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Saturday, June 12, 2010

They’re revving their engines

The speedster drivers are getting ready for their annual antique car race tomorrow and kicked off the festivities with a barbeque tonight. Uncle Bobby and Aunt Jane drove into town (since my dad and Bobby are driving one of the cars) and I grabbed a few quick pics while everyone else was eating.

“We found BobBob’s car, mama, this is the one!! Can we drive it?” (Um, no, but you are allowed to sit in it):IMG_1404LR2IMG_1406LR2 IMG_1408LR2

BobBob thought it was pretty fun to drive the girls around the parking lot. I think they agreed. Bobby and I were dying laughing because we had to stealthily push the car for quite a ways to get it away from the barbeque first (didn’t want to have it roar to a start in the middle of the emcee’s talk):IMG_1410LR2

Afterwards, while the girls were giddily playing on the grass, Ro ran full-speed and face-first into an L-shaped pole that stuck up out of the ground. The cement-plugged end was right at face height and she crashed into it with a sickening “pop” sound. Ugh. Little sweetie was a trouper, and it looks like everything will be fine, but it scared us to death. She has two small holes below her bottom lip and a gash that’s starting to turn purple inside her lip. We dashed out of there without even saying goodbye to my parents and got popsicles at a nearby grocery store then told her to keep them on her lip. Fed them to her and her lucky twin sister all the way home. IMG_1411LR2

She says it doesn’t hurt at all now, but that might just be the 14 mini-popsicles they sucked down between the two of them. Hope everything looks ok in the morning. We’ll be at the Speedster Run finish line tomorrow and should be able to grab some neat pics of the awesome cars roaring past. Good luck to all the drivers!

PS: Please ignore the incredible mess in the car. And the duct tape on the cup holder that one of the girls snapped off right before we were leaving on a road trip. I’d tell you that it doesn’t always look that way, but that would be a lie.


  1. Anonymous6/12/2010

    Bob-Bob, lock up your keys! Sublime is now at risk! They will be driving it like they do their electric car. Pa

  2. Racers - Start your engines!!


    Will be cheering from afar and looking forward to seeing pics of tomorrow's fun as well as the shirts that wela whipped up in her spare time when she wasn't working on our 4th of July customized wela wear!!

    Sure hope Ro is ok! Ouch!!!

  3. Your little speedsters look like they are definitely ready to "roll"......they are SO CUTE!!!

    LOVE their dresses.....

    Poor RO.....YIKES!!! Sounds like it was painful, but the popsicle must have helped, because she looks pretty happy and content. What a trooper:)

    Enjoy your Sunday~


  4. Poor baby bumping her head! Don't worry...in a few weeks, you'll get a look at my car and think yours is the cleanest, tidiest car around. Mine is really a disgrace!

  5. Oh, I can hear the roar of the racetrack from here. And your two cuties in the front. Fearless!

    Hope the lip is all reparied and the sugar rush didn;t take a bad turn. (As if....)

    Thanks for posting your car. I feel so much better now. Really!

    Have a fun time!

  6. Indy to DC, back to Indy, then to Chicago with 3 girls, and then back again. Your car is spotless compared to mine. But wait until you see how I copied your craft tower and laptop desks! Talk about some great traveling!

  7. Poor Ro!! Hope she is feeling better!

    A few years ago I took my kids to the park to get the "perfect" picture for my boyfriends fathers day card!!! Thankfully we did the picture right away, as about 10 minutes later, branden was running around the play equipment and ran right into a pole that was sticking out of the ground, smacked his forhead, and had an instant purple yucky looking lump on his forhead that I swear stuck out like 2 inches! I freaked out because of course its the head...and I dont drive, so we had to walk home....While trying to keep him going because he just wanted to lay down...UGH! Thankfully after a few hours of rest at home, some tylenol, and an icepack on the the head, he was all good!