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Friday, June 25, 2010

Officially leaving all traces of babyhood behind

Today is the girls’ last day of preschool (pre-K). It’s the end of an era. As Ro and Ree are fond of telling me, several (hundred) times a day “We are big girls now, mama.” Yes you are, lovies. Beautiful, sweet, funny, creative, strong, smart big girls. And definitely not babies any longer. (sob) Ro white dress, Ree blue dressDSC_6572LR_adobeRGBDSC_6565LR_adobeRGB DSC_6570LR_adobeRGBDSC_6581LR_adobeRGB Their very first day of preschool was Monday Nov 26, 2007. Ro and Ree were tiny little peeps, just over two years old. It seems like I’ve taken pictures of everything, but startlingly there’s no formal picture on that first day (I guess I was too frazzled to even think of it). Ro is in the white shirt with pink sleeves (holding Pink Nanni), and Ree is in the white shirt with green sleeves (holding Yellow Nanni). I stayed at the preschool with them for as many days as they needed me to, sometimes cramming my butt into a tiny blue chair in the back of the room and sometimes peeking in from the office:Circle time on their first day at preschool Nov 2007, first day of preschool At the end of the first week, we were all pretty proud of ourselves. :-) The girls even got a lollipop at pickup that day. I like pictures like these because you can see how tall the girls are in relation to the cupboard handle (see the difference from today’s pics above? Wow.) Ro pink shirt, Ree blue shirt. November 2007 (2nd or 3rd day of little-kid preschool) Eating snack at preschool (Ro triumphantly holds up a cookie) 'They

I grabbed a little video after they finished their first week of preschool: (direct link to video) And then remembered to take one today, two and a half years later, on the last day. I couldn’t resist asking about the lollipop I dropped when we visited scary Santa in 2007, just to see if they remembered (they did): (direct link to video) Congratulations baby girls, I mean big girls. Now let the summer vacation begin!


  1. Anonymous6/25/2010

    WOW! They have grown so much! They are just lovely little girls! Thanks for sharing!

  2. ACK?!? How did that happen... so quickly!!
    Oh, it must be bittersweet to see your babies getting big, I'm afraid I'm am swimming in myself!!
    They do look SO lovely (and grown up!) in their beautiful dresses :)

  3. Anonymous6/25/2010

    I can't make the videos work. Any suggestions?

  4. They certainly have grown! It goes by too quickly, doesn't it??? The girls are adorable, as always.

  5. As my friends and I stood teary-eyed at our last day of Pre-K (wow this year went by fast), I said to them, "OK, no more tears. This school will be happy to take our money for years to come." Our kids are just moving next door! The Kindergarten is part of the Early Childhood wing at our school. Kelly will be starting just across the hall from Sara. Yet...still...Sara is all grown up. She's almost a bona fide KID! Kindergarten....how will we ever survive it?!

  6. It is bittersweet leaving babyhood behind but there's always lots of fun ahead!

  7. Anonymous6/25/2010

    I think their blog nicknames are so cute and I was wondering if you use them in real life as well or if you just use them on here. I have a name that can't really be shortened into a nickname so I have always been interested in other people's nicknames lol

  8. Are they starting Kindergarten in the Fall? If so..you all must have different rules than we do. They have to be 5 by August 1st here in MO. I'm having mild panic attacks on a weekly basis about kindergarten...too soon!

  9. So grown up! Time is passing too quickly and soon we'll be sending our girls off to college...time slow down!!

  10. Aw, thanks everyone! For the questions:

    Stefanie and Sandra: Waywaywayyyyyy too fast. It's kind of making me a little weepy. Oh who am I kidding, a LOT weepy.

    Anon: I added a "direct link" under each video, hopefully that will help if the embedded videos don't work.

    Anon: Hey, thanks, we do use them in real life. They're shortened versions of what we used to call them as babies (ReeRee and RoRo). I guess they're nicknames of nicknames. Heh.

    Michelle: Yes, they're starting Kindergarten this year! Yipes!! I'm kind of freaking out about it because in my mind they're still my tiny babies. Their pre-K teachers have told us they're ready, so here we go! We're going to keep an extremely open mind and an open dialog with the Kindergarten teachers, and have absolutely no problem repeating Kindergarten if the girls need to for any reason (social, physical, academic, etc.).

  11. Kristina6/25/2010

    So sweet!! man it has gone too fast and it will get even faster!! I imagine them entering high school like Kyle will next year and it scares the crap out of me how quickly we went from kinder to now! Another stage for them and us mommies!:)

    I think we use their real names and their blog names interchangeable in our house!

    Welcome to summer vacation!

  12. Oh, man, how is that possible?! They're still itty bitty babies, aren't they?!?!

    I bawled like crazy at my dotter's pre-school "graduation" (they even had little caps and gowns for the "graduation" pictures, and little handmade caps for the official event itself!).

  13. Anonymous6/25/2010

    i take a picture on the first day of school in the same place every year. they must stand up straight, create a sign with name, grade, date, school and teacher, and smile pretty of course! my oldest daughter graduated from 8th grade this year and i'm so thankful for the signs - instant scrapbook since i don't have time for such things!!

    more importantly, who stole you babies and left those big girls? i've been reading your blog for a few years and can't believe how different they look!

    one more thing...i have twin brothers and it seems that they usually have "sides" and your girls seem to also. ro is seems to be on the left in most pics and ree on the right...maybe just a coincidence or maybe their habit.

  14. How sweet! I cannot believe the girls are in kindergarten in just a few months! Yikes!!!

    Watching the first video made me tear up... I can see Tate (22 mos)in all those cute little ways of standing, talking and cuteness! WOW!

  15. Our girls are growing up! Our girl misses the kindergarten cut-off here, so she will be in pre-K this year. I'm already worried about sending her off to the big elementary school for kindergarten, and we still have another year.

  16. In the blink of an eye I tell ya! How did they grow up so quickly? Love the videos of then and now too. Your girlies have amazing memories!!

    It's going to seem weird not driving to pre-school but I know we'll find lots to do to fill our days! Just wondering how we'll be able to squish in our annual pedi appt? Can't imagine all 3 girls waiting patiently for us to be pampered. :o)

    *sniff* looking forward to seeing first day of Kindergarten pics...but not too soon. Enjoy your summer!!

  17. Oh sniff, sniff.....babies, where did you go? It's so bittersweet, isn't it?

    Enjoy you summer fun!

  18. This time last year, I felt absolutely horrified at the idea of kindergarten. I fought against panic attacks. (Yeah. Not proud of that.) But - you know - it's been so absolutely wonderful seeing how much my Tongginator has grown this year. It's a totally different experience - their world gets so much bigger. But it's wonderful to watch. You'll have fun - I promise.

  19. Anonymous6/27/2010

    Oh wow! I can't even believe they're going to be in kindergarten next year. The mind BOGGLES. To me, they're still the little girls in the huge jackets. And probably will always be.

    Amy Y.

  20. Anonymous6/27/2010

    Are you keeping them together next year or separating them? Have you talked about this already?

    -Amy Y.

  21. Amy: we're keeping them together this year -- I guess we think there will be enough scary new stuff this year that we don't want to add any turmoil. We'll reevaluate for first grade and any other grades and who knows what will happen!

  22. I just LOVE the pictures of the girls; how much cutiness can one stand? They are adorable!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy