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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snapshots of an ordinary day

Shanny over at Bless Your Heart is having another one of her quarterly Photo Bloggy Days where you take a picture every hour or so to give a peek into your daily life. This time we did it mostly from Ro and Ree's perspective, so the camera stayed with them all day (even through preschool) and they took a bunch of the pictures themselves. I think you can tell which ones they took (the cropping is always more interesting than mine), and their sweet teacher even took a couple. Anyhow, here was our not-exciting-but-perfectly-nice day on Friday: DayInTheLife1_s-000001 DayInTheLife2-000001 DayInTheLife3-000001 DayInTheLife4-000001 So that was our perfectly ordinary Friday. It's interesting that the things I do nowadays are just a smidge different than the things I did before kids (heh), well with the exception of watching tv for relaxation. Which reminds me, the other day we were telling the girls it was so fun to spend time with them, and TubaDad said "Kind of makes me wonder what we even did before kids" and Ro instantly piped up "I know, sat on the couch and watched boring tv." Ha, so right!!! If you'd like to participate, just grab a camera and take a picture every hour or two of whatever you're looking at (or whatever's looking back at you). It doesn't have to be fancy, and the pictures don't have to be works of art. But it is fun to look back on.


  1. Love that! And good call with PF Chang's-- definitely my favourite restaurant! (Those coconut curry vegetables and the spicy green beans... oh, man!)

  2. I am SO doing this on Monday!! How fun is this? I had PF Chang's for the first time last winter and it was dee-lish! Wish we had them here in Canada.

  3. What a fun post!! I loved the girls creative cropping:)

    YUMMMM....PF Changs.....I do like the dumplings, but I always order the lettuce wraps.....they are my FAVORITE!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)


  4. TubaDad and I love PF Changs! The lettuce wraps are so dang good. Mmmmm.

  5. Very cute and fun! Isn't life wonderful with little girls?
    (please tell me how you did your photos/layout!).

    M3 & Lisa, love the lettuce wraps, less calories too!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  6. Fun stuff here! Love the hot pink tutu and of course PF Changs is the yummiest and your 9:30 shot is the best!! :)

  7. Thanks so much for playing along! I always love seeing the ins and outs of your days with the twinados! And it's so fun to see from their point of view. xo


  8. Hey Alyson, the layout was kind of a pain, to be honest, and I'm sure there must be a wayyyyyy better approach. Anyhow, here's what I did: opened the original pics in Photoshop, ran an action that added the polaroid frames, used the text tool and a free font called dadhand to type the captions, saved the pics out as jpegs, pulled them into FotoFusion Lumapix to make the collages so I could lump 4 pics together at a time and not have the longest blog post ever. If anyone knows a better way to get collages that look like polaroids, I would LOVE to hear it.