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Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion friday (with 3 shopping alerts)

It's fashion friday, time to look back at some of the recent outfits that Ro and Ree put together. In keeping with our new strategy, they took these pictures themselves using the remote and tripod. First, gotta mention that there aren't many fashion photos this week, which I blame wholly on that damn time change. Honestly, it's kicking our butts. The girls are falling-down tired but think bedtime while the sun is still shining is a joke, then they sleep so late in the morning that I have to actually wake them up. And they are not pleased to be woken up (massive understatement). Anyhow, we're latelatelate in the mornings, and barely have time to grab some cereal in a bag, let alone pause for a snapshot. Here's Ro, in sweet pink and red. She's wearing her fave V-Day leggings, and a new pink cloud-soft "Marshmallow Pullover" which is on sale for $25 at Hanna Andersson right now (shopping alert #1). Seriously, these pullovers are the softest, comfiest things EVER. Ro got one in pink and Ree in purple and they've worn them every day since. Ro even slept in hers one night. We bought one-size larger than normal (110 instead of 100) so they'll fit through next year. Ro chose to sit on the slide and hold her toy cell phone for her pic. DSC_2410LR DSC_2433manonRee thought her picture would be more interesting if she didn't look at the camera. Cute. She chose a long tiered skirt (I think it's the only long skirt Ro and Ree have and might be my new fave look), an old cat t-shirt from Gilroy Gardens, and a pink cropped tie cardigan from Target (shopping alert #2: only $7 and avail right now in the girls' section in pink, purple, and turquoise). By the way, the kids didn't put together this next set of outfits, but I wanted to share because Target has these adorable, soft dark blue-jean-looking capri leggings in the girls' section right now for $8 (shopping alert #3). They look like jeans, but they're really soft stretch cotton, which is awesome because I love seeing Ro and Ree in jeans, but they only want to wear soft pants with elastic waists. So they make all of us happy. I got size XS, and then, like I have to do with almost all XS clothing, grabbed a needle and thread and nipped the waists in a little bit. DSC_2438LR Have a great weekend! I've got a dentist appointment today, Ree has her pediatric dermatology appointment (I'll post an update when we get a diagnosis), and I need to pack our suitcases for a short weekend trip, so I wrote this a little early and queued it up to post.


  1. I will have to check out those leggings. Tahlia hates wearing them, so these might be a good compromise. Don't you just love Target? There is one about 3 minutes from my house.... Dangerous.

  2. LOVE the pants! Going tonight or tomorrow to look for some, Thanks!!

    Have you seen the London clothes? I can't wait for them to come on sale.

  3. Cute outfits! I love the pants.

    You know since you gave the tutorial on telling the girls apart, it has really helped. I think. Is Ree wearing pink and Ro in purple in the last FF picture?

  4. Sandra: Yes that Target is a dangerous, dangerous place. Every time I go, it's for 1 or 2 boring things like Windex or ziploc bags, or whatever, and the cute stuff leaps out at me. I can't resist...

    MC: I haven't seen any of the London stuff yet, but I know my friend Kristi talked about it on her blog and it all looks so dang cute!

    Julie: I can't believe I forgot to mention who was who again! And yes, you got it right!

  5. Love the "jeggings!" Which means, yay!, I get to go back to Target!

    I got a few Liberty of London things last weekend - they are cute! I even snagged a scarf for moi! The last one, too. The staff said it was all flying off the shelves.

  6. It's amazing to me that you consistantly HAVE to point out who is who - but I'm often confused.

    Cuties as always. Love the leggings. (And we don't have a Target here oat the North Pole...argh.)

    Enjoy your week-end!!

  7. Oooh--denim capri leggings! Martina wants to only wear jeans from now on because she thinks she looks like a teenager. She will probably love them; leggings seem to fit her better than regular pants.

  8. Cute!! Good luck at the doctors!!