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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why yes, I am the AntiSoccermom, what gave it away?

Before hitting the road this morning for our quirky tuba weekend in wine country, we had to make one quick stop for the girls' soccer class. Ro and Ree are in their second session of soccer right now, and I think we're all finally starting to get the hang of things. In the beginning, the girls HATED class, and I was about the worst soccer mom ever. Seriously. About halfway through the first class, the coaches suddenly blew whistles and yelled "water break!" A herd of sweaty kids streamed out the door and clustered near their efficient and well-prepared moms who handed out water bottles, juice boxes, fruit slices and the like. I stared into Ro and Ree's expectant faces, cringed at my lack of foresight, and dug around in my purse until I triumphantly found an old candy cane leftover from Christmas. I let them each suck a few times, then patted their bottoms and sent them back to the game. Yeah, I really did. Anyhow, so this morning (a morning when I actually did bring real water, in bottles, for our intrepid little soccer players), was really a good class. We only had tears once, and there was somewhat purposeful kicking of balls into goals. (whistle!) These aren't great pics, by the way, they're just snapshots, taken from pretty far away and on the low-light setting of my purse camera. But hey, they're fun to look at anyway. Wheeeeee. Love the kicking up of the heels: IMG_0700LR Oh my gosh, it cracks me up that Ro throws her arms out like this every time she traps the ball. IMG_0707LR Dribbling without hystrionics—wow that is some serious progress. IMG_0710LR Ree's full-body kicking style is just so Ree. IMG_0739LR Did someone say hand stamps?! Oooo oooo ooooo: IMG_0750LR Well would you look who we ran into on the way out?! IMG_0754LR After class we hopped in the car for our mini roadtrip. TubaDad is playing this weekend, and he found an awesome hotel that has a suite with a connecting door to another room. Can you even imagine the squeals of joy when the girls realized we had multiple phones and they could call each other from the bathroom?!!! IMG_0756LR IMG_0757LR Ah, the work of a musician's helper is never done... IMG_0776LR After doing heavy labor carrying that tuba stand, the girls and I sat in on TubaDad's dress rehearsal. They were playing a neat piece that had tons of percussion and tuba—bonus! I was hopping the whole time, though, making sure the girls stayed quiet (a task of monumental proportions when you're talking about Ro and Ree), handing out earplugs, finding dropped earplugs, doling out the treats one by one, keeping their feet off the seats in front of them, etc... It was kind of exhausting. Ro and Ree are definitely not demure symphony patrons at this point. IMG_0778LR We had a spectacular dinner, TubaDad went back to play to a packed house tonight, the girls are in bed snoring away, and I have a few quiet minutes to blog and wonder what the heck else I used to do in hotel rooms before the internet? PS: The pediatric dermatologist said she thought Ree's thumb was showing initial signs of infection, possibly a staph infection. She said it wasn't fungal, but might have started as dermatitis or excema (I researched fingertip excema and it looked/sounded pretty similar). She said we don't want to mess around with infection and put Ree on oral antibiotics and told us to go back to the antibacterial ointment and keep it on at all times and also keep her thumb covered/clean. I'm a little nervous about the diagnosis because she didn't spend a lot of time with us and I thought the last steroid cream (the one that Ree said stung) was actually making a little headway. But we're going to give it a shot for a few days and see if any progress is made. If we start going backwards again, we're going immediately to the office for another followup/discussion.


  1. Love the soccer pics, but I'm sorry that has to be the ugliest Easter Bunny I have ever seen! :)

  2. Oh my gosh yes!!! Is it the ears? I think it's the ears (or lack of). Hee!

  3. "Ah, the work of a musician's helper is never done..."

    Oh, no. All I'm hearing in my head is "It's OK. I'm with the band." I'm going to go hyperventilate now.

  4. Cute little soccer players and they play with their whole hearts.

    What a great job they do as musician's helpers! Just about the cutest little helpers evah!

    Enjoy your weekend away. Yup, what did we do before the internet? Oh yah....sleep way more than I do now! Must-go-to-bed!

    Glad to hear the doc doesn't think Ree's thumb is a fungal infection. Hopefully this new combo will work wonders.

    love you friend! cannot wait to see you!!!

  5. I find it so hilarious that your girls have always been willing to cozy up to a six-foot rabbit, but the sight of bearded guy in a red suit used to send them utterly round the proverbial bend.

    Great photos (most people only HAVE purse cameras, dearest!) and so much fun to watch them learning.


  6. None of us start out as true soccer mom's, but you're getting the hang of it! Welcome to the dark side. :-) And may I note that the girls look stylish even in their soccer gear... amazing!

  7. Love the pic of Ro (or is it Ree) on the phone in the bathroom! Cute!!

  8. Oh! That was the Easter Bunny?! I thought it was some soccer mascot I didn't know about because I truly AM the anti-soccer mom! Phew! Now I'm just the mom who wouldn't know the Easter Bunny if it stared her in the face! Wait...that's worse, right?

  9. How about the Mom who took off for an entire day playdate without a single diaper? And did it again the very next week? Who forgets DIAPERS? Oh yes, that would be me.

    Sorry to hear it is staph. Yikes! I don't like skin staph, but it usually responds to oral antibiotics. Wishing that thumb all the healing in the world!

  10. I thought it looked like dermatitis to me...which would be why you saw some progress with the burning medicine. But, the staph infection would be on top of that one. So, doing both should help (I would think...as a non-medical soon-to-be doctor). It is scary how quickly the derms can identify things, isn't it? I've always been fascinated!

  11. Anonymous3/21/2010

    Glad to hear the rabbit isn't their soccer mascot !! Scarey looking. Oh well, girls didnt sem to mind.

    You were only a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from me this weekend . . . I'm in Slow-noma !!!

    Lovely weather on saturday up here.


  12. Anonymous3/22/2010

    Where did you get those cute outfits? I loved the polka dot shorts!!!

  13. Strangely, EvaJun loves the Easter Bunny... won't give Santa Claus the time of day, but the bunny is a winner.

    The girls are adorable... such minxes!

  14. Thanks! The polka-dot bike shorts and sleeveless tops are from Hanna Andersson (they're in stores and on the website right now) and the cropped tie-cardigans are from Target (they're in stores right now in the girls' section).

  15. Kristina3/22/2010

    More fun! Reminds me we have to check out the mall bunnies soon...forgot about it and need to get it done before he is gone!Hugs to you all!