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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I couldn’t choke down green eggs, but the girls had no such compunctions

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! In honor of the auspicious occasion, everyone in Kindergarten brought in a fave Dr. Seuss book today and had to fix green eggs and ham for homework.

I (wisely) decided that this was a wonderful job for TubaDad to oversee and delegated myself as camera woman, standing far back from the action and enjoying a soothing glass of wine to distract me from the eggs raining down onto my freshly cleaned floor and counters.

You think I jest? It was like a serial egg killer was loose in our kitchen.DSC_2829LRDSC_2833LR5

Oy. Let’s just say that out of a dozen eggs, we did manage to get enough to feed four people (barely). But my wine was lovely...DSC_2838LR2

Luckily the little egg assassins are cute. (And no, I’m not quite sure why Ro wanted to dress up as a cupcake for dinner. Whatever...)DSC_2844LR6DSC_2843LR

After the egg slaughter, they did a pretty good job of mixing, stirring, coloring, cooking...DSC_2853LRDSC_2860LR6

I really couldn’t get past the green color, but I think I was the only one bothered by it:DSC_2864LR6DSC_2866LR5DSC_2862LR5

Mmmm, mmm, anyone hungry?:DSC_2868LR2

In the end, our green eggs and ham dinner was enthusiastically received. Ro gave it two thumbs up and even ate seconds of the eggs:DSC_2874LR5

And Ree gave it a thumb and a half up (the girl takes her ratings seriously, I think Tangled got the same rating):DSC_2875LR2

And TubaDad and I were pretty dang happy that we had hot biscuits to make “hamwiches” so that no one could really tell how much green eggage we actually consumed.

Thanks for the laughs Dr. Seuss, and thanks TubaDad for humoring me and wearing the hat. You’re tops in my book.

PS: That’s one of our new free pans courtesy of the Lucky grocery store sticker program! Did anyone else collect stickers?


  1. Priceless! The last year I taught pre-K, on St. Patrick's day, the lady that cooked lunch colored everything on the plate green that she could possibly color. Do you know how difficult it is to convince a bunch of 4 year olds that the food would taste the same, but it was just a different color? I can't even remember what we had, except there was green applesauce, I believe.

  2. Sweet Potato Pi3/02/2011

    I love it! We have green eggs & ham every year on Dr. Seuss' birthday - which has inspired P to ask for pink eggs, blue eggs, orange eggs, etc. throughout the year.

    Trust me, green eggs are WAY more appetizing than pink eggs - which aren't really possible considering the yellow... I wouldn't eat them in a house, with a mouse, in a box or with a fox!

    My favorite way to make green eggs & ham is to add pesto to the eggs - now THAT'S tasty!

  3. Anonymous3/02/2011

    Now pesto sounds fine but green food coloring and I don't think you could get me near the eggs. A ham sandwich, now that's a different story. Bravo to you!

  4. Dusty: Hey, green applesauce I think I could stomach!! Next year!

    Sweet Potato Pi: Smacking myself in the forehead for not thinking of pesto. Now *that* would have been tasty!

  5. Love, love, love Dr Seuss!!!! Yeah green eggs are a little ucky looking!!

  6. Wow, your green eggs were VERY green! I might have had to resort to closing my eyes, I think.

    When my daughter was 3, we were at a family gathering where one of my brothers decided to make scrambled eggs for breakfast for 20 people. My daughter got to sit on the counter and break 3 dozen eggs into a bowl. A definite high point in her life up to that point.

  7. For St. Patricks Day my daycare provider put a drop of green food colouring in all the kids glasses before they got there and put them back in the cupboard. At lunch she pulled out the glasses and started to pour them all milk from the jug into their glasses and the milk turned green before their eyes! Not one of them could figure out how it happened!

  8. Ooh, I don't think I could have stomached the green eggs either. And at first I thought this was breakfast and was thinking-you go girl, wine for breakfast! LOL

  9. The color is rather revolting (even though green is my favorite color), but I bet they tasted super yummy!

    I collected stickers and got a free pot from our local Albertsons. Just in time too. I had ruined two pots in the previous weeks. Note to self: add water to pan BEFORE steaming veggies.

  10. Somehow the cupcake outfit, the big hat and the green eggs all work very nicely together. I mean - you can't help but smile at that scene. The dripping eggs all over my kitchen would have been a little hard for me to overlook, but it has been done before... We were saved from the green meal this year because they had Green Eggs and Ham at school - which Rylee informed me was "gusting". Too bad I had to miss that one ;)

  11. Anonymous3/03/2011

    DD had green eggs and ham at school yesterday. She said - it tasted just like eggs :)


  12. YIKES! I'm not sure I could eat those eggs even if I was blindfolded! But what good sports everyone was for doing this in Dr S's honor. And I'm sure the raw egg mayhem was wicked good fun too!


  13. Beautiful pan. Hey, where's the learning tower?

  14. Very fun but I think that I would have had difficulties too eating green eggs. Love TD in the hat.

  15. Kristina3/03/2011

    Go Tuba Dad!! You are the man! Those green eggs...just right for 5 year olds! Great way to celebrate and the cuppcake outfit was a good choice to celebrate a birthday!

  16. I thought I could do green eggs until I saw your finished product. There is no way in heck I would eat those either. Love the cute hat TUBAdad wore. You guys are awesome. I didn't even remember Suess' b-day until it was too late.

  17. Ahhh... its just one big House of Fun, over there!!!

    Yep, can't see the green eggs looked very enticing to me. We have our own chookies, their yokes are fluro yellow, coz of all the green scraps they have! That enough colour for me!!!

  18. Hehehe! Very funny. We plan on doing this for St Pats Day. Plus hte green milk as my aunt always used to do.

  19. so cute! I love their dad wearing that hat. Really sweet. Love the new header too. Those girls are just adorable!!

  20. We tried to make green fried eggs... almost worked, but mostly scrambled. The green bagels really grabbed them!! Love Seuss!! Girls have gotten so big... and they are just so darn cute!!

  21. Anonymous3/09/2011

    Tuba Dad, you get an A++ for wearing the hat, smiling and participating fully in the moment.
    Green or blue food cannot go down my throat. Nope. Not happening.
    Great post, as always.