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Monday, July 18, 2011

The four twincesses had a fab time

Good buddies and fellow twins S2 and H2 came to visit, and the big and little twincesses played their wands off. Heh.

They shared wonderful wardrobes and accessories: DSC_7561LR

They enjoyed sleepovers and hanging out:

They were always up for a game or two (I think they’re all used to having bodies close together, being all twins – the sight of four dark heads touching made me smile every time):

They liked crafty stuff like Moon Sand and Sidewalk Chalk Painting:

They were an amazing help during grocery shopping (which goes incredibly fast with eight extra willing hands)(and yes, people did stop and stare):

They couldn’t get enough climbing and swinging. Seriously, there was A LOT of climbing. These four girls are crazy STRONG:

They thought that movies in the car and a late-night movie viewing (with popcorn of course) were so cool (Mulan II was a fave):IMG_0005LRDSC_7633LR

Pooltime was always popular (even though it was chilly by CA standards):

And, of course, there was lots of eating:IMG_0049LR

The two mamas were there too -- see we have actual photographic proof:

I think that about covers our twintastic week (oh except for a Gilroy Gardens trip, which TubaDad didn’t bring me any pictures of)... Until next time H2 and S2!

(I put notes on who’s who in the alt tags, so mouseover the photos if you need to know)


  1. Anonymous7/18/2011

    They all look so cute. Love the pics. Is it me or the picture that one twin looks like she is getting taller then the other a little. I don't know if which one of yours it is. ahhh..


  2. I've been seeing photos of these four girls at least once or twice a year for -- what? -- five years now? They're all getting so gorgeous and tall and... old. Where can I write to protest this, please?

    Seriously, they are all so beautiful and happy when they get together. One thing I'd like to note... I was an only child, and my daughter was an only child. But I was a preschool teacher, and when I used to see kids huddled in a tight circle with their heads touching, all I could htink was "Please, God, don't let any of them have head lice or pink eye."

    Preschool changes a person.


  3. Anonymous7/18/2011

    So sweet - the same look of joy at being in the presence of the big girls (I mean princesses . . .) that Hannah had while there.

  4. Double the twins, double the fun! Adorable!

  5. Hi Erika, we haven't measured the girls since we moved from the old house that had all of their marks on a doorframe (hanging head...). Ro was always 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch taller, but when we did an informal back-to-back comparison the other day, Ree seemed taller.

  6. What a fabulous time of all things twindom!! So fun to see all those dark little heads together. Love how they enjoy playing so close to one another...it's like they just can't get enough of one another! So glad the princess sleepover worked out!

    Great times with special friends!!!

  7. You know what I'm envy of ? I have 2 boys and when they meet their friends it will be a party in black and blue and maybe a little brown. But these 4 girls together are a colour explosion !! Hope you had a lot of fun and none of the Mums lost her hearing.

  8. Awww, they are going to have such sweet memories of these times together!

  9. You always have so much fun when the four girls are together. Love all the dress-up clothes.

  10. As always, I"m now suffering from cuteness overload.

  11. I'm sure you gathered lots of stares and smiles.

    Too, two much fun!!