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Friday, June 4, 2010

Well I guess I was taking a brief, unplanned blogging break

Just as much of a surprise to me... Anyhow, we made it home just fine from Hawaii, and are all still kicking, but life has been crazy (even for us). TubaDad left for a nine-day business trip the day after we got home from Hawaii and I actually had to make a To Do list there were so many things to get done this week.

I did take a few pictures that first day we were home, intending to do a zippy "How We Spent Our First Day back in CA" post. And, well, didn't happen. So, even though it's kinda lame to post that old stuff now, here's what we did the first day back.

1) Ate some of the pineapple TubaDad lovingly carried on the plane and reminisced about how you just can’t get good pineapple here at home. We have this evil-looking device that cores and peels with one little ka-chunk:DSC_5718LR

2) I spent a lot of time NOT doing the mounds of travel laundry that were taunting me. But I did take a picture of them – gosh that’s helpful:DSC_5719LR

3) The girls “checked email” on their iPad. They’ve figured out how to open a new email and type a few letters so the “To” line gets autofilled from our address book. If anyone has gotten garbled, completely nonsense emails from us recently, please ignore:DSC_5724LR

4) Ro and Ree played on their beloved playstructure for hours. I think it might be the only thing they missed while in Hawaii:DSC_5726LR

5) The girls both had low fevers and dry coughs, leftover from the islands. No big deal, but they thought they were so lucky to get yummy medicine a few times a day. They love it so much that if one sister needs it and the other doesn’t, the healthy one is completely and utterly despondent. And sometimes (shhhhhhh) I just give it to both of them anyhow. I know, I know, that’s all kinds of wrong, don’t even bother giving me the stern lecture:DSC_5733LR

6) They crafted up a storm. Paper, crayons, oodles of tape, stickers, colored paper reinforcers, scissors, Play Doh, cheerios, sand, water, tanbark, whatever they could get their hands on – it was all turned into fabulous things (over and over):DSC_5738LR

7) Mmm, looks tasty, huh? Notice that everyone is still in pajamas (that lasted all day), and hair hadn’t been combed since, well, I don’t even remember when. I’m guessing it was sometime before we got on the plane to leave Hawaii:DSC_5763LR

8) I finally watched the finale of American Idol and was just disgusted that Crystal didn’t win. I swear!!! No one will even remember that Lee dude in about a month.DSC_5750LR

9) At the end of the first day, Ro called out “Mama, mama, dares a beeyooooooooteeful sunset, come look!” And she was right.DSC_5768LR

It was a bummer to leave Hawaii, but home isn’t a bad place to be. It was a nice, relaxing first day back. And we needed it, because we switched into high gear the next morning and have been running our tails off ever since.


  1. Anonymous6/04/2010

    You spoiled us with daily pictures and accounts of your vacation. I went through terrible withdrawal and my fingers started to ache as I repeatedly went to your blog site hoping for an update this week. And then one arrived...today...yippee. So glad you are home and reconnected with CA life.

  2. I want to see a picture of that pineapple guilletine. My kids love pineapple, but I hate cutting it.

    As for the Tylenol...my friend calls it "better parenting through pharmaceuticals". Hey, whatever works! Besides, as I saw the luau was quiet with just a little Benedryl :)

  3. Thank goodness I am not the only mom who gives medicine to a non-sick twin because it is sometimes just easier. My boys are only 21 months but they both want the Tylenol if one is getting it. Usually I don't give it to the twin who isn't in need...but sometimes...

  4. Welcome back! I always enjoy your adventures. Sometimes, you even make me appreciate my life a little bit more. Certainly, I seem to have less laundry.

  5. Welcome home! My boys love medicine as well... Sometimes it's just easier to give it to both of them and avoid all the tears.

    Let me just tell you, I think when you check your bags to fly home, they should return your luggage with fresh clean laundry. A girl can dream, right? :)

  6. Thanks for the update. Glad all is well at the Salsa House!

  7. I like Rachelle's idea. It'd help justify charging for baggage. Glad you're safely home & looking forward to more posts.

  8. Nice to see a post from you! Had to giggle about the laundry and the email auto fill and the medicating the healthy kid thing. Nervous laughter since we've btdt.

    Why can't big modern houses come with two washing machines and two dryers? I mean it's not like it would cost that much more. And it would cut a really annoying chore in HALF!

    Welcome home. :)

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  9. Better late than never, I say. Of course I can say this since I'm about 2 months behing on my blogging at the moment...

    It's not recalled Tylenol, is it? We just chucked about a million bottles of Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, and Benadryl. Store brands only for us from now on.

  10. Glad you're home safe and sound and enjoying that play structure and making yummy sand pies! :)

  11. Welcome home sweetie!

  12. Welcome home. Actually - that laundry load looked pretty tame. So organized. Impressive.

    I'm with you on Christal and Lee. Not that it will hurt her career - she has one for sure. But really......!!!

  13. Bueno, ya estan en casa. ¡las niñas preciosas!

  14. McNeil issued a voluntary recall of LOADS of children's products including Tylenol products due to duality manufacturing issues. Store brand products are not affected, only brand name products from McNeil. Google "children's Tylenol recall" and you'll find the link.

  15. Er... Should read "quality manufacturing issues."

  16. Just returned home from DC, and our white trash bags full of laundry look eerily similar. Still, it's good to be home.

    What? Judge a Momma who gives both girls the same tasty medicine? I won't be throwing that stone in this glass house.

    Here's to our very busy weeks,

    Indiana Lori