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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things we’ve learned in the pink car

1. Ro is a total backseat driver

2. Ree thinks it’s ok to slam the car into reverse while speeding forward (I may or may not have heard a story about my little brother doing this when he was a teenager driving the Pinto)

3. Ro can do a wicked donut (again, not confirming anything, but my little brother might possibly have done this a time or two when he was younger)

4. People can’t help but grin when they see two little girls driving a bright pink car

5. Ro wants a race car that’s tie-dyed lime green and black and has black letters when she grows up (that’s 11, according to her)

6. Ree wants a van that’s green with white polka dots when she turns 19.

IMG_1813LR_adobeRGB IMG_1816LR_adobeRGB


  1. How long before they trade in for a golf cart? ha!

  2. Anonymous6/26/2010

    It seems to me that I rem. pulling on the hand brake from the passenger side while you were driving the pinto. Oh, I also rem. dad getting out and walking home one time when you slid through a stop sign. Can't wait to see the girls driving at 16!

  3. Ha!! Oh yeah... Ro and Ree behind the wheel of a real car will be payback time for sure.

  4. You ARE saving this video to compare their skills their driving tests, right?

    I predict Ro will pass the written exam first, Ree will pass the road test first.

    Either way, start investing in Miss Clairol stock. You're going to need it.

  5. Love the license plates. If you think people can't help but smile when they see two little girls in a pink car, you should see the way people grin when they see a little boy driving his sisters' hand-me-down pink car!

  6. Ok, that's pretty flippin' fantastic! I can imagine all the cruising for boys and trips to the mall these girls will once make! In their respective polka dotted and tie-dyed rides!

  7. Sounds like Ro wants to be the next Danica Patrick

  8. Oh my gosh, the Danica Patrick car is PERFECT!!! I have to go get Ro so she can see it.

  9. That video of them driving is TOO CUTE!!! LiLi has asked me about 5 times to watch it! She thinks your girls are very funny and so do I!

    You know you are in trouble when they are older. Hee Hee-


  10. crack ups, these two. love their plate!

    so wish they made a car like this that had hand controls to move! E is a car freak :O)

  11. I love watching the twin who isn't driving and how calm she is! They sure do trust one another!

    Great license plate!

  12. We have a red jeep, and while Hanlin drives it around the backyard, Lily hangs off the back or sits on the hood!! sigh...
    She has no desire to drive it, just wave to people as they drive by..
    Krista D