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Monday, June 7, 2010

You think I was kidding about the green shag carpeting?

Here are the girls, playing Crazy Eights in the cabin this morning. How many 70s items can you spot in this picture?IMG_1318LR
Today, we decided all that beaching needed a little snow to balance it out, so we threw on some snuggly fleeces and drove around in search of the white stuff. The best snow to be had was at Sierra Ski Ranch (I think they call it something else now, but that’s what we’ve called it for almost 40 years, and we’re not about to change now). The girls were ebullient (like they’re ever not, haha). Only in Tahoe could you choose whether to spend your day in shorts at the beach or jackets in the snow.IMG_1323LR IMG_1324LR
Uncle Bobby (who deserves a medal for twin wrangling) hauled the wiggly, squirmy, twisty girls up a hill and plopped them on a sled.IMG_1334LR IMG_1337LR
Yeah, it was fun.
It was so cool to stand with Ro and Ree in the place where we learned to ski back when I was four (Bobby claims he was two, but that’s just a tall tale, I’m sure).IMG_1342LR
After I shelled out ten bucks for those sand toys, you KNOW we were going to put them to good use. And they worked just dandy with the snow. Heh.IMG_1343LR
Aunt Jane is the only adult I know who can squat as long as the Hubei Honeys. Dang, she is flexible!IMG_1352LRIMG_1357LRIMG_1364LR IMG_1365LR
Eating snow is almost as good as sledding on it:IMG_1369LR
My dad wasn’t satisfied with the plane’s take-off performance at Tahoe altitude, so he decided we’d better play it safe and drive home. So Bobby and Jane drove us southbound, and dad drove northbound, and we met in the middle and then cruised home in the van. (Thanks guys!) I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Ro and Ree were still pretty comfy on the way home.IMG_1374LR
A really, really nice vacation. It feels like we packed an awful lot of relaxed joy into a few days, and we’re already missing that gorgeous blue sky in Tahoe. Tomorrow is back to reality –- preschool, swim lessons, laundry, attempting to get the pigsty of a house back in order, To Do lists, doctor’s stuff for me, grocery shopping, sleeplessness (because they girls always think they need to wake me up a few times a night when TubaDad’s traveling), unpacking from Tahoe and Hawaii (since I just dumped out the Hawaii suitcases and crammed in the Tahoe stuff)(yes, I know it’s my own damn fault, I detest unpacking and will put it off for months unless something forces my hand), trip planning to Chicago, a visit from Catherine and Hannah over the Fourth of July (Oh the partying we’ll introduce little Hannah too…), a Utah trip to meet up with all the bloggers who have known each since before we were mamas. Yeah, I have a few things to get done…


  1. Chicago! That's where WE live! We Dragonflies should get together.

  2. Anonymous6/08/2010

    They really built things in the 70's to LAST didn't they? (and last, and last, and last) Looks like you guys know how to do up vacations right, I always enjoy you and the twinado's adventures. :-)

  3. What a fun outing!
    My 4 year old can squat like that for hours - I don't think I ever was able to :-)

  4. How fun to choose between sun fun and snow fun in the same day! Ahhh...gotta love summer when it offers options!!

    What a great, wonderful time with your bro and sis-in-law! Such fun! Family is the best!!

    Speaking of family, Hannah and I CANNOT WAIT to come see you!!! We check out your blog every day (no pressure to post, she happily looks at the same pics over and over) and we're counting down the sleeps until our visit!!! Measurements are being taken for Wela Wear and packing lists are beginning.

    I totally get the unpacking thing. Let's see, we went to Florida in April and the last little bits of stuff in the suitcase will need to be dumped in late June for our CA trip! Unpacking is highly overrated!!

    Love you SO MUCH friend! Cannot wait to see you. Will call you tonight. xoxoxo

  5. When will you be in Chicago? We are going in August. If you go before us, I'm going to steal all of your visit ideas!! :-)

  6. I tried that squatting thing when I painted my daughter's room and pulled a muscle in my upper thigh. Yeouch! Our Hubei girls sure can squat can't they? I don't get it. LOL

    Looks like a wonderful trip! Your girls are just adorable. My Hubei honey is 10.5 Man, time flies!

  7. I confess, I always love pics with Uncle Bobby in them. YUM. HA HA HA

    I seriously don't know how it is you haven't had to check into rehab from all the cuteness overload. :-) Those girls are just adoreable!!

  8. Am curious, if BobBob wasn't satisfied with the take off performance and you guys drove home, does that mean he left the plane there? I ask b/c The Huz bought a small plane recently and he's been talking about flying up to the mountains. You can email me privately if you want. Thanks! BTW, your girls look like they had a blast!

  9. Hey Michelle: we'll be there next week (W-F) -- it's a working trip, but I'm sure we'll get off on our own at least once, and I'll be sure to post pics of the stuff the girls like.

    Hi Christina: The Tahoe airport is always a tough one to take off out of in the afternoon on a hot day. Something about the density altitude making it too tough to gain altitude fast enough? I'm probably butchering the technical aspect of that... Anyhow, my dad dropped us off Saturday and flew home, planning to return on Monday and get us. But he just wasn't happy with the takeoff performance when he left on Saturday, and figured we'd have an even tougher time taking off with a fully-loaded plane, so we didn't risk it.

  10. Great pictures...looks like you all had a lot of fun.

    What kind of carseats do you have? The girls look comfy and I'm in the market for a new one that will help keep Hope's head comfortable when she falls asleep.

    Love your blog,

  11. Bobbob needs a jet! The Big Island has snow and beach activities on the same day too. The kids slide down the cindercones on Mauna Kea on their boogie boards then when they get tired of that, they'll go down to the beach and surf. It's kind of primitive though, no lifts or St Bernards wearing barrels of whiskey.

  12. Anonymous6/08/2010

    I ditto Shannon - the more pics of Uncle Bobby the better. An amazing looking, athletic man and a great guy with kids. June lucked out.

  13. Anonymous6/08/2010

    Sorry - make that Jane. Maybe that was my jealousy subconsciously taking a swipe at her. ;)

  14. Long, long time lurker here. We live in downtown Chicago with our 4 year old. If you need any help or tips let us know! Miranda loves to look at all of the pictures of your girls.

  15. that snow looks... sooooo... inviting! i'm sweating down here in this humid hot tub of the south.

  16. Ah yes, avocado green and harvest gold. Quintessential 70's colors. I love how your parents decided on 70's retro colors. Oh, that's original? uhh. Wow, I really like how well it's held up and looks so, so, uh...sturdy ;)

    Actually, it brings back wonderful memories of my own childhood since we had those same colors in my home.

    True story about how things made then lasted: I was going through my mom's paperwork recently and found a receipt from the furniture we gave away after she died. She bought the furniture in 1968 in NY. The couch and two chairs traveled across country, were reupholstered twice, lived through our teenage years with all our friends, and were still going strong when she passed away in 2004.

  17. ONe minute you are in the sand, the next the snow. Man you guys get around. My Hubei honey can squat that long too. I have yet to meet anyone I know personally that can do it.

  18. You have been to some fun places lately. Great photos!
    Yeah summer!

  19. Egh, vintage is back in these days. Great pics, as always -- and it sure looked and sounded like a great time.

    And how exciting for the girls to fly in that "small" of an airplane!

  20. we are going to be in Chicago (en route to a wedding) in late July. We were planning to take SS to Lincoln Park Zoo. Now I can't wait to see what you guys are doing and what other fun places there are for the little ones. Since I already mentioned that we will be in Maui in late August, I just wanted to say that we are no stalking you. :)

  21. Anonymous6/10/2010

    Chicago! I will be there in July for the 4th. My husband and I like to go to fun places for the 4th and we heard they have a great Food Festival around that same time, and we were planning to see
    U2 on our last night, before Bono had the back mishap. I am sure you have been to Chicago before, but if not it is such a fun place. And I love the lamp with the hanging chain ( so very 70's)and it looks like you had such a great trip to Tahoe. You also look like you have lost some weight or maybe I just have not seen a lot of you in your pictures. LOL.... I enjoy your posts!