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Monday, June 7, 2010

You know it’s a good weekend when you get tan lines and blisters from your flip flops

(Written Sunday night) It snowed like crazy here last week, but man we haven’t seen anything but blue skies (and gorgeous incomparable Tahoe-blue ones at that) since we arrived.

Bobby and Jane got up at the crack of dawn today to join a die-hard bike-around-the-lake event. That’s right, I said ride AROUND the lake. Oh my gosh, we couldn’t even drive around the whole thing without getting tired. They were awesome. While they were killing themselves on the bikes, the girls and I went for a fun hike in the woods:

Then we had some brekkie, donned flip flops, and headed for the beach at the lake. We have a secret, beloved spot that’s never crowded and has plenty of shade from the surrounding pine trees. I’m not allowed to divulge it’s location, haha, but if anyone comes up to Tahoe with us, we’ll take you there. Ree has the yellow flower in her hair and yellow shorts, and Ro has a white flower and orange shorts:IMG_1195LR

Ok, seriously, could the view BE any more gorgeous?:IMG_1211LR

I promised the girls we’d actually buy real sand toys this trip (only because we didn’t have any plastic cups at the cabin), and they suckered me into the fancy $10 toy wagon full of sand utensils. It actually came in pretty handy because they kept finding “treasures” in the woods that we had to tote with us:

Bobby and Jane survived the grueling 80-mile ride and called us to come pick them up, so we swung by the cabin, grabbed them and the kayaks, then went back to the beach. Oh, and we stopped by McDonalds on the way for a little free wifi (for me) and restorative ice-cream cones (for them).
The kayaking was HUGE. I thought Ro and Ree would be scared or something. What was I thinking?!:
IMG_1224LR IMG_1231LR IMG_1235LR IMG_1252LR

Please forgive my hair, last night I had to choose shower or blog, and you got a blog post instead:IMG_1263LR

Ree was paddling on her own!:IMG_1265LR IMG_1285LRDSC_1390LR

Bobby and Jane, you guys are CHAMPS for surviving that bike ride and then getting out there and kayaking around with our honeys.

Side note: Um, once again, I know I have WAY too many pics, but whatcha gonna do?
Ree is so cute about smiling for the camera right now:IMG_1277LR

Ro was really interested in making everyone sand food. I think this was some kind of chocolate cookie she made me:

We had a really, really fun day:DSC_1347LR

And our toes got plenty of sun:IMG_1314LR

PS: This post was written on Sunday night, and will be posted sometime on Monday after a brief stop at McD’s.


  1. Oh wow......life is just one big ol party around you guys. Love all the pictures that capture such relaxed joie de vivre. Love it all!!

    Cool first flight for the girls. What a memory for them!!

  2. Could your posts be any more fun?! Seriously?!

  3. Hey....if that wagon lasts 10 days I say you got your moneys worth. I want that view to be outside my living room window.

  4. I had friend's who were out there last weekend for an outdoor wedding...in the snow... at the end of May! Crazy!
    Looks so lovely there!

  5. Anonymous6/07/2010

    Had a blast with you and the girls!
    Miss you already, the cabin seems too quiet :(

    Love ya,

    Uncle Bobby

  6. That looks like a fake backdrop! Gorgeous!

  7. I have been so bored lately. Thanks for giving me some adventure. Very cool. And you are brave....I have an issue with flying. I couldn't have done the small plane at all.