old Navy tutu this week, only she picked the lavender one (although I think she would've had me buy all three if she could).


  3. Anonymous2/12/2010

    Your kids have rockin style! They'd fit in in London (UK) for sure :)

  4. Shannon (CA)2/12/2010

    I love the Minnie sweaters! We're actually headed down tonight to Disney for the weekend...once again, a fabulous week for fashion! Great job girls!

  5. I love the shoes they wore in the last photo as well. Crazy Punky Brewster Style. As always.. love the fashion

  6. I always am grinning when I come by for a visit. Especially on Fridays.

    I laughed so hard with the buttoning up of the red coat. That still happens here a lot. In fact for Kindergarten graduation last June, Dahlia marched in to the musical concert with her white blouse buttoned wrong. A conert where every parent had their cameras and videos trained on said children. All I could think was "the parents must have thought I sent her out that way - they didn't know she had gym". And no teacher stopped to help. (What??!)

    Love all their get-ups. How can people not stop and notice their extreme cuteness.

    Happy CNY!!

  7. You know, your experiment with letting the girls choose their outfits has been another "tip" I've gotten from your blog that has enhanced our life. Jun gets to try out new things, I don't have to pry her into things she doesn't want to wear, and the end result is often quite nice - even to an adult. She REALLY stands out here in Japan where the mothers still choose and dress their 3 year olds, but...we stand out anyway, so...who cares!?!?!

  8. oh your girls make me smile!!

    love their style:)