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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy sugar day (oh isn't that the real name?)

Do your kids think Valentine's Day is about love, hearts, and affection, or are they pretty much worshipping at the sugar altar like Ro and Ree? ValentinesDayPartySchool_s-000001 (click to enlarge, Ree in red, Ro in pink) I don't know how it happened, but they seem to think the day is all about scoring goodies to eat. Oh well, we'll work on that. One good thing is that all the candy they've been bringing home lately is stuff I won't eat, so I don't have to use any (mostly nonexistent) willpower to try and resist it. Seriously, you could lock me in a room for a week with SweetTarts, those weird Valentine "conversation" hearts, lollipops, and Nerds, and I wouldn't touch one bite of that stuff. The girls did make me some incredibly cute valentine's cards in between trying to sneak bites of their haul from the school party. And they have been pretty huggy lately. So I'll take it. Happy Valentine's Day (one day early)! PS: Does anyone have any fun ideas for crafts or activities to do for Valentine's Day or Chinese New Year? We went to our local FCC CNY party a couple of weeks ago, which was lots of fun, but both girls have colds right now, so we're going to lie low and celebrate a quiet, long Valentine's Day/Chinese New Year/President's Day weekend.


  1. Such Cutie Patootie's! Did you make their Tutu's?

  2. I put my first graders on a stool in front of the overhead and traced their silhouettes on black paper (I cut these out). I then gave them valentine stamps and paint and they made a border around a big piece of white construction paper. We put the silhouette in the center of the border, added a heart that they wrote on, added a small pic of the child cut into a heart shape...great Valentine's for the parents. Cute and fun!

  3. ...also, for Chinese New Year's we traced a template that could be folded into envelopes on red paper...the kids did their best to copy the chinese symbols for luck, love, and happiness on them...folded them into envelopes (used glue sticks to seal)...added chocolate and gum coins...fun to give and make!

  4. Anonymous2/13/2010

    happy valentine day and happy chinese year!!


  5. Hi there!

    If you go to our blog and scroll down a couple posts there is a long ol' post on CNY. There are four or so crafts listed along with some coloring pages. Should keep them busy for awhile!


  6. here's what we're doing for CNY--


    and here's a fun, easy, NON MESSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! valentine's craft:



  7. Well, it looks like they're outside -- which is good, right? Must have a break from the showers!

    Happy V-day to you all too!

  8. check out my blog for the fun valentines day craft we did. peeling the crayons kept my girls busy for HOURS!!


  9. I wrote about a Chinese New Year craft on www.chatterkid.com. Easy peasy and cute!

  10. It is all about the sugar in our house too!!

    They look "tu tu" cute in their Love outfits!! Hope they're feeling better soon:)

    We are very novice in the CNY dept.... Sarah is going to decorate paper lanterns I cut out this morning and we might attempt the Tiger Puppet made out of a lunch bag. I can't remember which websited I found it.....might have been kaboose.

    In other news, I attempted to make my own dumplings..... UMMMM, now I know why everyone was telling me to go out to eat or to order take out. I spent a LONG TIME in the kitchen, and they don't look too pretty..... but they do taste good:)

    Hope y'all have a Happy VDAY and CNY!


  11. Anonymous2/13/2010

    Look at And Babies Make Four. Kristy has a lot of excellent craft ideas.

  12. A fun Chinese New Year activity we did was to paint the boys faces like tigers... since it is after all the year of the Tiger!


  13. Anonymous2/13/2010

    I love Hershey Marshmallow Chocolate Hearts.

  14. Yes, mine do, LOL. It's ALL about the candy. I found the striped pair of leggings your girls have, but was bummed I couldn't get the pink and red heart ones in their sizes. We went to dinner tonight a day early, and they've been snacking on their candy a bit.

    But I'm with you, I don't care about nerds, sweetarts or lollipops. Give me chocolate any time, LOL.

    Hope their colds get better. We're laying low too, since we all went to dinner tonight, LOL.

    Oh yeah, where did you get the tutus?

    And happy Chinese New Year!


  15. Fun!! I love all of these ideas, thank you!

    Let's see, for the questions:

    Liz and Ava: We got the pink one from Etsy about a year ago and my mom made the red one the night before we left for Disneyland after we declared a wardrobe emergency. :-)

    Chrissie: YES, it has finally stopped raining. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

  16. These stained glass hearts were fun. Just protect your iron and ironing surface with towels because the wax melts through.


  17. You mean it's NOT all about the candy?? I guess I better go get rid of that stash of chocolate I bought the other day to enjoy tomorrow with our bottle of champagne! :)

  18. Cut coffee filters into hearts and have them use markers on them and then spray with water and it does a tie-dyed water color look..very cute.
    I also saw online where you take old crayons and put in silicon (those rubber cupcake holders) heart shaped cupcake holders and bake for 10 minutes at 200 and they make heart shaped crayons that were TOO cute:)
    You can play Valentine Bingo also and use conversation hearts as the Bingo covers.
    Happy Valentines Day!!!

  19. I bought some white chocolate bark, some strawberries, the big marshmellows, and plan to let my kids do a little fondue today. I'll bring out the sprinkles, too, because my daughter will revel in all the "decorating". I doubt much of it will actually be eaten... my kids aren't big on chocolate (I know! How weird!).

  20. Happy heart day (or sugar day!?) to your sweet girls.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  21. I have a paper heart puncher and we used my old scrapbooking paper (I give up...I don't have time to scrapbook). We punched out tons of hearts and glued them and strung them and colored them, etc.

    Not to harp on "recipe" again, but this morning Sara asked if she could make a love potion. What? OK. She and Kelly stirred together water, marshmallows, red sprinkles, peanuts, candy hearts, and whatever else I pulled out of the pantry. They topped it off with cocoa powder and stirred. Gross. Messy. But they were convinced they had made a magic potion!

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Indiana Lori

  22. Casey is all about the candy, candy, candy. We are really going to have to cut back.

    Great pix of the girls.

    Oh, and the purple nerds. Really really good.

  23. My links to other cool mamas that have great CNY crafts. http://journeytohannahclaire.blogspot.com/2010/02/getting-ready-for-cny.html

  24. Love, love, love the picture of them running away, hand in hand. As always, thank for sharing.