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Friday, December 2, 2011

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas

Only 23 days left until the big day, and our house is looking mighty festive with a decorated tree, garland and ornaments on the stairs, wreath on the door, and of course lights around the eaves. My folks came over the other night and helped us put up them up. The girls spent the evening trying to climb to the top of the forbidden ladder, singing as loudly as they could, and attempting to sneak their elf Chippey into the decorations.DSC_9602LRsDSC_9610LRsDSC_9607LRsDSC_9614LRsDSC_9609LRs

Aw, Ree, are you going to catch daddy if he falls?

This morning, by the way, the girls found Chippey like this. Hee! Fave morning yet. (Thanks Pinterest for the idea, and thanks TubaDad for the excellent middle-of-the-night work.):DSC_9641LRsDSC_9649LRs

If anyone else has a wonderful idea for the elf, please let me know, because apparently we’ve got to do this 23 more times. Cheers!


  1. We love our elf Charlie - but by December 16th or 17th you might be thinking of poses like this!!! We don't put the little guy out until two weeks before Christmas - 4 years later - we've learned early is hard on mom and dad! enjoy!


  2. Here's the kid friendly version!


  3. Anonymous12/02/2011

    Didn't you have a pool that he could lounge out in the pool on a chair or air mattress?


  4. Yay! Christmas!! What fun to see your sweet family decorating for the holidays!

    Heh...fun Chippey!

  5. Nancy, those are the best!! Thanks! I used to read her blog faithfully, by the way, but haven't been there in a long time and was so sad to read that she has cancer.

    Erika: No pool, but TubaDad thought we should do something with the toilet bowl. Hmmmm, seemed risky like he might fall in or something.

    Catherine: Where was your Chippey this morning?

  6. I saw a funny one where the elf had used a dry erase pen and put mustaches and hats or made silly faces on the faces in each and every picture frame in the house. Thought that was pretty darn funny!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Copying his face on the printer??

  9. Careful with the water elf activities! Ours somehow ended up inside a ziploc bag in our fish aquarium. Water slowly seeped into the bag overnight and he was a bit waterlogged the next morning! He is all better now though!

  10. - Sitting on the lounge with the remote and a tv guide
    - Sitting in front of a pad of paper with a pen, writing out a shopping list
    - If you have a wreath, sitting in the wreath like a swing
    - Sitting in the fridge, maybe with a scarf on
    - Set up a picnic with a couple of the girls' dolls and bears
    - Have him 'out in the snow' with rice or flour, and use marshmallows and an edible marker to make an elf-sized snowman
    - Wrap some matchboxes in Christmas paper and leave wrapping supplies around him so that it looks like he's been wrapping presents.
    - Sitting over the sink with a fishing rod (string on a twig) and put a few goldfish crackers next to him :)

    This is the kind of stuff I live for XD

  11. Love the elf ideas! M3..... how can I get an invite to Pinterest? I requested one from the site but got an email saying something weird about needing an invite from a friend. Does this sound right?

  12. I have an Elf on the Shelf on order at a local bookstore, wanting to do the whole support local shopping thing but I'm chomping at the bit waiting for it! Maya is either going to love this or get freaked out about an Elf that magically moves about the house at night...we'll see!!!

    Is there something in the reading of the book that imparts the magic onto the Elf? Am I supposed to sneak this Elf in or is it ok if Maya is there with me when I purchase the book and the Elf?

  13. Anonymous12/03/2011

    it's awesome that your hubby can wear shorts and put up the lights in CA! Here in Michigan it is way too cold for shorts!!!

  14. Anonymous12/03/2011

    In the washer, dryer, crisper, bathtub, shower, guest bed, laundry hamper, microwave, car, linen closet, toy box, or underwear drawer.

    On a towel bar, ceiling fan, slide, bike, scooter, shrub, patio, or 'fridge.

    Peeking out of a drawer, cabinet, purse/tote, or TD's briefcase.

  15. Thanks to Pinterest I learned that I've got to up my game in the elf department. Our elves -- yes, ours returned with a friend on year two -- just move each night and are sitting somewhere new each morning.

    This year I'm going to have them get in a little mischief every once in awhile but not every night.

    I love the marshmallow fights and I think I'm going to make mini donuts for our elves out of cheerios -- saw both on Pinterest.

  16. Anonymous12/03/2011

    Put the elf under the mistletoe and put Hershey kisses all around him.


  17. A planking Elf...excellent idea. I love the name Chippey.

    Darn thing is just so addictive.

    Your girls have the most gleeful expressions.

  18. So cute! I love the elf. We have that same elf, but we haven't gotten him out yet.

    Love the lights. We did ours today too. I worked so hard int he cold only to not have them come on when we plugged them in.

    I am excited to see where your elf turns up next!

  19. Kristina12/04/2011

    Savannah's favorites from last year...Snowball fight (cotton balls) with other toys. Driving the Barbie jeep, watching Christmas DVD's and holding the remote, bringing small elf gifts(funny straws,candy, cookie mix, sprinkles) putting a new Christmas puzzle together, and reading a new Christmas book. Holly and Jingle have not arrived yet. I think around the 10th! ;) Our elves are a little bit bigger and they are a brother and sister and yep, we touch ours too!Gotta hug them to keep the magic in them!

  20. Anonymous12/04/2011

    I have found some wonderfulideas on Pinterest...but my fav so far (and I have not yet done it I will when I get desperate for ideas) reaplace our stockings with our underwear and let the Elf be in our stockings on the floor somewhere! I have also seen an elf fishing in the toilet for goldfish! :) Have fun!

  21. He could toliet paper the Christmas tree.

  22. Saw this on another blog. Your girls would love to make these treats for the elf!