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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Snapshot of the day (*updated)

I haven’t felt much like blogging lately, but I am still taking fun photos and videos of our lives. So maybe for the next month I’ll post at least one quick snapshot a day. A smile of the day, if you will. This pic, taken right before school, makes me smile because Ro is wearing the cutest dang outfit. She picked her beloved Missoni coat from Target, her J-Crew silver bubble skirt (yay outlet store!), and her silver sequin Vans tennis shoes. 

Yeah, fun kid clothes and the outfits they come up with make me smile. (I, by contrast and in case anyone’s wondering, am wearing old gray capri sweats, a green t-shirt, and black drugstore flip flops. Hm, I’m thinking I need to incorporate a little of that sparkle or ask the girls to dress me!)

***Update: When the girls got home, I told them about this post and mentioned that I said they should dress me and they were quite extremely enthusiastic. Ree shouted “Yes!!! You should wear purple and tan. That purple t-shirt that you have. And a shrug! And a skirt!” And Ro said “Yes!!! We should buy you a skirt. And you should wear sparkly princess lipgloss. And makeup! Eye makeup.”


  1. Love the clothes. I so appreciate and love how my kids dress. Let me know if you incorporate sparkle in your wardrobe.....I could stand to do the same!

  2. What great style sense! Go Ro!!

  3. Anonymous9/28/2011

    Love the outfit. That top is so wildly cute I love it. What does she hold at first I thought she was croceting. I know get glasses right? Hey mom why in a couple of years or so you can borrow their clothes lol ;) adorable girls you sure have.


  4. I know Chloe is always looking cute but me...well that is another story. Great outfit Ro!

  5. MM, I feel the same way as you, but I figure, no-one is really looking at me anyway with two cuties by my side! Love the coat!!

  6. Anonymous9/28/2011

    GREAT Outfit! I could use your girls to help me dress each morning!

  7. You just HAVE to let the girls dress you, it can be the new fashion Friday. Then you get to post a picture and change into something else until they get home from school when you have to be dressed the way they chose.

  8. I hear ya...on my 2 days off/week, I spend the bare minimum on myself in the mornings.

    I drop my daughter off at preschool and I'm sure the other parents think that I spend all the money on my child and leave nothing for my wardrobe!

  9. Cute outfit! So when are you going shopping for that skirt ?