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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yeah they're funny and they wear funny clothes

Overheard this weekend: "Ree, we're going to a soccer class, not a fashion show!!!" Heh. A slightly exasperated TubaDad was apparently trying (in vain) to get Ree to get her to exchange her fancy yellow slip-ons for tennis shoes. And yes, this really is what they chose to wear to soccer class. They certainly stand out in the midst of the t-shirt-and-athletic-shorts-clad horde: DSC_4744LR (Ree left, Ro right) DSC_4753LR Here, BobBob, we show you how to use it: DSC_4691LR (Ro left, Ree right, both wearing pajamas in the middle of the day. Again.) What you mean you can't see, BobBob?: DSC_4695LR I'm not sure how well the iPad works with four people attempting to control it at the same time, but hey at least BobBob finally laid a finger on it: DSC_4708LR At the restaurant tonight, the server asked the girls what flavor of icecream they'd like (since it was included with the kid meals), Ro hemmed and hawed, asked him to repeat the flavors four or five times, then finally said "Um... I think we're going to need to see a dessert menu." Bwah ha! IMG_0084LR (Ree left, Ro right, and they ended up ordering and completely polishing off a creme brulee and some chocolate-covered mint fish, much to our amusement)


  1. Too cute! My kids can work the iPad better than I can. And why is it a 3 yr old can go to the settings and change the wallpaper?! Why would she know that?! I love that they dress themselves...and ask for dessert menus...hehehe.

  2. but I bet they were the cutest soccer players there.

  3. They look adorable for soccer class and will be easy to spot in the crowd that normally follows the ball at soccer class when playing with 4yo's.

    Hannah thinks there is nothing wrong with wearing jammies in the middle of the afternoon. It's currently 2:30 and she's napping in her monkey pj's. We won't talk about her mommy who is still in her nightgown too! :o) Ahhhh...love Mondays.

  4. A dessert menu! They are girls after my own heart. And, I often wear PJs in the middle of the day.

  5. lol at dessert menu quote! =)

    May I ask where you found those adorable Minnie Mouse jackets?

  6. Norah: I know!!! The very first time we handed the iPad to Ro we were all riding around in the car and realized that she had figured out how to play the song of her choice and then switch it to a game. Ha! We didn't even know how to do that (actually maybe I still don't)

    Cora: Aw you're sweet! They were definitely the brightest ones there. I always laugh when they're standing in a line of kids who all have on plain white t-shirts and shorts.

    Catherine: Still in your nightgown! Hee! You KNOW I approve of that one.

    Laurel: You just can't ever go wrong with a dessert menu, can you?! Mmmmm.

    Elizabeth: We got them at Disneyland a few months ago. In one of the little stores on mainstreet. Ree actually picked them out while Ro was taking a quick nap.

  7. Anonymous4/26/2010

    Love the second picture where Ro is giving her best pirate look.....AAARRRRGGGHHH

    -Uncle Bobby-

  8. I'm sitting here alone catching up on some blog reading. LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I read the "we're going to need a dessert menu!" So funny! I have enjoyed following along for a while now...thanks for the fun!