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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Business trip much?

Ree has really been in to drawing lately. She's constantly doodling something or other, and the fun part is that we can actually recognize things in her drawings lately. Her latest creation, though, was just a little too recognizable. She held it up and said proudly "It's our flamly." And I said "Aw, it's beautiful. Oh, how come there are only three people?" (thinking our avid daddy's girl had left me out of the picture). And she pointed and said "Dis is you mama, dis is Ro, dis is me, and dis is daddy in his plane." Ree_familyplusplane_2 Ouch.


  1. Poor sweetie! Work is necessary but so tough when it takes TubaDad away so often. ((hugs))

  2. Ouch! I guess it felt the same way when Emma's Daddy came home from his trip and she asked him "Do you live in China?"
    Well, at least she included him in the photo. I think it is time for Daddies to change jobs.

  3. Tuba Dad should not feel bad. He's in the picture, and planes are fascinating. And well-drawn too. I think she's just communicating something interesting, not mourning his absence.

  4. So tough.
    We've got a daddy that is away often as well...
    I think I cry more than the kids do when he has to leave ;)

  5. Awwww...poor Tuba Dad. Ouch is right.

  6. That's what mine have been doing for a while. Comes with the territory. Sorry, TubaDad

  7. Oh, dear.

    Just out of curiosity, because you seem to say atleast once a month "TubaDad is away on a business trip", how often does TubaDad travel and how long is he generally gone? And when he comes home, does he get a few extra days off of work or is he expected to go back in the office right away?

  8. Poor Dad! My husband, an attorney, keeps late hours during the week. A couple of Saturdays ago our 4 year old exclaimed with glee - Wow, can you believe its daytime and Daddy's home? OUCH.

  9. I thought I should respond to a few of the questions.

    This is certainly related to my crazy job and frequent business travel, but the timing was also interesting. It was the morning I was coming home from a trip, so I think it was on little Ree's mind more than usual.

    Skype is a good idea. We do talk frequently when I'm gone, and the girls even answer the phone now. It's cute, and usually pretty funny. We'll have to look into how to add some video.

    On the schedule question, I make the trips as short and efficient as I can, and I frequently take redeyes or very early / very late flights so I minimize the time I'm gone. I also don't travel on the weekend days unless it absolutely can't be avoided (trip to Europe or Asia for a Monday meeting, etc.). Most of my trips are a couple of days, sometimes stretching out to 4 days. Very rarely am I gone for longer than a week at a time.

    As D2 said, the travel comes with the territory. It's the reality of any kind of executive level job these days.


  10. I am so happy to see that! It means it just doesn't happen at our house!!! I am normal. Thanks so much for validating our home life. Everytime I check in, I feel better. You either make me laugh, smile, think or give me a great idea.

    Sorry Tuba dad. You and my hubby need to get together.

  11. Awww.....

    It has to be just as tough on TD as it is on the rest of you when he is gone!!

    I love that he jumped in here to comment. He is such a good Daddy!


  12. Love your avatar, TubaDad. It sounds like Ree was drawing a "real-time" family portrait, as she looked forward to your arrival home. Their teacher was right, your girls are "the happiest kids."

  13. Oh. This one hit me hard because the Tongginator has not seen her Daddy since Monday (he's been home, but he's had several late nights at the office and he always leaves the house before six to beat traffic).

    Tuba Dad, I had a daddy that was away a ton (Marine Corps), but I still managed to grow up a Daddy's girl. And I didn't let it prevent me from marrying a guy who also travels a ton with work. As you said, it's part of the territory with some jobs.