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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I think the girls have everything ready for Hannah’s arrival

Ro and Ree made two welcome banners today (one for Catherine and one for Hannah), told daddy to please please hurry when picking their friends up from the airport, hung all their bestest dress-up clothes in the play-structure (so their guest would have easy access I guess), and then (while I was emptying the dishwasher) dreamed up and constructed a car/train vehicle so they have seats for three kiddos. Funny kiddos. Now all we have to do is wait for our Canadian friends to get here. Just a few more minutes...


Oh, and after this train test run, we charged the car up so it’s really zippy. Yippee!

Update: Wheeeeee, they’re here and the train worked!! Look at those grins. Fun.DSC_7256LR


  1. Ingenious! Ooh and nice video editing!

  2. Anonymous7/01/2011

    That picture of them sitting on the monkey bars is priceless!!!!!

  3. Anonymous7/01/2011

    Yeah! Glad Catherine made it okay. Love to see these posts! I remember their visit last year and those were some of my favorite posts. Hope their trip was uneventful (unlike last year-Yikes!)

    Have fun! Looking forward to seeing how you all celebrate the 4th!


  4. Good ingenuity! I like it!

  5. Too cute, have fun together.

  6. What a smart little cookie that Ro is. Remembering to stay far to the outside so the wagon doesn't fall off of the edge. Very cute!

  7. Anonymous7/01/2011

    "Patriotic Strawberries"

    Dip in white chocolate to coat bottom 2/3.
    Dip bottom 1/3 in blue sugar crystals.

  8. Anonymous7/02/2011

    Wow - what an amazing backyard! Ro looks like she really knows how to drive! Love the last photo and the expressions on their faces! Have a great weekend, Dawn

  9. I agree, the picture of the girls on the monkey bars is fantastic!

    Enjoy your visitors!

  10. How fabulous that they're coming for a big American holiday! Wish you were all coming to Arkansas (exotic vacation destination, I know!).

  11. Anonymous7/02/2011

    Wow, we missed a lot of good blog posts while we were out of contact in Alaska this week.

    Ro and Ree are certainly clever and considerate girls to come up with their trailer so nobody gets left out.

    Tell Catherine "Hello" for us and that we were honored to be in Victoria last night for the Canada Day celebration! It looked as if everybody had a fun time.

    Have fun!

    Ma and Pa

  12. Those grins are a MILE wide and adorable, adorable, adorable.