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Friday, June 11, 2010

A veritable plethora of Fashion Friday looks

Hmm, I don't think I've posted Fashion Friday pics in a while. Guess that’s what happens when you gallivant all over the place. Heh. Anyhow, TubaDad is finally home from the longest business trip in the world, and we’re all actually staying home for 4 or 5 days. Wow. So I had a few minutes to comb through neglected pics, and here are the Ro and Ree fashions from the last few weeks.

Ro (left) has been on a real orange kick lately. Here she’s wearing beach braids and her new fave shark shirt. Ree (right) still loves blue, and particularly likes this “nabee blue” give peas a chance shirt. I found both of them in the boys' sale section at Target for pennies:DSC_5778LR2

Here they were all dressed up for preschool (oops, sorry, they correct me every time and say, “no mama, it’s pre-K!!”) and holding their items for sharing day. Ree on the left, and Ro (looking all sassy) on the right. Is it just me, or do they look really old in this picture? They’re killing me with this stealthy and speedy growing-up thing:DSC_5854LR2

All golden tan and looking like beautiful island girls after our Hawaiian vacation. Ro left, and Ree right. We were running super late for pre-K this day (yeah yeah, what else is new?), so I grabbed the shirts and then told them to put together the rest of the outfits. Sometimes I like to do that just to see how different they end up. Yes, sometimes it IS all about amusing mama: DSC_5817LR_adobeRGB

See, orange has been huge around here lately. Ro left, Ree right.DSC_5873LR2

Playing the high-jump game with BobBob. Ro left (in a little halter top that she got from friends H2/S2 and has been DYING to wear) and Ree (also wearing a dress from H2/S2, now that I think about it) in mid-air:DSC_5935LR2 DSC_5920LR2

Ree left and Ro right. I think this picture was from yesterday, but the girls have changed clothes so many times in the last few days that to be honest I kind of lost track. Their clothes used to go right in the hamper after wearing, but not anymore. Now their stuff gets the sniff test, and a whole bunch of it goes right back in the closet. Shhhhhh… Do you think the new daisy/initial hairclips will help the kids in their Kindergarten class? Hope so:DSC_5975LR2

I think I’m all caught up now and plumb out of pictures (gasp). Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. My little bro is entering an antique speedster race with my dad this weekend, and we should get some really cool videos and pictures of the girls in a lime-green Ford speedster to share.

Thank you for all of the awesome fish recipes. Yum!! If you feel like helping with something else, I’ve got another question: The girls are graduating from pre-K in a couple of weeks and they don’t do a ceremony or anything at their school. No biggie at all, but suddenly I thought “Well shoot, that doesn’t mean WE can’t do anything!” And now we’re having a family graduation party (with honorary family members Catherine and Hannah) on July 2. So, does anyone have any fun/cheap/quick ideas, crafts, or decorations for the party? I ordered darling pink and purple gowns and caps for Ro and Ree from an online store, found a cute letter poem of the word KINDERGARTEN that the girls can draw and act out, and found instructions on how to make mortar-board party hats for the guests to wear. Ro and Ree are so excited. They’re going to do a little show that will highlight some of the new skills they’ve learned this year and have already started practicing. I’d spill the beans on the agenda, but promised Ro and Ree that I’d keep it under wraps until the big day. :-)


  1. Anonymous6/11/2010

    Cute are always! Will they be in the same kindergarten class in the fall? Kids always seem to do a better job at telling twins apart! My twin girls were together until 1st grade (one week left!) and it worked out perfectly together and separately...their classes play together at recess time and they wait for each other - hug - the run off to play!!

  2. Anonymous6/11/2010

    I just realized the other day that now that I can easily distinguish one girl from another I can do it in the pictures when you first got them as well. They are amazing as always and you must be the most 'fun mom' in the country.

  3. They always look fab! The grad party sounds super fun! Enjoy!

  4. I love the graduation party idea, very cute!

    Maybe do a time capsule for the girls to open in 10 years or so...include some pre-K artwork, a list of their current favourites, pictures of some of their crazy outfits!

    Or pick up a cheap picture frame with significant border, put a pic of the girls in their cap and gowns and have guests sign the border with best wishes for the girls.

    I'm sure it will be a lot of fun, you all seem to have fun in everything you do!

  5. Looks like orange is the new yellow. :)

  6. You can go to familyfun.com and make the graduation cupcakes/cookies. Ro and Ree could even help with the assembly. They are darling and super-easy to make. Have a blast! Can't wait to see the photos from their special day and party!

  7. Oh, type in "grad caps" in the search bar to find the recipe/video on how to make the goodies. : )

  8. Love the plethora of outfits and how the girls enjoy colour! How neat that they're changing their current favourites.

    Ooooo...let the countdown to the fun grad party begin!! We'll be on the hunt for the perfect little pre-K grad gifts. Cannot wait for the big celebration...although I'm guessing mommy isn't quite so excited that this time is behind them. Where do the years go???

    We love you! LOL...Hannah's going to think it's all about partying when we're with the Salsa gang. Oh yah....IT IS!!!!

  9. Anonymous6/12/2010

    The cupcakes with upside down mini peanut butter cups with chocolate covered graham crackers on top and fruit roll ups cut in their school colors as tassels would be super fun to make (and eat). Kraft and Family Fun have ideas/instructions for these. When I taught first grade we made time capsules out of shoe boxes. The girls could decorate the outsides of the boxes. Inside could be placed some of their "schoolwork", photos, a letter from you, one from TubaDad, some from other family. Current news clips, etc... You can decide. Then tape shut and they open at their High School Graduation Party! You could save this idea for kindergarten or first grade if not enough time now. Save special "things" all through Kindergarten and assemble at the end! No peeking until high school!
    Another fun idea that I did for my son was to buy a hardcover book such as Oh, the Places You'll Go by Dr. Suess (I can send you other great title ideas) and then at the end of every year I've asked his classroom teacher to write a personal message inside either the front/back covers of the book. He has heartfelt messages from k, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade teachers in it! He loves that this is HIS special book. (We'll stop after 5th grade) I hope he'll have special memories sharing the book with his own children some day. You will have an awesome celebration. I always am in total awe as I read your posts! Enjoy, Sarah

  10. Anonymous6/12/2010

    Yes, they're looking suddenly more grown-up - with facial expressions of self-awareness, I think . . .

  11. I would do a pre-kindergarten journal exercise - what they hope to learn, what they think their teacher will be like, what they think they will like best/ the least, etc. Then - next summer - you can see if their predictions came true.

  12. I'm a long time reader, but just had to comment today. Your girls are adorable! Love the photos and vibrant clothes.

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  14. CUTE! I hope the hair clips help :)

    WE (Tia) have the cute turquoisy/brown dress (too small now) love all the orange - as does my 12 year old!