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Friday, February 26, 2010

Fashion friday: the kids take control of the camera

Well it's Fashion Friday, time to look back at the fashions the kiddos assembled this week. Most of the outfits were standard Ro and Ree—you know, bright, cheery, and, uh, "interesting." But then there was this day. DSC_1872LR Maybe I was just extra-uptight that day, but man, I really had to restrain myself from "fixing" anything, particularly with Ro's outfit. Trust me, they looked even worse in person, with the clashing pinks and reds, long-sleeved shirts and tanks (a look Miss Ree seems to gravitate toward), baggy tights that were three sizes too big and she stole out of the "when you're older" bin... Whatever... they were happy, and that's what counts, right? (clenching teeth) Anyhow, Ro is on the left and Ree is on the right, and we were on our way to soccer, where, by the way, Ree was the only one on the field wearing a skirt. A fact that did not bother her in the least. To mix things up a little, yesterday I asked the girls if they wanted to take their own fashion pics from now on, and they loved the idea. So I told them to figure out location/props/pose/whatever, then put the D300 on a tripod, plunked it where they directed, and handed over the remote. DSC_1956LR I think the shot they got was pretty dang cute. (I cropped it a little afterwards.) And these outfits seemed "normal" again, for some reason, but perhaps I'm just viewing them through chocolate-covered glasses—it's what I had for breakfast. Ree is on the left, wearing lilac shorts over purple flowered pants, a fuzzy striped sweater, and her purple kittycat Polliwalk shoes. Oh, and she has her twins Emily and Rachel in the stroller. (Apparently she's the only one who can tell them apart. Heh.) Ro, holding the remote trigger, is on the right, and is wearing her faux reading glasses, a turquoise velour hoodie, red shorts, turquoise leggings, and her blue dinosaur Polliwalk shoes. She also has twins in her stroller, named Raspberry Fruit Jar and Rose Fruit Mix. (?) Ree (left, holding the remote) was in charge of today's picture. She wanted bikes and she knew just how she wanted to sit/balance. DSC_1965LR When Ree put her outfit together today she looked up at me and gushed "Mama, I look beautiful!!!" Always, baby. Always. Ro, on the right, was apparently going for an "I dare you to try and ignore me" look. She's wearing her hoodie as head ornament, flung a tutu skirt around her neck, and then has wildly combined many boldly colored items that actually seem to have some complementary colors. That's certainly a look, sweetie. Cheers, and happy Friday!


  1. I laughed out loud at Ro's second look with the tutu collar...HILARIOUS! They are a riot. I love her twin's names...so funny. Is she the "sillier" of the two? Both our girls can be silly, but Eleanor is definitely the silliest sister :)

  2. I like the 'Ro with attitude' picture. It looks like she's in a very small biker gang. Isn't it funny the names they come up with? My two had airplane triplets named Princess Cinderella, Princess Aurora and Blood.

  3. Anonymous2/26/2010

    I think they are dressed for Mardi Gras and telling you so :).

  4. I have to ask... did you venture out the house without "adjusting" today's outfits? Because that yellow head-wear and tutu-skirt collar are certainly attention grabbers :)
    Happy weekend!

  5. Fabulous! Those girls are so cute and creative! I just love it!

  6. Anonymous2/26/2010

    Honestly, my daughter dresses the same as your girls! It is hard sometimes for me to hold my tongue when things don't match. Actually we made a deal that we would alternate days who got to pick. That has worked out great for us. She has to wear what I want, no questions or complaining, and I have to let her wear what she wants. Believe me we get some of the same combinations of clothing and you just smile and go on. I just love seeing all the photos they are all precious!!!

  7. Happy Friday to you too!!

    I love that you are now letting them take the pics with the remote......how fun!

    Oh my word..... I love Ro's look in the last picture.... the hoodie paired with the tutu necklace is a scream!!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  8. Thanks guys!

    Susan: Hard to say! Ree is actually usually more of a character, but when Ro puts her mind to it no one can top her zany outfits or her zany naming schemes. They both crack me up.

    Ani: I didn't touch a thing today! And actually the outfits today didn't make me grit my teeth too much. I think the wilder they are, and the more obvious it is that the kids dressed themselves, the easier it is for me to just relax and enjoy. It's when the outfits are almost normal, but just not right, that I have palpitations. I know I'm delusional, but I can just feel people looking at the girls and thinking "Man, that mom has bad taste." Heh.

    Becky: Yeah, I went for a few months without choosing any outfits, but recently I asked the girls if I could pick one day a week and they thought that was just fine. So that's the new plan. We'll see!

  9. They continue to be outrageous!! And totally creative.

    But what really strikes me is how they have changed this past year. I think we only notice our own kids changing when we look back at pics but watching yours, almost on a weekly basis, is remarkable how they grow so fast.

    Hey.... do you have future photographers there? Impressive.

    Cheers to you too!

  10. I love the Fashion Friday posts. The girls have some cute outfits. I would have grinned to have seen a skirt on a girl playing soccer, LOL. I probably would have wondered why she was dressed like that but now having read your blog, I can just figure that she dressed herself. LOL. And of course having two girls helps too.


  11. Anonymous3/01/2010

    Biker babes already.