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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter project #1 ~ Crayola rainbow cookies

Normally I wouldn't buy edible items from Crayola, but we were picking up yet another thumb prescription at the local Walgreen's drugstore and were intrigued by this funky box. So it came home with us, and we excitedly tried it out. I gotta tell you, the stuff rocked! DSC_2458LR DSC_2705LR Ro and Ree know the drill by now—yada yada eggs yada yada butter. I guess the girls are pretty familiar with box mixes at this point (yeah I'm not going to win any awards for from-scratch baking any time soon). DSC_2706LR They thought the hand-scrunching of the dough was pretty fun. DSC_2716LR And really, how could you beat these little color packets? Neat kneading. Heh. We did a quick hand washing right after this and their hands came out sparkling clean: DSC_2718LR DSC_2727LR If you're wondering what the heck the girls are wearing at this point, Ro (in pink) has a skirt around her neck for "decoration" and Ree (purple) was dressing her babydolls and found her old favorite baby sweater (knitted by Ma) and just had to put it on. Whatever... DSC_2702LR Then there was a whole lotta very serious cutting and decorating. No messy sprinkles or icing to worry about, just some easy multicolored dough to play with. Notice that they didn't even wear aprons: DSC_2734LR Hm, the kitchen got a little trashed... But no worries, everything (and everyone) cleaned up easily with a quick wipedown: DSC_2761LR Now who wouldn't want one of these beautiful Easter cookies?! The girls used some of my old cookie cutters to make Easter eggs (the kind of blobby-looking ones), bunnies (completely unrecognizable, don't even bother looking for them), butterflies, hearts, and a big man for TubaDad. We figured out at the very end that it worked really well to mush a bunch of colors together and then do the cookie cutting (see the two multicolored eggs near the bottom right?). Also, if your kiddos weren't quite as exuberant about piling up massive amounts of dough, your cookies would look a lot more like the ones on the box: DSC_2773LR Ooooo boy, the process of choosing the first cookie to eat took even longer than the decorating: DSC_2763LR DSC_2775LR Mmmmm. I'm going to go sneak one right now.


  1. the floral dresses are tooo cute.

  2. Those are so cool!! How neat that it's the dough that is coloured rather than sticky icing. That being said, a can of ready-made chocolate icing would be perfect with your cookie(s) friend! Mmmmm...

  3. That is such a neat project! I actually think that is very neat of crayola. (I have been disappointed in a lot of crayola products recently)
    I love that the girls hands didn't seem to get dyed in the process. Anytime we do something with food coloring I always seem to get dyed.

  4. WOW, WOW, WOW!! What fun!! I saw the crayola cookie kit, however, I was a little skeptical! I'm going to go back to the store and pick this item up!! Can't wait to try it.

    BTW, Where in the world did you find those strawberry pants??!! Love them!!

  5. I have been following your blog for awhile and just have to tell you that you have the most adorable girls. Their spunky personalities shine through in every picture. Love those flower dresses!

  6. Your girls are always dressed SO cute. I can't wait 'till mine gets big enough to do stuff like this. Until then, I'll just live vicariously through your holiday projects! =)

  7. fuzzandfuzzlet: Thanks! We got the flower dresses at Costco of all places. We were looking at backyard playsets and saw a little table of Carter's stuff. Score!

    Catherine: Hmmmm, I just happen to have some in the fridge... Hee.

    Jenna: Yes! Those powder packets were awesome. The girls' hands did get some color during all the squishing and kneading, but it washed off with a two-second hand washing.

    Jan: Definietely get it. This little kit was so cool. (And the cookies were good). The strawberry pants were from Crazy8. That whole line of chocolate strawberry stuff was adorable, and I think it's in the sale/clearance section now (they seem to rotate the lines in and out pretty fast).

    Monkeys Mommy: Aw, thanks!!

    Mrs M: Thanks. :-) I've gotta admit that buying clothes for the girls is FUN. My closet is fairly empty and oh-so-boring, but theirs, wheeeeee!

  8. Wooo WHooo!! We picked up our cookie dough today!!! Now we're going after those strawberry pants!!! Thanks for the 411!!