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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A really lazy day (and that’s saying a lot coming from me, ‘cause I have a high threshhold for laziness)

We had a hard time getting going today. I guess everyone needs a down day, even in paradise. The girls shunned pineapple for breakfast and didn’t really even want to leave the hotel room. They pretty much spent all morning smearing brightly colored pieces of paper all over the dang place. They said they were making books and puzzles and giftbags, but if you ask me they were making a colossal mess. Honeypies sure had fun, though. (Notice that we travel with painter’s tape and scotch tape. I think Ro and Ree use a case of tape a week. Not even kidding.)IMG_0652LR

We finally rallied around lunchtime and dragged ourselves down to the pool, which pepped everyone up momentarily. Ree is in the yellow, even though she told me this morning “I pretty much hate yehyowe now, mama” and Ro is in the pink, which apparently she still loves.IMG_0653LR

I thought it was cute that both girls insisted on “Hawaiian flowers” in their hair even for swimming.IMG_0662LR


They’re making such great strides with the swimming! Pretty soon they’re going to fly past my pathetic little dog paddling self. (Who am I kidding, they do that already.)IMG_0675LR

They also do a stellar job with their lounging. Little bathing beauties do me proud.IMG_0676LR

After lunch, we came back to the room and had grand plans to change clothes and go out adventuring. Yeah, didn’t happen. We were complete slugs and could barely move. I didn’t even bother to shower (and believe me, I really needed to). The girls played with their paper kits for hours while TubaDad read and I napped (again).IMG_0688LR

After waking, I managed to drag myself to an upright-enough position to be able to watch tv. Stunning effort, right? Little Ree took pity on my tired self and came over and snuggled with me while we watched a cooking show.IMG_0698LR

And eventually the cooking show made us hungry enough to actually leave the hotel room and go in search of food. (Hm, this day seems to be all about sleeping and eating, which really isn’t all that surprising I guess.) We ate in downtown Lahaina and then walked around the fun shops until we spied an intriguing little henna tattoo shop that the girls just had to try. Ro got a pink glitter octopus, and Ree got a Canadian maple leaf (I just know our buddy Catherine is going to love that!). We tried to convince her to get something a bit more appropriate to an island vacay, but Ree really doesn’t change her mind once it’s made up.IMG_0747LR

By the way, the girls have been going around all week saying that their names are Jessica, Julia, and Jennifer. They switch around who’s who, but it’s always one of those three names. So how funny is it they told their pretend names to our sweet tattoo artist and found out she was named Julia and her two sisters are Jessica and Jennifer? Ro and Ree were pretty much stunned into blissful silence when they heard that.

Aloha and goodnight. We’re all hitting the sack early and then are going to have a huge adventurous day tomorrow. Watch out Maui!

PS: I let Ro carry around my camera all last night and today it’s not focusing correctly. Wish me luck on trying to figure out what got changed and fixing the problem!


  1. Sounds like a good day to me still! That's so weird about the names?! Can't wait to see what the next post will bring...in focus or not, doesn't matter!

  2. Anonymous5/27/2010

    If you have the opportunity go to Julia's for bananna bread. It's an experience (the drive) but the bread is so worth it!

  3. What a great day!! Even a down day in Paradise is wonderful when shared with those you love. xo

    Cool tattoo Ree! Catherine and Hannah and mega impressed with your great choice! Hopefully Mama can take a pic for us....when she figures out those settings. Here's hoping you can find an online manual for your camera if you need to.

    Here's to another wonderful, fun, adventurous day in Paradise! Aloha!!

  4. Nothing better than a day like that in paradise! Loving the Jennifer name...hehe!

  5. Everyone needs a down day on a vacation. It will make tomorrow much more fun!

    Where did you get those adorable swimsuits?? Love them!

  6. How funny! Caroline was telling me all last week how she wants to change her name to Jill (must be a "J" thing).

    Love seeing you enjoy your vacation and having a wonderful anniversary!

  7. I would love a lazy vacation. How many sets of swimsuits did you bring for the girls? I don't think I've seen a repeat yet and we are already on the fourth set.

  8. Thanks guys!!

    Amy: The pink and yellow tutu suits are from Old Navy. Love them. I got the girls 5T (a size up from their normal size) and they fit perfectly. I think they're on sale right now for $9.

    Catherine: I'll get a good pic for you!

    Lori Lynn: We brought three suits, the two-piece tie-die ones, the one-piece tutu ones, and the rash guard tops and board shorts. I think we could have gotten away with two sets, but we weren't sure how long they'd take to dry in this island clime.

  9. Kristina5/27/2010

    Savannah wanted to come on and say hi and to make sure you were still in Hawaii!!! She is enjoying the pictures and so happy that the girls are eating out of pineapples!it is pouring here today so you are missing nothing!

    Enjoy another day in paradise no matter what you do...so far your vacation sounds great!
    Happy Anniversary too! HUGS!

  10. AmyinTexas5/27/2010

    When you are home and when you have time, I'd love a post on the craft activities you bring along. The painter's tape is a great idea. My 8yo is a huge, messy crafter and doesn't think for one second that a vacation from home is a vacation from craft projects. But we have trouble deciding just what needs to come along... and heaven help you if you forget something vital to the desired project! Heaven help you doubly if you are forced to visit a craft store while on vacation b/c she'll need many more supplies than you can fit in your suitcase for the trip back home.

    Oh, and I love the lazy day. Just perfect.

  11. Perfect day!

    BTW- I swear I've stayed at that hotel. Really.

    Please tell me more about that tattoo stuff!

  12. Tienes dos niñas preciosas y se lo estan pasando de maravilla en estas vacaciones.
    También mi hija es de Hubei

  13. We like the maple leaf too, can we see it?

  14. I am laughing so hard over the Canadian Maple leaf! Hee hee. Loved this post. Made my day!

  15. Sounds like the perfect day in Paradise to me. Love their littole bathing suits. Those two could not get any cuter!!!

    Enjoy it all - especially those naps. Heaven!!

  16. Anonymous7/12/2011

    I realized that this post is more than a year old, but...I just discovered your blog a few days ago, and was browsing through old posts. What the girls got clearly wasn't real henna, however, if you, them, Tubadad, or anyone you know goes to a henna place that has black "henna," the first thing you do is run the other way. Why? because technically, there is real henna should be a greenish brown color. Additionally, while many black henna formulas do contain a tiny amount of real henna, they're always comprised of a whopping amount of the same stuff that's used in black hair dye. Some people who get black "henna" are extremely lucky because they suffer no adverse effects, but there are plenty of pictures on google to show the other side of the story... - Yiran