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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The many faces of Ree (black and white wednesday)

Ree makes the funniest faces these days. I keep meaning to capture them, but I’m usually laughing rather than reaching for a camera when she’s dishing out the facial drama.

The other day, I got lucky. She was lying on the floor in front of our sliding glass door (the lightest spot in our house) and I wanted to try out some manual settings on the camera. As long as I told jokes, she was just fine lying there for a few minutes while I snapped away and tried to learn and learn fast.

I still didn’t manage to get her trademark face of late—the one where she tilts her head a little down and scrunches her eyebrows up and together, while looking directly at you and giving an extremely dubious “are you nuts?!” look, so I’ll keep trying. In the meantime, here are a few of her funny faces, converted to black and white for Lisa’s Black and White Wednesday.

DSC_4585LR2 DSC_4588LR2 DSC_4590LR2 DSC_4592LR2 DSC_4593LR2 DSC_4594LR2 DSC_4595LR2 DSC_4596LR2 DSC_4599LR2 the long roadFunny little sweetie. For these photos, I added a small vignette (because who really needs to see more of our stained, scarred wood floor, heh heh) and mostly used the "Creative – Aged Photo” preset in Lightroom. The various presets always give radically different results depending on my underlying photos. So I have a whole bunch of them and usually click and click and click to see if there are any that I like before hacking away at my adjustments manually. And the preset I pick is never the preset I used last time, which is funny. I liked the Aged Photo preset in this case because it gave the photos almost a pink wash (kind of a pink tint, you know?), Ree's face looked luminous (rather than gray) and her incredibly bright adorable lips still retained a bit of blush. Probably not how any professional photographers would do it, but hey I’m having lots 'o fun and learning and the photos make me smile.

Have a happy Wednesday!

PS: Here's one of the pics straight out of camera (SOOC), in case you’re curious what the originals looked like. I know I always like to peek beneath the covers, so to speak:



  1. She's beautiful! Love those faces!

  2. She is adorable, as always. LOVE the Lightroom presets! I also LOVE the pic of Ree touching her ear. TOO cute.

    Not sure why my open ID isn't working!

    My blog: http://funnylittlepollywogs.wordpress.com/

  3. Funny little faces!

  4. What a sweetie... love all those expressions! And that background, is that the paper from Michaels? Or your floor?
    Yay for LR presets! I'll have to try that aged photo one, it really worked on these pics!
    P.S. Thanks for the cyber hugs, my friend :)

  5. What a funny bunny. Love all the many faces of Ree, for sure.

    I love this effect. Her skin actually looks pinkish - which is gorgeous. Very different.

  6. Beautiful! Love all her different facial expressions...the one of her smiling with her hand by her head is simply perfect.

  7. Gosh, she's a cutie!

    I know what you mean about the gray face problem (with true black and white photos). If I can't blow out all of the skin tones to pure white, I like to use lightroom's split-toning to add just a touch of fleshy color back in.

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  8. What an adorable little sweetie! I love to guess what she was thinking or trying to immitate in each pic. Precious!!

  9. Anonymous5/05/2010

    Out of curiousity, is Ree, or maybe Ro, doing modeling now? I got an email flyer from a baby site which looks to be using a nice picture of her.

  10. Great shots! I love the expressions...you can just hear her laughter in each shot.

  11. Kristina5/06/2010

    Love it! Glad you got her to stay still...priceless!! and so many expressions!

  12. I love all the silly smiling faces....what a cutie!! It looks like you two had a lot of fun capturing these photos:)

    I do like that preset in lightroom, that is one of the preloaded ones that I do like to use from time to time......and you are right, it worked really well with these pretty pictures!!

    Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day~