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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hot hot hot

It was 95 degrees yesterday – every living thing was wilting in the heat. I thought we should stay inside next to the AC. The girls thought we should play in cold water.

Their idea was better.


The funny thing was that the ducks watched Ro and Ree’s every move and seemed to copy them with splashing and jumping into and out of their tiny pool every time the girls did it.DSC_8217LRDSC_8193LRDSC_8186LR

Funny little critters. All four of ‘em.


  1. So cute!! What a treat to have a hot, hot day in the fall! How fun that Duck #1 and Duck #2...yah, can't remember their names!...had fun copying their great caregivers.

  2. It HAS been hot lately. I'm surprised the girls didn't bring the ducklings into their pool to play :)

  3. HOw fun! How come their aren't any pictures of you in the pool?

  4. We started out in the 40's and ended at almost 80. And now the hail and thunder is on its way. OH INDIANA! Love those ducks!

  5. Love love love the dunking the hair photo. How nice to have some summer weather hanging on.

  6. Oh that's adorable!

  7. Anonymous9/30/2011

    Love it. very cute. Your pet ducks must be so spoiled by your beautiful daughters lol. I love the pics you post your kids are amazing. What do you imagine them being when they are grown? In the fashion world? art world? or ?