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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter is not going to sneak up on us this year

I don't want to shock anyone, but we are actually ready for Easter. I know! We're the most last-minute people in the world, our friends and family will sadly attest. But for some inexplicable reason, we are 100% prepared for Easter this time around. 1. We've stopped by a local mall to see the bunny himself. Ok, this wasn't due to any stellar planning on our parts, we just happened to be at the mall picking up a white shirt for TubaDad (needed an exact replacement for the one that was ruined in the accident) and literally ran into the bun. EasterBunny2010LR (Ro is on the left, and Ree is on the right, and if it wasn't obvious, they chose these stunning outfits) 2. We've decorated the house. Martha Stewart would undoubtedly throw-up if she saw what passes for decoration around these parts, but the giddy four-year-olds love it. 3. All of the top-secret Easter-basket items have been procured and are hiding in a bag in the office. 4. And we've done two successful Easter projects so far: * Project #1 ~ Crayola rainbow cookies * Project #2 ~ Fruity Pebbles artwork Both are great projects to do with your kids. I posted the details/pics in separate posts so this doesn't become the longest post in the history of blogging. Oh, and the cousins are coming over for egg decorating this weekend, and we signed the girls up for our neighborhood Easter party and egg hunt. See? Ready, right?


  1. You rock! Over a week to go and you're ready. Wheee!

    Looking forward to seeing this year's Easter dresses. ;o) Missed shopping for them with you. :o( Hannah is going to wear her birthday dress for Easter this year.

  2. That is awesome! We went and saw the bunny and it didn't go well so we didn't even buy the pics. Hopefully we can go again soon.

  3. The craft ideas are great! I'm NOT completely prepared for once, and I just realized I haven't even put out a single Easter decoration. It's official: we'll need to make some. And we haven't colored eggs yet either!!

  4. LOve the ideas for Easter. We have been so bored lately!!!! Love the pictures. So when is Easter anyway? I am so busy and if it is not a set date, I don't know. I am still thinking I have a week until St. Patty's day.

  5. Wow...thanks for the kick in the butt. I'm impressed.

    Dahlia asked me yesterday how the Easter bunny was going to hide eggs in our house. Or where. As we've torn the house apart in renovations and she was afraid he'd run if he opened our door. I reassured her he'd still be coming. haha

    Happy Easter!!

  6. But Ree looks smashing in that color purple. And Ro? Well, I predict a new fashion trend: multipe use clothing. Skirts that can also be used as a shawl, scarves that cane be used as belts, hats that double as slippers....

    Our Easter baskets have been filled and are patiently waiting in the garage. Now if I can just be patient and not sneak any candy out of them....

    The cookies look great! I may have to go get some. And SOOOOOON!

  7. Kristina3/26/2010

    Savannah saw a different bunny at Oakridge and she said the one you guys saw is the Easter Bunny's Mother! I asked why it was the Bunny's Mother? and she said it had Mother Hair! Who knows what that is but maybe I should get a new hair style!! Fun waving to you today. can't wait to bounce with you next week!

  8. You are so funny. I can actually picture Martha barfing. "The bun." Love it. Such a cute photo. Ree is confusing me with her pink attire. Even after consulting your tip sheet, I still can't get who is who right.

  9. Oh Catherine, there just might not be Easter dresses this year. Yipes! I'm thinking the girls will either wear last year's dresses or will just put together their own zany outfits. Hm... we'll see, there are still a few shopping days left, but it's no fun without my shopping buddy...

    Jenna: Hope it goes better next time! Remember, we had the twin faces of terror the first two years we visited Santa. Poor dude was in shock.

    Teresa: Ha!! Love it. Maybe Ro and Ree will grow up to be fashion designers of really wacky multiple use clothing.