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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The latest snack we fight over

Have you ever tried the Yaki Onigiri baked rice snacks from Trader Joe’s? Ohhhhhhhhhh man they are so good. They’re little steamed-rice triangles with some kind of lip-smackin' outer flavoring. You'll find them in the frozen food section, and can heat up one or the whole tray in the microwave in a jiffy.

I try to sneak them all the time and ALWAYS get caught. Always. Here I popped a few in the microwave (for ME) and then tried to take a quick snap of the girls while they were eating Cheerios. (Ro in green, Ree in pink)

Hey mama, what’s that we smell? It must be better than this lame bag of Cheerios you gave us…DSC_4926LR

Come on, what is it?DSC_4927LR

Oooooo, did you make something special for us?:DSC_4928LR

Yay, you made us some onigiri!! (Um, no, I didn’t, these were supposed to be for me, but that really didn’t stop the little onigiri-stealers. Notice that they grabbed them right out of the microwave and Ree had to blow on hers to even be able to hold it.):DSC_4933LR

Mmmmmmmm… (Hm, I didn’t notice that purple spot above Ree’s eye until now, guess I’ll go check to see if it’s paint or a bruise):DSC_4939LR DSC_4940LR

Silly mama, why do you even try to make some of these for yourself?:DSC_4941LR

Shame on you. Trying to make us eat Cheerios. Bah!:DSC_4948LR DSC_4957LR

Your snack sure was good mama:DSC_4970LR

Oh socks! (that’s what they say now) You weren’t kidding when you said this bag was empty:DSC_4978LR

Dear mama, please buy more of these right now. We only have one bag left, which is really only enough for Ree and I:DSC_4985LR

PS: Using Windows Live Writer again to do this post, and it is SO easy and fast. I think I might love it as much as these Yaki Onigiri snacks! Seriously, if you're using Flickr/Blogger, you mustmustmust try this app out. It's free, and you just choose your picture characteristics the first time and set them as your default (I chose 500 width, no linking, slight shadow border) and then when you write any blog post in WLW, you just point it at the pictures you want and it takes care of everything. One click (ONE!) and all of the pics show up in your post in the right order. Shoot, with this app I might even start posting more. Heh heh.

PPS: If anyone has a recipe for this Yaki Onigiri stuff, please share, because I think we’re addicted…


  1. http://lunchinabox.net/2007/02/15/speed-bento-technique-making-freezing-yaki-onigiri-onigiri/

    our favorite way to make them, it even gives freezing instructions!!

  2. Those look yummy! Will have to check out the link posted by Becca. Also, need to look into Windows Live Writer. anything that helps posting go quicker.

    Love you friend! miss you like crazy!! xoxo

  3. I was just about to beg via Facebook and/or my blog for interesting packable lunch ideas. With Kindergarten upon us, Sara is staying for lunch 2 days at Pre-K now. If I pack one more PB&J, I'll lose my mind. She loves fish, so maybe I could add a bit of salmon into the freezer recipe and make an entree out of it for her. As much as I cook, I need to learn bento-style lunches!

  4. Ohhhh! I LOVED Trader Joes!!! I will have to check them out. Have you tried the freeze dried mangos? We also LOVE the mango juice. I can't get out of the store without LiLi getting into the bag. LiLi can eat her way through that place. I love it sooooooooo much I will usually bring stuff back for my students too. Now I am graving that place-thanks! ;0) I am going to have to make a Trader Joe's run real soon. Mmmmmmm mango...mmmmmmm

  5. Looks yummy.
    I love Windows Live Writer, I was hooked when my son showed it to me a few months ago, they seem to know the latest tricks.

    The looks on their faces says it all, very cute!

  6. Hi! I tried using Windows Live Writer
    for the very first time because you mentioned it and I LOVE IT!!!! Holy Cow its awesome!

  7. Anonymous5/04/2010

    Check out tasteofzen.com

  8. Funny. Same thing here too. The girls get so insulted when I put something in my mouth - like I'm not suppose to ever have something they are not. (What.....you want a glass of wine?) haha

    Thanks for the tip. Love for this to go faster.

  9. I haven't tried the TJ ones but onigiri yaki are yummy and easy to make and we too gobble them up. I see that Becca has already left you a recipe and they're all really the same but you can change the soy sauce for some other sauce. Two things that I sometimes do when I make them is, I'll stuff some cooked meat or fish into the middle of the rice before frying up the outside. Also I'll often coat the outside with sesame seeds or sprinkle on various varieties of Furikake rice seasoning.

  10. I haven't tried those, will have to see if we have any around here.

    Looking at the pictures, I can not believe how much Ro and Ree have grown. It is hard to believe I have been following your blog for this long. Beautiful girls, I really look forward to all of your new posts.

  11. Never heard of those snacks. But they look good and I am ALWAYS up for a good snack.

    I am going to try the Windows Live writer. Thanks for the tip!

    I am betting the mark on her was paint/marker.

  12. Those silver sandals are SO adorable!

    i know the topic was food, but i couldn't stand how cute the sandals were.

  13. Anonymous5/05/2010


  14. They are seriously looking more and more grown up! Can't get over it!

  15. Anonymous5/05/2010

    Ha! I love those top 3 pictures where you can see them starting to laugh. I'm guessing the cause of this has something to do with their funny mama. :)

  16. You should also try the Vegetable Root chips (in the snack aisle with the potato chips) and in the frozen dessert section is a rice dessert. I think it's Tahitian or something. It's a sweetened rice patty with mango over the top. Yummy!

    Our favorite TJ dinners are BBQ Chicken Teriyaki ($5 and 5 minutes and it feeds the family! Just add rice) the Orange chicken, and the White Ruffy fish (dip it in Progresso Italian bread crumbs and fry in olive oil or just bake.) All of them are around $5 and it feeds the family of four just fine.

  17. I can't find those at my Trader Joe's. And now I'm totally craving them!

  18. I love these too! I went to Trader Joe's last Monday and couldn't find them. I received a response from Customer Service:

    Please know that at this time the Trader Joe's Nori Maki Rice Snacks have been discontinued due to slow sales in all of our stores. Our TJ'S labeled products are exclusively produced for us.

    Therefore, this product is no longer being manufactured. We will forward your commentsand request to bring this product back to our Buying Department and thatwill be taken into future consideration.

    **I think we all need to contact Trader Joe's customer service department. Maybe if they get enough request--they'll bring them back!

  19. KD: Nooooooooooo!! Oh my gosh I freaked out when I read your comment. I'm going to need to talk to TJ's immediately (right after I clean them out of any Onigiri that's remaining in our store).

  20. I know...that was my reaction too! I live in Toledo, Ohio but travel to the TJ's in Ann Arbor, Michigan store 2xs a month. They were already out! Had I known...I would have stocked up too.

  21. Thanks for the Windows Live Writer suggestion. It has made posting to the blog SO much easier!!