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Thursday, July 8, 2010

We made it to Utah, time for the Utah Bloggy Bash Reunion Tour 2010.

Ro and Ree slept on the plane today, while Miss Hannah giggled at Mickey Mouse:

IMG_2151LR IMG_2153LR

Then we hit a quick drive-through, since the girls hadn’t eaten anything but a handful of cheerios all day, and when I tossed the Happy Meals back to them (it was a really long van) I missed and one went in the way back. Oops. They dissolved in fits of giggles when Miss Ree went diving for it.IMG_2155LR

I first met all of these lovely ladies at the Utah Bloggy Bash 2006, right after TubaDad and I missed the referral cutoff by one day. I think it was the first group of people I met through the Internet, and felt kind of brave for doing such a crazy thing. Heh. We were all mamas-to-be, and had such a wonderful time. L to R: Donna, Lisa W, Julie, Lisa S, Tiffany and meVisiting a fun little shopping village

We did a Utah Bloggy Bash Reunion Tour in 2007, when Eliza, Tess, Maisie, Ree and Ro were home in our arms. And they were all such bitty little babes!Red couch photo Utah Bloggy Bash group This time Donna couldn’t come, but we invited Catherine to fill her shoes. And I think the Candadian fit right in. I was scared to travel with the girls on my own at that age, so TubaDad came along and helped out. The dude is a prince!

Anyhow, I’ve been dying to see everyone again ever since. A lot has changed over the years. The biggest one being that we’ll ALL mamas. Just makes my heart grin. So this week we’re staying in a 6-bedroom home in Park City, and our eight (8!) kids are playing together. What a treat. Julie wasn’t able to make it this year and we all miss her SO much.

Seeing our eight kids running around is just priceless. They all have such different personalities and are all busy busy busy.IMG_2161LR

The electronics are a big hit with the kiddie crowd. Maisie brought her new toy (is it called a DS? I’m so unhip and have no idea), and Ro and Ree brought their iPad, and everyone has been pretty intrigued.IMG_2168LR IMG_2171LRIMG_2178LRIMG_2179LR

(L to R: Lauren, Maisie, Hannah, Eliza, Ree, Ro) Sollie was already in bed, and Tate was running around for a few minutes. Tomorrow I hear that we’re heading somewhere where there are neat kid rides. Should be cool!

Maybe tomorrow I can even get a picture with all eight kids looking at the camera. Ha!!! Now I’m talkin’ crazy, aren’t I?


  1. What a fun group of people! I know you will have a wonderful, wonderful time. Can't wait for the piccies!

  2. OK, I'm a little cyber shy... but just had to post! I've been following your blog for awhile now and love it!
    We have 4 bio boys and adopted our little Sarah Mei a year and a half ago. She is a busy, busy 3 year old who always has big plans! :)
    Anyway, we live in Utah and I have met Kim B thru her blog and at an area CNY party.
    Small world, huh!
    Hope you all have a great time!

  3. But what a lovely sea of black-haired beauties!!! Enjoy your reunion!

  4. I love this tradition of yours. And how wonderful that everyone has their kiddo home now! Makes my heart smile.

    Have fun!

  5. Have a great time!

  6. How in the world have I never found your blog before???? Love it!