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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ahhhh, we got in to see the man in red

Finally got THE shot! They told Santa they each want a “life-sized Mulan doll.” (Does that even exist? Gah!)
Ro left, Ree right

And just because I enjoy the trip through memory lane (although it actually hurts – seriously real pain – to see them growing before my eyes), here’s our collection of Santa shots, cut and pasted from older posts. Mouseover any pic to see who’s who.

2010 ~ 5 years old A peaceful Black Friday visit while every other soul in the mall was battling it out in the endless check-out lines, fighting for bargains in sweater departments that looked like they’d been bombed, and running through electronics stores seeking that elusive 75% off big-screen tv that was advertised. 
Ree left, Ro right

2009 ~ 4 years old Santa's the man. After two visits, Ro and Ree are satisfied to just wave to Santa as we walk by. They brought their stuffed animals on the last visit, because each girl wanted Santa to bring her a copy of her sister's toy, and they figured he needed a visual.
Ree left, Ro rightRee left, Ro right
2008 ~ 3 years old
This was the year the girls finally decided that they loved Santa Claus. They were so infatuated that we had to visit Santa at every opportunity. I think the word "stalking" was bandied about:
Ro left, Ree rightRo left, Ree rightRee left, Ro rightRee left, Ro right
Both girls were wearing their favorite shoes of the year in that last one.
Ree left, Ro rightRee left, Ro right
2007 ~ 2 years old
Sorry Santa, the girls still aren't feeling the love. Pretty much a repeat of the first year. Except this year my mom and I brought lollipop bribes for afterwards, and then I dropped Ree's on the floor and it broke. Trauma on top of trauma. The girls still tell that story. Seriously.
 Ree left, Ro right
2006 ~ 1 year old The first year. We had been home from China for about two months, and my dad and I decided on a complete whim to take the girls to see Santa. They were only on that lap for about three seconds, but it was enough time to make their feelings perfectly clear. Ree considered hanging in there for a millisecond... 
Ree left, Ro rightRee left, Ro right
...but sister crying just pushed her over the edge. Best picture ever. At the time, my dad and I were traumatized, and couldn't get them off that lap fast enough. But now, well you know we just die laughing at this shot. 
Ho ho ho!


  1. I still love that first one!

  2. Anonymous12/17/2011

    i'm willing to bet there will be another Santa shot for the year 2011~

  3. Since we went to China about the same time, these REALLY hurt. Seeing the change in every year is amazing. Where did our babies go? My girl is getting ready for her 7th birthday, I can not wrap my mind around that.

    Love the trip down memory lane, I am going to hug my babies now. Sniff sniff

  4. Okay, I'm glad they don't cry anymore, but now that they're older, I also kind of miss the screaming Mimi photos, too.

    I can't believe how big they've gotten. I can't believe there was a time when you didn't have them.

    Haven't they always been here? Hmmm....


  5. Hey M3! Check out this year's shot and the one from 2008 that has the red border and date stamped it. Notice anything about Santa when comparing the pics? I was wondering if anyone else had noticed?

  6. I also came to post that upper right corner Santa of 2008 appears to be the same one as 2011.

  7. love all the santa pictures! my kids all hated him until they were about 3 so we have a lot of crying pictures (ahhh, memories).

    Would the girls be happy with a life sized mulan cutout?


  8. Anonymous12/17/2011

    What a hoot!

  9. Love the pictures from the past. As a long-time Salsa follower, I, too, can't believe how quickly they've grown.

    Happy Holidays!

  10. Anonymous12/19/2011

    I hate to say it, but the crying shots are ADORABLE! Hopefully Ree and Ro think so, too, or will someday.

  11. We have a Santa dissenter this year too... at age 2 our youngest will NOT get near him, but she is pretty happy to wave and blow kisses from a safe distance :)
    Those early year shots are PRICELESS!!!!

  12. Yes, those trips down memory lane are so bittersweet. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  13. Anonymous12/20/2011

    Vraiment le fun de voir l'évolutions d vos jumelles sur le Père Noël! :) Bonne idée! :)

  14. OMGosh! Thanks for the walk down memory lane and the LAUGHS! Love the younger pics of the girls and the screaming pics are always the best.
    They are growing up TOO fast!

    Kim O

  15. Aww, I remember these. I can't believe I have been following their lives for so long.

  16. Got your Christmas card today. So cute! Just dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas. Love you and miss you!

  17. Love the progression over time!!! priceless!!!