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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hm, sleep or blog, sleep or blog?

Sleep is kinda winning this one, so this post will be heavy on images and light on words. I'm hoping the cuteness will make up for it.

There have been quite a few princess sightings this week. These royals really are extremely social and always up for a good time:DSC_7454LR

The girls have found some cute stuff at the outlets, and put together their standard crazy–layered outfits. Here are Ro (left) and Ree (right) in their Gilroy Outlet finds (they have some serious style if you ask me, I am so hopelessly boring in comparison):

Hannah is determined to do everything the big girls do – Catherine and I just crack up all day long at the sight of the three of them. Here they all are:

- Looking cute on the coffee table:IMG_0913LR

- Eating bacon with gusto:

- And slurping some soup while wearing what Ro, Ree, and I call “noodle hair”. (I always pull the girls’ hair up when they’re eating this messy soup, and when I asked Hannah if she wanted “noodle hair” too, well you KNOW what the answer was – can you believe I got her hair up into that teensy weensy flip? Hee!):IMG_0935LR

The cousins came over today for some awesome pool-time fun:

Hannah swam “all by herself!!!” (with mama a few inches away, and buoyed up by every old flotation device we could find in the garage):

The kids swam so hard the water was churning:

Then we cooled off with some lemonade slushies:IMG_0987LR

And showed Hannah what Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint was all about (she approved):

Tomorrow we head to the beach, and I don’t think I’ve ever said this but I’m hoping it’s so cool and cloudy that I need a JACKET!!!! Smile


  1. How do we manage to squeeze so much fun into each day?? Hannah is going to be in serious 'Wo and Wee' withdrawal next week!!! Our little sweeties all together just melts me! Thank you friend for welcoming us into your home! We're having a blast...and next year's vacation is already penciled into the calendar!

  2. Anonymous7/07/2011

    Such cute pictures. What fun I want to go swimming. My kids always love sidewalk chalk.


  3. Anonymous7/08/2011

    Hannah has grown so much since she came home from China! Must be all that love and cuddles.

  4. Anonymous7/08/2011

    What kind of soup do you eat with your hands?

  5. Looks like a VERY successful visit! Well done!

  6. What a fabulous visit. Hope it was nice and cool at the beach.

    The 3 kiddos are so adorable together.

  7. Anonymous7/09/2011

    I love that the girls play dress up every day of the week!

  8. Your sidewalk chalk paint looks much better than ours. I'm not going to show the Cupcakes; they'd be jealous. ;-)

  9. Great shot...super cute! Wanted to thank you for the sidewalk chalk paint idea. My daughter loves it! Both the making of it and the painting with it. You have no idea how many fab ideas you have given me! Thanks supermom!

    Jen (mom to Ruby, 4, from Thailand)