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Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy friday

It’s Friday, the day that TubaDad finally returns from the icy tundra (Boston), and we can’t wait. It’s kind of been a long week. The girls have been beyond hyper and I have been beyond impatient. (I think I’ve got the January blues. Seriously. And I’m taking steps to pull myself out.)

Anyhow, the three of us all had an hour of independent play this morning, and it was heavenly. I think it did us all good, and by lunchtime we were all ready to play nice again. The girls made their own lunches (Onigiri, pretzels, fruit, and nuts for Ree; salami, cheese, crackers, and fruit for Ro; and a tunafish sandwich and pretzels for me). And then I had to take a few pictures because the outfits they picked out just made me smile.

Really, could you look at these ensembles and not laugh? Ree was so bright and vivacious in her souvenir tee that Wela and BobBob brought from Wyoming over a bright blue ruffled sweater from Target, a lime-green corduroy skirt handed down from buds H2 and S2, striped lettuce-edged pants (also from H2 and S2), electric blue socks from Children’s Place (they’re having a big sock sale right now – 5 for $5 if you need any), and new patent yellow boat shoes from Crazy8 (also in stock now). Oh, and she was laughing at something her sister was doing out of my vision, which I’m probably glad I didn’t see:DSC_1456LR

Ro (who was giving me her smug smirk in this pic), found her fave old princess crown headband that had been lost in the move and paired it with the Rapunzel tee Santa put in her stocking (that Santa is a hip dude!), a light grey corduroy skirt from Crazy8, charcoal grey leggings from Target, and her old standby Skecher shoes (without socks, apparently, which I should have caught before she went to school in this cold weather). Not a bad little look she put together here! I like it, it’s feisty (and if you swapped the Rapunzel tee for a Black Eyed Peas tee, I could totally see a teenaged Ro wearing this look to a concert – those words are going to come back to haunt me in some way, aren’t they?):DSC_1459LRDSC_1438LRDSC_1450LR

Yeah, they’re funny. And now I have to run because I volunteer in their classroom in 15 mins and don’t want to be tardy. TaTa, and happy friday!


  1. The girls are cute as always but I'm jealous of your green back yard as we're in the frozen tundra down here in the south. Eammon returns tonight too and we're both doing the happy dance that his trip is over. Have a great weekend.

  2. I love that in every picture of the girls that you have up right now they are touching. Ahh to be a twin! I've been lurking for a while and thought I would come clean. Your girls, and your photos, are gorgeous! You can find me at www.iamaliceinwonderland.blogspot.com
    I would love to send you some of my signature hair accessories for the girls. Is that possible?

  3. My boys took one look at these pics with me and said "OOOHHHH Pretty!". They have been going for blonds lately, but your little sweeties just caught their eye! :)

  4. A crown? Dress for the job you want, I say. They look cute. I like independent play. It fosters independence. And also play.

    Feel better.


  5. Maybe you can do a blog post on the steps you're taking to pull yourself out of the January blues? I think I have 'em too!

  6. I just love how great they are at picking out their own clothes. Gene is 13 and I still have to get his clothes for him! Must be a guy thing.

  7. I always adore their outfits! My kids dress NOTHING like that, but I guess that is the difference between Cali and Indianapolis! LOL

    I saw a picture the other day, on the bob evans menu, and the picture of the twin girls looked JUST like Ro and Ree, you should check it out! I honestly thought it was them!!

  8. **HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR**!!!

    Lovin' your little fashionistas!!! Mikayla was always a bit of a funky dresser... guess what she's studying to be? A fashion designer!! :)

    Ree has great taste... I bought those same legging/pants for Tari!
    :) Lee-Anne

  9. Anonymous1/17/2011

    I had never heard of Crazy 8 but checked it out. Some of the color-block items look just like Wela Wear!!

  10. Glad TubaDad is home. Our dad has been gone A LOT too. I am still waiting for him to come home. It is nice to have dad around. We can't wait for him to return.

    Loving the outfits. Maylin does the layer upon layer thing too.Usually it is the same things, so finally I have to hide them.

    I have the blues too. Glad you are doing something about them. I haven't decided yet what to do. I am already exercising. Let me know what you try and if it works.

  11. Bright yes...and it still all works! Rockin' the fashion as usual. Hope you all had a good weekend together.

  12. They are SO CUTE and I always look forward to their outfit choices!!

    Sarah still chooses the same pair of sketchers as her shoe of choice on a daily basis!! I think it is all the glitz and glam..... they are too girly and blingy to pass up!

    I hear ya on the January blues..... I get this way EVERY YEAR. Spring cannot arrive soon enough. I am so sick of the snow and ice. I need sunshine and warmth!

    Hope you have a great week~



  13. They are beyond cute!! Love the bright clothes and bright smiles!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  14. Those blues are really bad this year, with people getting them for the first time, and people who get them every year getting them much worse this year. Happy wishes!