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Thursday, January 13, 2011

I really prefer a caffeine jolt in the morning

The morning started off amazingly. The girls slept in, and a little before 7:30 Ree woke me up, and said “Oh mama, look at the sky, it’s so beautiful.” And it was. An amazing pink and orange sunrise sky that we just stared and stared at. Ro came in shortly after, and we all snuggled in the big bed and turned on some cartoons. We ♥ afternoon kindergarten. Then I remembered the box of Christmas cookies on the nightstand (don’t ask) and wondered if Ro and Ree wanted a cookie for pre-breakfast. They’re too young to fist-pump and say “Hell, yeah!” so instead they bounced up and down on the bed saying “Yeah!” making two syllables out of the “yeah” in their funny emphatic way.

A few minutes later, I slowly wandered downstairs to get some hot tea for me and some warm milk for them. The microwave was working away and I was browsing through email on the iPAD when a new message was delivered: “Early day today, school starts at 8:05,” I read. It took a minute to sink in. Wait. What? Early? Today!? But, OH MY WORD SCHOOL STARTS IN LESS THAN TEN MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!

I yelled upstairs as I started running, “Do you girls have an early day today?!!” “Yes” they happily replied, still in bed and with not even a second’s hesitation. Gahhhhhhhh! “Get up, brush teeth, get clothes, fast as you can!” I screamed, tearing into the bathroom myself. No time for a bra, a big coat will do. Thank goodness I fell asleep in fleece sweats instead of pajama bottoms last night. Maybe a quick brushing of the teeth in case I have to go into the office and explain things. Grab one of TubaDad’s stinky golf hats, run downstairs and throw granola bars into yesterday’s still-unpacked lunch bags (there’s a sip or two of water left in those thermoses, they’re fine), then grab the girls who are wearing god-knows-what but at least are dressed and run to the car.

Dropped them off at the back gate (with what looked like half of the school and their frantic mothers) and they ran to class, getting there only two minutes late.

(breathing, breathing, breathing...)

After a HUGE jug of coffee, I’m going to pop into my Google calendar and reset all early-school-day notifications to 1-day warnings. Ten minutes, rrrrrr, what was I thinking?!

Wishing you (and me) a peaceful, relaxing day...

~~ Update: I was pleasantly surprised to see that the girls actually had on tops *and* bottoms when I picked SAMSUNGthem up from school. We were running so fast this morn that I really only had time to do a shoe check and was a little worried. Whew. And they actually didn’t do too bad! In Ro’s defense, the bright purple socks are the ones she slept in and she didn’t have time to pick out new ones.


  1. Congratulations! You made it. Sara got her first tardy this week after we got stuck behind 4 accidents, a ton of snow...and STILL we would have made it had Mommy not finally stopped for a much needed bathroom break. To which my 5 year old yelled, "Didn't you GO BEFORE WE LEFT?!! I'll be TARDY!!" UGH. I'd do anything to get afternoon Kindergarten..really, anything!

  2. That's a nasty way to wake up! Poor you! Kiddos are well fed with cookies, granola bars and a bit of water. They're good to go but I'm sure mama's heart is still beating fast!

    Just curious, why do the girls have an early start somedays? Is it for a fieldtrip? Haven't heard of those days around here but it might just be one more lesson to learn when Hannah goes to school. Or, even worse, I have a feelig she'll be in all-day, every-day kindergarten in 2 1/2 years. 4 seems far too young for that but it's better than the poor kiddos who turn 4 Sept - Dec and they begin this at 3!!!

    Hope you're breathing better friend. Wish I could sit down with you for coffee and laugh about how much you were able to accomplish in 10 minutes! You rock!!

  3. You're providing a full RSS feed now! I almost wept with joy when I saw it! Thank you!

  4. Good Lord!!! a direct injection of espresso would have been more gentle!!! why would an early day for PM Kindergarten start at 8 AM??? that just seems wrong on so many levels!!! i was so enjoying your fun morning!!!

  5. Oh!! That was HYSTERICAL!! I'm sitting at my desk, LMBO!! Maybe that's because I relate a little too much to you (and the twins!)

    Thanks for the awesome mid-day laugh!

    And congrats on getting them there in time, Mom!

  6. That's too funny! Why can't school just keep a consistent schedule every day like when I went to school. There were no 'in service' days or 'collaboration days'. We have the same thing in WA, only every district is different-CRAZY!

  7. I thought they were in afternoon Kindergarten?

  8. Goodness...early mornings should be outlawed!! At least you have half day kindergarten. Here they start at 4 or 5 years old and go all day!! I think it is to much for that age group. Hope your nerves haave settled down.


  9. Wow! You made it! Good thing you checked your email when you did. COuld you imagine getting them there at the regular time? I think that would have been worse.

    I do hope that when you got home you had some of the cookies from the night stand.;)

  10. You made it! These are the kind of things that cause me to declare a PJ day. Good for you for getting everyone moving!

  11. Anonymous1/13/2011

    If I am ever having a down day I know I can always cheer myself up by looking at your pictures. The girls are so funny. It seems like they have always been that way. Has that been your experience?

  12. Anonymous1/13/2011

    To Catherine-

    These are teacher days where the day is cut short so teachers can all meet in the afternoon.

    Kindergarten should never, in my educator opinion, begin at age 3. However, if it is a preschool environment there may be no real difference.

  13. The part that cracks me up about this post is that the girls "slept in" but you still made it to school just after 8:00 a.m.

    I sing, dance, turn on the light, snuggle, beg and plead my two to get up at 7:00 and they virtually don't move. They'd sleep until 8:30 a.m. every morning if they could.

    I am SO impressed you were able to pull it together that quickly!

  14. Anonymous1/13/2011


  15. Kristina1/13/2011

    Must have been a district wide thing. My mom was surprised by the afternoon kids being at Savannah's school today too! We have a late date coming in Feb. and I am wondering how Miss S will do with having to wait for school to start! ;)Glad you made it!!

  16. It's never easy trying to get kids up in the mornings. Seems like you're doing a fine job.