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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Have you ever been on the alpine slides?

Oh man, they have the neatest thing here. In the summer, they change one of the ski resorts into a mountain playland. Yesterday we rode two-woman bobsleds down slides that twisted and turned all the way down one of the huge ski runs, and then we rode individual roller coasters down another mountain. So cool!!!! I know we’ll have to come back because TubaDad is absolutely going to have to try this with his baby girls.IMG_2210LR2 IMG_2213LR2 IMG_2220LR2 IMG_2223LR2 IMG_2230LR2IMG_2232LR2 IMG_2239LR2 IMG_2241LR2 IMG_2243LR2 IMG_2244LR2

I’m still a huge sucker for little girls holding hands, by the way. The “Aw-factor” gets me every time. Here’s Maisie and Eliza, and then Maisie and Ree:IMG_2206LR2 IMG_2207LR2

The kiddos are just so dang adorable together. I set up the mini tripod yesterday and got a fun group shot with all the mamas and babies (I know, some of them aren’t babies anymore, but I still call them all sweet babies).IMG_2201LRPS

And here’s our “red couch” photo of all the precious kiddos. It is just so wonderful to see them all together. Makes me a little teary, to be honest.IMG_2190LRIMG_2191LR

Here’s the reverse view of the red couch photo – hee!!!IMG_2189LR

Ree is feeling cruddy today and is sleeping right now. Poor little love. Hoping like mad she feels better after she wakes up.

(These pics were all taken with the purse camera, by the way, and the digital zoom isn’t awesome, especially the slide ones where I was reallyreally far way, but still cute pics. The purse cam is a Canon S90, and the moutain slides and rollercoasters are at the Park City Mountain Resort.)


  1. No, no....they'll always be our babies!! Let's just agree on that. (No matter how long those legs get......k?)

    Love all the fun you're having. You've inspired us. We have a little group here who get together often but I suggested that we rent a place together next summer for some real time together on a lake. They agreed wholheartedly. Reservations are already made. So....thank you!

    Enjoy your special time!

  2. I just posted on Lisa's blog!! I'm so jealous!!! Looks like you are all having a FANTASTIC time!!! Loving all the photos!!!!!

  3. Where were you guys in Utah? My boyfriend snowboards out there every winter and I'm curious what mountain this is.

  4. I know you told us before, but for those of us with pre-hymers (sp?), please tell us again what kind o camera is your purse camera?


  5. Anonymous7/10/2010

    I think I just saw those slides on Bert the Conqueror!
    They look like fun!!!
    Firstbrook Five

  6. You got it Wanda -- it'll just be our little pact! :-)

    Thanks Stephe -- we are having an awesome time (well every day except the last one, long story...)

    Morgan: The moutain slides and rollercoasters are at the Park City Mountain Resort, dang cool place.

    Gail: The purse cam is a Canon S90.

    Karen: Oh yeah, they were THE best. Have never done anything like it.

  7. The Alpine slides are fun but I had a hard time with the ride up! I'm not a fan of heights. I took my four children there when our twins were about 3 and I was a nervous wreck because they kept standing up in the chair lift! Nearly gave me a heartattack! I hope all are well for your return trip tomorrow and that you've enjoyed almost every minute of our lovely state!

  8. We have those alpine buggies at a nearby ski resort too - my kids love them!

    Looks like you are having a blast! I hope everyone is feeling better!

  9. Do you seek adventure or does it always just find you?! What a fun day!

  10. such a blast. those slides look like so much fun, and your mamarazzi photo has me giggling.

  11. We used to go up and ride the Alpine slides in Keystone/Breckenridge in Colorado. LOVED them!! So glad you had fun!