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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just for the record, Benadryl and luaus don’t make an ideal combo

Ah we had a big day today. A really great day. I guess that day-of-rest yesterday did the trick. We started by surprising the girls in bed with some sugar cane to gnaw on. They’ve been dying to try it, and it’s actually been hard to come by. Then we drove up to Kapalua, where TubaDad and I met back in 2001. Saw some gorgeous flowers on the way (are these hibiscus?), and Ro and Ree did their best America’s Next Top model poses with them. (Ro left in the grey top, Ree right in the tan top):IMG_0770LR IMG_0774LR

It was neat to stand on the driving range with our little family and talk about how their daddy and I met in this very spot.IMG_0789LR

Well at least TubaDad and I thought it was neat. The girls were more impressed with the Hawaiian apple bananas and spam musubi that we got at the Kapalua general store:IMG_0781LRIMG_0783LR

Oh man, it just kills me when they hold hands. I think it must be a twin thing, how they so often touch without even noticing:IMG_0784LR

After soaking up the gorgeousness in Kapalua, we headed to Ro’s “best” beach, at Whaler’s Village, and played until we could play no more. Ree in blue, Ro in pink.IMG_0802LR IMG_0814LR

Yes, yes, we’re still using the cast-off bucket and hotel water glasses for toys. TubaDad and I prefer to save our money for fruity drinks and really great fish dinners.IMG_0852LR IMG_0863LR IMG_0847LR

Ro throws her hands up in the air every time her feet touch the water. Adorable, and so Ro!IMG_0854LR IMG_0855LR IMG_0832LR

There’s probably something better than playing on a beach in Hawaii with your sister, but I sure can’t think of it right now:IMG_0870LRIMG_0871LR

Our island girls are having a blast. We took them to a luau tonight, but gave them a little Benadryl first (they’ve both got minor coughs) and lost them a few minutes into dinner:IMG_0895LRIMG_0909LR

Heh. That’s ok, we’ll just have to come back soon so they can experience their first luau. :-) Tomorrow is our last full day in paradise, and the plan is to spend as much of it in the water as possible. Aloha!


  1. Oh, I want to hear the story about how you and TubaDad met! I promise I'll be more interested than the girls were.

  2. So cool that you were able to go back to where you met! So romantic!!

    Ahhhh...there is nothing better than da beach in Hawaii, especilly with your sis!

    Toys are highly over rated! Hannah has rooms full of them and yet now as I type this sits quietly (that doesn't happen often!) on my lap tearing a kleenex into a bajillion pieces. If I had a nickle for every torn piece of tissue I pick up...

    Paradise looks great on you! SOOOOOOOO happy that you're having such a great time!

    And of yah Ree...thanks for the Canadian shout-out! Great little tattoo. Wonder if it will tan under there or if your little leg will still be sportin your Canadian feel when we come to visit soon?? Is it time yet???? We can't wait!!!!!

    Enjoy your last full day sweetie. Love you! xoxo

  3. Anonymous5/28/2010

    Me too! I really want to hear the story of how you met. I had no idea you met in Hawaii! You will have a captive audience with us!

  4. Finally! the MAPLE LEAF.

    sorry. i guess everyone has that 'certain' pic they need to see....

  5. amyesq5/28/2010

    I'm having SO much fun following your trip to Hawaii! You look like you're having an absolute blast. Just a couple of weeks ago, we decided we'd take The Jokers to Hawaii for my 40th next year and so I'll be looking to you for tips, as always.

  6. Isn't it interesting how twins hold hands? My girls do it all the time and I think they don't even realize it.

  7. Anonymous5/28/2010

    Nice pictures. Would love to hear how you and td met. Sounds like an interesting story. Hope the girly's are feeling better. Maybe they are suffering a bit from allergies? Keep up the great posts!


  8. Mmmmm, apple bananas. I haven't thought about their super sweetness for a long time. Thanks for the reminder of how great a place that Hawaii is...and how sweet my childhood was ;)

    And anytime you want to share that story of how you met...I'm in too!


  9. Wish we were there, you lucky dogs. Next year for us.

  10. Anonymous5/28/2010

    What fantastic pictures you have taken on your trip! Love seeing how much the girls have grown! They are adorable as always! Gotta admit I am a little jealous of your trip! How neat to go back to where you met!
    Hope you had a great anniversary!
    Love from Texas!!

  11. Yes. I too, have been waiting for a pic of the Maple Leaf!

  12. That golf course is where we had a brunch after our wedding! Gorgeous. And great food!

  13. I would love to hear how you two met!!!

  14. Sounds to me like your fans have asked for a story!!! I have got to hear about you and Tuba dad in Hawaii! Sounds like fun.

    Your vacation was just so much fun to follow! I can't wait to see any last minute pics.

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  16. ooo i love the pics!!

    the one at the luau with tubadad, and her asleep, made me belly laugh..looks like she had one too many fruity drink:):)