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Monday, March 15, 2010

Dance fever

Ro and Ree love to dance, but don't look for them on Dancing with the Stars anytime soon. I'm thinking that their skill is far exceeded by their exuberance. Which is just fine with us. Have a great Monday, and don't forget that the best dances are the ones where you dance like nobody's watching. PS: Please ignore the excessive coughing and wheezing. I took this video when we all had colds. Oh, and those lollipops they're slurping on are medicinal, they're Pedialyte Lollis. (Bwah ha ha, no I'm teasing, they're pure sugar—leftovers from Valentine's Day and are not helping the colds or the dance moves one little bit.)


  1. "Mama, smell this!" Too funny. Dancing is the BEST!

  2. I was so distracted by the slide show in the background that I didn't really get to see their dance moves.

  3. Jenna: Ooo, that's the Apple TV. We're listening to music through it, and it automatically goes to a slideshow of the pictures on my computer after 2 minutes of playing music. Love that thing.

  4. Anonymous3/15/2010

    I look at your blog DAILY and love it.

    If there was a private way to say this concern I would. If the fall with a lollipop in the mouth the results could be quite serious. I would not let them run around with the lollipop in the mouth.
    Joan ( mom and doctor)

  5. You know, they do have lollipops for their little throats. I buy them at Walmart (that is the only place I can find them)and Emma knows to ask for them when she is sick.

  6. Anonymous3/15/2010

    Probably not the best thing to dance around with a lollipop in your mouth. God forbid they should fall on their face during their enthusiastic jumping and twirling.

  7. Yeah, yeah, I know, I told them they either needed to speed things along and crunch the suckers up or store them in plastic bags for the next dance. (Not surprisingly, they chose crunching.)

  8. They definitely have some moves!! Oh man do they have energy....I don't know how you keep up girl!

    Have a great week!


  9. I was exhausted after watching them for 1 minute :-)
    Such zest for life!!!!

  10. Great fun!

    How do you get the video to post in full like that? I can only post a link in text and then it opens the full video in another window.


  11. They could join the LXD! (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers)

    I think there is something universal about that dance. My 4yo daughter has been doing the exact same moves lately. Love it!!