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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Roooaaad triiiiiiiip!

The suitcases are packed, the car fun kits are ready, the two bags of road-trip food are assembled, and the backseat menu is complete. Yes, if you see a blue van speeding down the freeway with the driver talking on his Bluetooth, the passenger’s feet up on the dash, and the kids reading a printed menu, it is us. Hey, the menu makes me laugh (always a good reason to do anything), and it cuts down on my en-route mid-air twisting and endless rounds of “I’m hungry - What do you want? - What do we have? - Blah? – No. – Blah? - No. - Blah? – No. – Ahhhh!”:


It also makes me laugh that the girls SO know the drill by now. Whether you’re flying or driving, you don’t break open the food and fun bags until the wheels start moving. That is The Law. They read the menu (three times) over breakfast this morning and have already chosen their first foods (Ro will be starting with Ends & Pieces, which are Trader Joe’s fruitroll bits, and Ree and I will both be starting with Yogurt Stars, also from TJ’s). We haven’t heard TubaDad’s choice yet, but if I had to guess I think he’ll kick off the trip with a Diet Coke (straight from the can) and a side of Pringles (also straight from the can). Anyhow, I think we’re 80% ready to go. In case I don’t post while we’re gone, here are a few funnies to hold my mom over:

The girls recently had to complete a class career project where they decorated a paper doll to look like themselves when they were grown up and doing whatever it was they wanted to do as big people. Every other kid chose a “normal” career like fireman, teacher, mom, dentist, doctor, etc. You know Ro and Ree didn’t go that route, right?

Here’s Ro:DSC_5482LR-2DSC_5500LR-2

And Ro’s chosen career:

Here’s Ree:DSC_5549LR-2DSC_5481LR-2

And Ree’s chosen career:

Hmm. Funny thing is, the folks at school know these two girls well. There wasn’t even one single raised eyebrow.

Alrighty, now there will be car loading and some frantic last-minute repacking for me (gah – why are there always last-minute packing emergencies?), a few hours of school for the girls, and then we’ll hit the road. Happy trails!


  1. Anonymous5/18/2011

    Where you off to on this trip?

    I am very impressed that your girls can read the menu!

  2. Have a wonderful trip with your Princess actresses. Hope you packed plenty of glittery gowns, shoes and tiaras.

  3. Hahaha! I think my daughter will be right there with them in acting class. :) Have fun with your little escape!

  4. have fun... but really, I have no doubt you will :)

  5. To meet up with people from the land of Oz?

    Help a sista out with tipping!

  6. FUNTIMES!!! Your menu makes me miss not having a TJ in Salt Lake even more!

    Great choice girls!!! Princess/actress is a fabulous career choice!

  7. Casey still plans to be a bus driver. And a kindergarten teacher for grownups. And a doctor. Not in that order.


  8. I can't believe you have a road trip menu. Brilliant. We are thinking of taking our first ever family road trip this summer. Thanks for the idea!
    And those little stories are so cute.

  9. Have fun! I'm loving the menu...will be keeping that in my files for future reference!

  10. I have a question for you (to be answered at your leisure) How far in advance do you plan your road trips or are they under-24-hour-spontaneous?

    Just curious.

  11. Do the mouse ears on the road trip menu give away where you're headed to? Brilliant idea on the menu, by the way!

    Have a great trip...

  12. Anonymous5/19/2011

    My (just turned 5 year old) daughter is planning on being Batman when she grows up. She is planning on taking Karate now to get started.

  13. Just gotta say that I LOVE the road trip menu idea! I am totally going to try this for our next road trip!!!!! Have fun--- the mickey mouse symbols on the menu tell me you're taking your princesses to their most hallowed ground! Say hi to Tiana for us! ;)

  14. The menu is such a great idea! I am so going to do that this summer!

  15. Ive been reading for a long time but have never commented.. Enjoy your trip! :) Also where do you get the girls snacks. Like the yogurt stars and fruit roll up ends and pieces? My kids are so picky and I try to make healthy choices for them.

  16. Have fun on your trip. I am way impressed that you make a snack list. I think I am too old to change my ways. You are an inspiration.

    Can't wait to hear about the trip. Seems to me you are going to Disney since the menu had the mouse ears on it. Am I right?

  17. Have a great time! I can't wait to see the princesses in the movies. When do these careers start?

  18. Kristina5/20/2011

    Hope you are having a blast! Be sure to check out the Aladdin show at CA Adventure! the actresses will LOVE it!! Can't wait to hear more stories!!! HUGS!

  19. Anonymous5/20/2011

    Where in the world are you guys?????


  20. Have a Magical Trip!!! Wish we could be with you but soon...SOON!!

    Love the menu of road trip snacks and totally impressed that the girls are now reading the menu words. Wow...smart little cuties!! Mmmmmm...still remember your road trip food with amazement and wonder. You rock road trip food!!

    Hope by mow you're well into the fun and having a great trip! Your princess actresses are in the very best place to hone their skills. :o)

  21. Happy trip-ing! We are also about to embark upon a road trip. Woohoo! Love those girls' photos and their aspirations. Adorable! Princess Actresses Unite!

  22. HAHAHA!!! Yeah... total princesses (with secret ninja abilities!!!)

    :) I KNOW WHERE YA GOIN'!!! (and where you been!!!) Love how organised you are!!!

    :) Thx Johnny... she totally helped this sista out!!!

  23. I think the menu is a brilliant idea!! I usually have to rummage around the cooler or snack bags to run down the list for AA to choose from! I am stealing your idea! Have a great trip!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy