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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fashion Friday (or maybe I should call it Fashion Flashback)

It's Fashion Friday, time to look at a few zany fashions that Ro and Ree came up with this week. The first set of outfits just screams "normal" if you ask me. Seriously, I'm probably losing perspective living with these crazy-layer-upon-layer dynamos, but I think they could walk downtown in these plain little outfits and not even attract a single stare (which is not usually the case, oh my no...): DSC_2495LR In the pic, by the way, Ro was holding the camera remote and directing the location for her photoshoot, and Ree didn't want any part of it. Then, at the absolute last second, Ree cried "Wait, Ro!!!! Oh, wait for me!!!!" and tried to vault over the arm of the chair and crawl into the picture. On Wednesday, the girls refused to wear regular clothing. So Ree walked around all day in a Minnie Mouse outfit, while Ro wore her old Halloween flower costume from 2007 (it was the first costume she ever wore and it will nevereverever be thrown away). Don't try to come between this girl and her arts and crafts, which in this case involved a whole bunch of wax paper. Minnie is Serious about her crafting. Which reminds me, I'm out of wax paper (again) and need to add it to the shopping list (again). DSC_4682LR Sweet Posy, hitting the pretend high notes: DSC_4610LR DSC_4618LR Think they've grown any since then? ReeRee the bumblebee and Rosie the pretty pink posy Ok, we're ready to go knock on doors daddy! Awwwwww! Ree still regularly wears her bee outfit too, although it's a bee belly shirt by now and I have to help her pull it on it's so tight. Happy friday, I hope all your weekends are great ones.


  1. Anonymous4/23/2010

    These flashbacks to tinier twinadoes are making me nostalgic for the time when you went to china to get your girls. Any chance you could do a reprise of your gotcha day and the first few days with these amazing little ones? Especially now, it would be fascinating to hear what you realize about those first few days knowing your daughters so deeply now.

    (you should have my e-mail address but let me know if you don't)

  2. How adorable. Is it bad I have started trying to dress mylil one like the twins?

  3. Oh my goodness. The flashback just about killed me. (What happened to our babies!!!!)

    The Minnie outfit is soooo cute. So much cuteness at your place!

    Have a great week-end!

  4. Oh, SUCH cuties. I just want to kiss their little cheeks in that flashback photo.

    My Ting Ting still likes to wear her Halloween costume from 2008 (lady bug fairy outfit) even though it looks more like a shirt than a dress now. I put the costume on her and use the Velcro wings to cover up the gaping hole in the back that can no longer be fastened closed. Usually a missionary will ring the doorbell about 10 minutes later and she runs to answer with her undies showing.

  5. Almost makes me teary eyed to see how our "Dragonflies" have changed. No matter how cute they were they just keep getting better and better!

  6. So sweet! Love how they keep wearing their old Halloween costumes. Precious!!

  7. Wow they have grown!! Still cute as can be!!!


    waiting for TA for Jadalyn!!

  8. Thanks again for the link. The girls LOVE their pink Polliwalks (I keep spelling that wrong, don't I?). They look for sand everywhere so they can make prints.

    I'm out of scotch tape. Apparently an entire roll was needed last night during a Zoo Accident crisis. Every animal had a broken bone that had to be set with scotch tape.

    Um, with the layering look...how on earth do you keep up with that laundry? I'm drowning in laundry with 2 girls, but I cannot imagine the twins laundry with the the layers!

  9. just giggling... they are buckets of fun, these 2.

  10. oh my those photos of your baby girls are just stinkin' precious! love them!

    I had to scroll down and see about the ipad 'cause I saw it and musta missed the post about that! Holy Cow, I want one of those!!!!

  11. Awwww, they were soooo tiny! I can't believe they still wear them. Minnie with the Cinderella bow...hehehe